This page is pretty much self-explanatory - a place to put bits and pieces of writing from fandoms I haven't written enough in to warrant their own page. A small section, for now.

Harry Potter/House M.D.

The Perfect Man
PG-13 | hinted House/Wilson, implied Remus/Sirius | humour, romance, drama
The guy seemed normal, except that he was British. And he thought he was a werewolf. And he was about to give House the shock of his life. (June '05)

Sherlock Holmes

Seeking Solace
PG-13 | hinted Watson/Holmes | angst, bitterness, reflection
Watson reflects, finally realising something that he's been in denial about for a very, very long time. (May '05)

Wolf's Rain

One's Secret Courage
PG-13 | Toboe | drabble
Toboe finally does something he can be proud of. (February '05)

Ayashi no Ceres/Ceres: Celestial Legend

R/NC-17 | Aya/Aki | sex, masturbation, incest
Sometimes, different paths lead to the same outcome anyway. (February '05)


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