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~ Love Under Will
~ Harry/Draco - Complete
~ Harry/Draco - In Progress
~ Drabbles
~ Co-Authored & Homage fics
~ Other pairings

Harry/Draco - Complete:

all fics are arranged by alphabetical order.

Harry and Draco come to an understanding. PG.

Sequel to Admission. PG.

Just what it says. Harry and Draco bask. If this were any fluffier, it'd be cotton candy. PG.

Draco is rebelling against something, he's just not sure what, or who. And he's not wearing leather, though he might be eating it. Possible squicks include flab, war, overeating, and coffin sex. NC-17.

The Best-Laid Plans.
Draco plots. Harry cross-dresses. That�s about it, really. PG.

Blue Jeans!Harry. .
Armed only with a pair of Levis and a Quidditch tank, Sexy! Harry gets his own back for all those
Draco-in-leather fics. Tres Slashy. PG-13.

Draco attempts to make up for Hogwarts' appalling lack of musical studies by teaching Harry what Ravel was really about, proving in the process that teenage boys are incapable of thinking about anything but sex. This summary is longer than the fic. PG.

On the eve of graduation at Hogwarts, a drunken encounter leads to run-ins with Filch, unexpected bonding, and, perhaps, much more... NC-17.

A post-OotP character sketch. Harry PoV. H/D if you peer. PG-13.

Even Ground.
Another post-OOTP character sketch. Draco POV. H/D if you peer. PG-13.

Every Second.
"Of all my demon spirits, I need you the most; I'm in love with your ghost." Written on the anniversary of 9-11. PG-13.

Famous Last Words.
Letters that you never meant to send. PG-13.

The Gratuitous Spooning Ficlet.
A spooning fic for Thess, on her birthday. <3 PG.

*new as of 9/23/06! Hearthfires and Holocausts.
Written for the Fat Lady Digest HP fanfic zine.

(The One Where) Harry and Draco Do the Laundry.
Harry is rather in love with the way Draco smells. Draco is rather in love with Harry. PG.

Harry/tabula rasa. NC-17.

New as of 9/23/06! Epilogue to Inscription.

Isn't it Rich?.
Quite possibly the only songfic I will ever write. Hurrah, angst. PG.

Let the Poets Pipe of Love.
Rentboy!H/D, for the Reversathon. Smutty, kinky, fun.

The constant struggle between love and power. R.

Monsoon Season.
The rain is incessant. As Harry's patience with the weather runs out, so does his acceptance of his friendship with Draco Malfoy. Harry/Draco, Draco/Hermione, subtext, tension, frazzled nerves, and water, water, everywhere. A response to an Armchair fic challenge. For Erica, on her birthday. R.

Luna has the cure for everything. H/D, Luna/Hermione. Written for Thess and Anna, my favorite monkeys. <3 PG.

a perfect little death.
Presenting Draco Malfoy. R.

Pillow Talk (permalink on LJ).
For Alex, on his birthday. Draco is having trouble getting out of bed. A tribute to H/D, fluff, and Brighton, Surrey. PG-13.

Pop Quiz.
Of Latin, and other things.

In which the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future witness Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter forming a remarkable relationship--and Draco learns that the best gifts are never the ones you ask for. PG-13.

The Properties of Being Lost.
6th year. Baseball, boys, and bewilderment.

The Properties of Voyeurism.
Sequel to the Properties of Being Lost.

Draco finally wins. Or something. PG.

The Restricted Section.
See Draco. See Draco read. See Harry see Draco read. See Harry distract Draco. Features Harry/Draco, Jane Austen, gay self-help, and a Hufflepuff cameo. PG-13.

When Draco takes a risk, Harry's reaction leads to a school full of gossip. Now Harry must convince Draco--and himself--of the truth. Dialogue only. Pg-13.

Seven Lines.
Written for The Eros Affair. "I promise to give you an erotic massage." PG-13.

The Sparrow Prince.
A fairytale, lightly borrowed from "King Thrushbeard" and "Meat Like Salt."

You'd think breaking up would end the mind games. Pg-13.

When Draco Malfoy decides to put on a show, boy, does he have a lot to show. And when he puts on a show for Harry Potter, everyone gets to enjoy the act. R.

Strip/TEA. R.
A redux, sort of. R.

Not all spells need to be cast. NC-17.

For the Guns & Handcuffs thread at SCUSA, 2-14-02. PG.

What You Wish For.
Written in honor of Draco's birthday. A for Angst.

Who Loves The Rain.
An encounter in the rain proves interesting. Harry, Draco, and a thunderstorm. PG-13.

