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Jane Austen

The Jane Austen fandom was my very first fandom. I wrote most of my Austen fic back in the summer and fall of 1998. Austen fanfic was the first fanfic I had ever encountered online.

Naturally all this stuff is rough because it was years ago and I was still thinking that the best way to write would be to imitate Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen as much as possible. So, haha, please don't expect great things--but I am going to rework and finish The Superfluous Assumption after I finish LUW, so I'm putting this section here in hopes that it will encourage me to do that later on. :)

All fics are rated PG.

~ Works in Progress ~
The Superfluous Assumption,
or, The Adventures of Cassandra

Cassandra Elizabeth Beaumaris wants nothing better than to live in the world of the characters from the Regency romances and fantasies that she surrounds herself with. But what happens when she mysteriously gets her wish?

There are quite a few elements of The Adventures of Cassandra that, amusingly enough, seem to foreshadow my being drawn to the HP fandom. One of the things I love most about this fic is that I painted Cassie as a deliberate Mary Sue parody--without having any clue what a Mary Sue was. I think the inspiration for her character should be obvious to Austen fans, but without spoiling the rest of my plot, I'll leave it at that.

Pemberley: the Limerick! PG.

Pride and Prejudice, retold in Limerick form. The DWG lists this as a completed fic. Really I got about 20 pages from the end of the novel and quit for some random reason. Possibly because I realised I'd been doing some serious crack. Really, I have no explanation or excuse for this fic. Indulge me. :) Also, I apologize for all the DWG in-jokes. They were funny in 1998, really.

~Completed Fics ~
Dawkins Has a Care. PG.

Hee. I like this one. It was actually written about a year later, in the summer of 1999.

So Much of Gratitude. PG.

Don't you think Charlotte Lucas is one of the most fascinating characters Jane Austen wrote? I do.


A Pride & Prejudice drabble for the Drabblesmith community. Lizzy receives a (not wholly unsurprising, but very astonishing) letter.

The Dolorous Passion of Mary Bennet.

Prudery pays off.

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Good Omens

The Member of the Wedding.
Good Omens. Crowley comes to a realization.

Everything That Rises Must Converge.
Good Omens. Aziraphale and Crowley, and this time they know what that means.

*New as of 9/23/06! The Last Most Beautiful Day in the World.
Good Omens. Oh, Manchester - so much to answer for. I actually have no idea how to summarize this fic. Written for go_exchange 2005.

Other Fandoms

*New as of 9/23/06! - Enigma: Episode Nine: Creation.
Based on the (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) comic by Peter Milligan. Enigma/Michael.
I always reread this fic and think, damn, did I write this? because when you're writing for such an awesome canon, it's impossible not for a little of the awesome to rub off. I love that this fic kind of kicks ass, if only by virtue of its being maybe the only Enigma fanfic there is. There should be more. Much much more. :) Written for Yuletide 2005.

Gilmore Girls: Mason-Dixon.
Jess/Rory, Gilmore Girls, for Kara. ♥

*New as of 9/23/06! Gilmore Girls: Isn't It.
Tristan/Jess, by request. Takes place in Season 6.

*New as of 9/23/06! House - Assorted Drabbles.
Assorted drabbles, one a House/HP crossover (crack alert!), and one a House/Chase/Wilson tidbit. Mmmm.

*New as of 9/23/06 - The Lords of Discipline: The Waters of Aegeus
Based on the novel by Pat Conroy. Will/Tradd. Written for Yuletide 2005. ♥ Yuletide!

LotRips: Also.
Tiny Domlijah ficlet. Written for Cesare & anatsuno. PG.

LotRips: In Plain Air.
Dom/Billy. Dom tries to paint; Billy distracts him. For Erin Miran.

Master & Commander: As Luck Would Have It.
Aubrey/Maturin. Stephen's luck changes. Done For [info]chaos_rose, as the first of the 4Christina.org drabbles.

Monkey Island: Escape from Crazy Island.
I have no idea what got into me. Slash! Hee.

*New as of 9/23/06! Onmyouji - Light.
For the crazyfun wonderful Japanese films Onmyouji I and II. Seimei/Hirosama, of course.

*New as of 9/23/06! - Pirates of the Caribbean: Square.
Jack/Will. God I love PotC. I wish this tiny drabble were longer, with lots more ocean.