Challenge Fic

7snogs: Tezuka/Ryoma

Written for 7Snogs.

Shadows - angst. PG13.

Fire - angstier, direct sequel to Shadows. NC17.

Strength - fluffy-ish. PG13.

Reasons - fluff. PG13.

Everything - companion to Reasons. PG13.

Glory Days - looking forward and back. PG13.

Three Dreams - adolescence and weirdness. PG13.

Pillar Challenge

Written for Pillar Challenge. All TezuRyo or pre-TezuRyo.

Doubles - ficlet, Doubles challenge. PG.

Tie/Tie-Break - two ficlets, Tie-break chalenge. PG.

birthday drabbles - three drabbles, Christmas and Ryoma's birthday. PG13-mild R.

first date - ficlet, New Year challenge. G.

Pods - cracky ficlet, Alien challenge. PG.

Calling - weird fic, Alien challenge. PG13.

Revolutions - ficlet, Don't Speak challenge. PG13.

Seventeen - cracky fic, Cliche challenge. PG.

Making The News - Cliche challenge, also giftfic for Aja. PG13/R.

height drabbles - three drabbles for the Height Difference challenge. PG.