Harry/Draco - In Progress

Years and Years of Afternoon.
Written for the Gay Weddings fic challenge. Harry and Draco, in some sort of bliss.

H/D Drabbles: < 500 words.

*new as of 9/23/06! And Now For Something Completely Different.
written for the 4Christina drabble challenge.

*new as of 9/23/06! Beauty.
written for Lauren.

Harry, Draco, chinese food. For Minervacat, who asked for no angst. PG.

A birthday drabble for Kash.

The Day After the War.
Another drabble for Kash, who asked for H/D, post-war, and fluff. PG.

A Different Angle.
Harry/Draco's jawline. Completely silly, rated R.

This is a story about dirt. PG.

Malfoy has Harry right where he wants him. Or does he? 150 words. PG-13.

Yet another gratuitous spooning fic for Thess, who loves. Pg.

Simple truths are what you never have allowed. PG-13.
*new as of 9/23/06! Hide Away, Post-HBP.
written for Lily.

New Orleans is Sinking.
Therapy. :(

H/D. A double drabble for [info]90schild for the Christina drabblethon.

The Only Gay Eskimo.
Silly little housewarming ficlet for Star.

H/D. An exercise in meta and moonlight. PG.

Out With a Bang.
H/D. T.S. Eliot and gratuitous porn for Minervacat. with lots of mockery by Orphne and me. :)

New as of 09/23/06!Out With a Bang: Redux!
More gratuitous comment-begging porn!

A grouping of assorted drabbles. PG.

Draco gives Harry a long-awaited gift. PG

Queen for a Day.
For Balfrog, who wanted H/D and Draco convinced he is the queen of russia. Angsty, but at least it's short!

*new as of 9/23/06! Reservations.
H/D, written for Z, with love.

Saying Yes.
Written for the final challenge of The Eros Affair.

*new as of 9/23/06! Sleep.
written for BD.

Boys and Quidditch, out of thin air. Drabble. PG.

*new as of 9/23/06! Stilettos.
Written for Laura's stiletto icon challenge. 3 drabbles. contains crossdressing.

*new as of 9/23/06! Three Drabbles.
written for hybridutensil. they're dialogue-y!

*new as of 9/23/06! this little piggy.
written for silverrangel.

*new as of 9/23/06! The Veela Draco Fic Every H/D Fan Should Write.
The things I do for Orphne. parody, commentary, not a lot of actual fic. :D

Co-Authored and Homage Fics

Co-authored with Frances Potter, for Draco_101. PG-13.

Best: DV 7 Slash.
(co-authored with Jen).
Slash Insert for Draco Veritas Chapter 7. After Hermione leaves, Harry and Draco have a mind-to-mind talk. PG-13

DV8: Pillow Slash.
An alternate slashed version of the famous pillow fight in Chapter 8 of Draco Veritas. Written because this scene was just *asking* to be slashed. Now it is. PG-13.

in which hand-holding is permissible but only *during* sex.
Written for The Eros Affair with Reena.

Kissing Harry Potter.
Draco is That Way -- or is he? --and Harry is Crazy; the Hufflepuffs have steak knives, and Morag is a boy. Written in homage to Potterstinks, with much, much love and respect. Pg-13.

*new as of 9/23/06! Magnanimous.
co-"authored" with Spaggel.

*New as of 9/23/06 What You Don't Know.
a twisted homage to Zahra's "Blowing Origami."

The Reader.
Death. War. Poetry. Love. PG-13. A tribute fic written for Maya.

Still: an MPI ficlet.
A standalone insert to Chapter 7 of Nancy's Malfoy, P.I. . From Harry's POV, before Draco drops by. Noir. PG-13.

Other HP Pairings:

*new as of 9/23/06! 6 one-line drabbles:
Luna; Lucius/James; Percy/Draco; H/D; Moody/Mulciber; Draco/Myrtle.

*new as of 9/23/06! An Agreeable Trade. :))
HP/Livejournal crossover. :D Written with Amalin and Michi.

Fantasies are hottest when they're forbidden. Short, smuttish. Draco/Ginny. R.

*new as of 9/23/06! Homecoming.
Fleur/Bill, post-HBP. for lessien.

A Public Demonstration.
It's not Percy's fault--he was forced, I tell you, forced to attend that Quidditch match. Percy/Oliver, PG-13.

You can't miss what you've never had. PG.

Harry looks for something different. Harry/Luna, for literaryll. PG.

*new as of 9/23/06! Monster.
Remus/Fenrir. written for meliathariel.

Pawn to Pawn.
Dark!Ron. Short. For Mirabella. PG.

Harry discovers the dark side of desire. Tom/Harry. R.