Thank you for showing interest in Linn's art! She no longer takes requests, but below are a lists of prices if you are interested in purchasing a commission.

All images will be sent to you in either a high resolution file, or a low resolution web-friendly file. Most prices here are negotiable, depending on a number of factors, so just ask if you're confused. All funds to be paid in American dollars through PayPal.

No more than three requests per person per month. And no robots.

Deadlines: Please take into consideration that Linn is a busy person, and will not be accepting deadlines. You will simply have to wait patiently for your commission. Also, note that there is a waiting list. You will be notified when your commission is taken.

Art Rights: By buying a commission from Linn, you are not buying the rights to her art, and may not reproduce, or sell in any way.

Inked pictures - $7-10
Line art, black and white, inked then scanned.
> sample art

Coloured, Computer (Photoshop) - $10-50
Line art, inked and scanned, then coloured entirely in Photoshop 6.
> sample art

Coloured, Pencil Crayons - $30-90
Inked, then coloured with pencil crayons.
> sample art

Coloured, Pastels - $40-100
Line art, coloured in oil pastels.
> sample art

Coloured, Paint - $50-150
Different paints, please specify which you'd like.
> sample art (water paints) > sample art (acrylics)

Additional Factors

Additional characters/Groups - $10-50
Group pictures of two or more will cost you extra. The cost is cumulative for each additional character, and extra charges may be applicable for detailed interaction.
> sample art

Background - $10-50
Simple or abstract backgrounds free of charge, otherwise price may vary depending on complexity of background.
> sample art

Character Design - $10-50
You will be asked to provide pictures, and/or a detailed description of your character. An extra fee will be charged for design of a character (hair, clothes, build, etc.)
> sample art

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