Yami no Matsuei

"Those who live in darkness... wander aimlessly."
- Yami no Matsuei


All of my drabbles are here - it got to the point where they needed their own page. :)


Portrayal of an Empath in Sixteen Stages
R | Hisoka-centric; fledgling Tsuzuki/Hisoka; non-con Muraki/Hisoka | sexual details, non-con, romance, angst, darkness
Sometimes, Hisoka mourns the man he might have been. Then he realises that perhaps the boy he turned out to be isn�t so bad, after all. (October '04)

Something Normal
NC-17 | Tsuzuki/Hisoka | Explicit sex, masturbation, slight dominance, darkness... romance?
Darkness brings out the suppressed emotions so easily ignored in the daylight. Normal is relative when you're trying so desperately to be so. (October '04)

Confessions of an Empath
R | Tsuzuki/Hisoka | frottage, groping... um, you get the idea (extended drabble)
Tsuzuki and Hisoka get... um, frisky in a nightclub. Frottage included. (September '04)

PG-13 |Tsuzuki/Hisoka | angst, darkness
Tsuzuki muses on his relationship with Hisoka � and his thoughts aren�t pretty. (August '04)

To See Someone Smile
PG-13 | Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Tatsumi/Watari | romance, angst
The difference between love and lust is simple � to love someone is to want them to smile. (August '04)

The Dance Arc
various ratings | various couples | angst, drama, romance, darkness
A sprawling epic of connected stories and vignettes, based upon the notion of seeing a Tsuzuki/Hisoka and Tatsumi/Watari relationship blossom and grow. Spans countless years. (Begun July '04 - unfinished)


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