I have six HP books, a fandom dissertation, four HP podcast transcripts, three academic books about fandom, and six drabbles to read and respond to, so naturally instead of doing any of the previous things I wrote Akira/Hikaru for toko the other night. :( He was sad and I was sick. This is the result, aka 900 words of sap.

When Touya doesn't show up for his Ouza qualifying match on Thursday Hikaru is so surprised he almost loses his own. He texts Touya a series of chiding messages before the match, at first jeering ("you're not early as usual? i think that pig i just saw had wings" and "if you're late you totally have to come with me to the place with the pizza-flavored ramen") and then frantic. The moment time is called for lunch his speed dial is flashing, and Touya's phone is ringing but Touya isn't on the other end.

Hikaru barely manages to win against Ochi, who looks frankly furious that even completely distracted Hikaru stiil manages to scrape ahead by a moku and a half. "Obsessed," he mutters, glaring, and Hikaru makes his 'thanks for the game' as dry as possible before he tears out headed for Touya's place.

He pulls the spare key out of the (ridiculously zen) flower pot on Touya's doorstep, and enters without knocking. "Touya?" No answer. Nothing looks out of place, but he's still worried as he makes his way through the foyer and into the (also ridiculously zen) living room. He hesitates before going into the bedroom, lingering and straightening the magazines on Touya's coffee table, even though they're mostly straight anyway except for the one issue of Shounen Jump he'd left lying on top of the pile the last time he was over. It sort of pleases him that Touya had left it right where it was, asymmetry notwithstanding.

After a few more minutes and another faint, 'Touya?' he quits stalling and cracks opens Touya's bedroom door. Touya is deeply asleep, breathing heavily, covers bunched up nearly around his head. The bedside table is covered with tissues, flu therapy and some horrifying lemon tea concotion Touya probably tried to whip up himself, and enough cough syrup to sedate half of Tokyo. Hikaru says 'Oh,' softly, and goes and sits gently on the edge of the bed.

Touya doesn't stir til Hikaru pushes his covers back, at which point he shivers and bundles them around him even more tightly. Hikaru feels his forehead, and Touya's eyes finally flutter open at the touch. He mumbles Hikaru's name groggily, and Hikaru, thrown by how intimate his first name manages to sound in that low muffled voice, lets his hand linger longer against Touya's flushed skin than he really needs to be able to declare gently, "You're burning up."

Touya's eyes open further, and he takes in Hikaru's dress shirt. "What time is -" He finds the clock, and it's testament to how bad he must feel that instead of immediately leaping out of bed and having a spazfest he just sort of groans and sinks further into the bed. Hikaru leans over him, letting the hand on his forehead trail over his hair. It is damp from sweat - Touya is definitely suffering fever chills - but still it is so feathery and soft, and Touya arches slightly into the touch.

"I need to call the Institute," Touya mumbles into the pillow.

"Shhh," Hikaru says. "You stay where you are. I'll call them. Go back to sleep. Oh, hey, but you should probably take some medicine first." He cleans off the bedside table and measures some of the cough syrup.

Touya lets out a long-suffering sigh and regards him with what could be amusement if it weren't masked by watery, puffy eyes and a flushed face before accepting the medicine. Shindou brings him some water for the flu stuff before realizing it has to be heated up. "You didn't drink this stuff, did you?" he asks, warily examining the cold, syrupy tea mix in front of him.

"It's got honey and ginseng," Touya says faintly, closing his eyes. "It's not bad when you mix it all up."

"Then I'll go make you a new batch," Hikaru says stoically. He wrinkles his nose in spite of himself because no matter how it tastes, it looks and smells horrible. Touya's the only reason he'd ever get near something this disgusting.

"Thank you," Touya says, sounding a bit more like himself, and Hikaru looks back to see him smiling slightly as he finishes the cough medicine and hunker further down in bed.

"Any time," says Hikaru, meaning it, and then without thinking about it he leans down and drops a kiss on Touya's forehead.

He only supposes that was a bit weird after he's done it, but Touya doesn't react at all, just curls into the blankets. Hikaru pulls them up around his shoulders and heads for the kitchen.

"Hmm," Touya says as he turns to leave, and one hand snakes out beneath the bedcovers to tangle lightly with his own. "If that was all it took to get you to kiss me..."

"Hmph," says Shindou, letting their fingers tangle a moment more before he turns away to hide how his face is suddenly red like Touya's. "I knew you were sneaky, but I didn't think you'd resort to playing sick."

"It got you here, didn't it?" Touya says, but his voice is already fading, and his hand is already returning to clutch at the warmth of his pillow as his eyes fall shut.

Hikaru thinks, I was here already, and shuts the door quietly behind him.

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