Tezuka/Ryoma fic

In approximate order of writing, starting with what is apparently called the Solitaire Series.

Solitaire - first in series.

Stare At The Sky - second in series.

Long Way Down - third in series.

Die To Find Out - fourth and final in series.

Establishing Ownership - tiny Tezuka & Karupin thing. PG.

BBV Drabble - short and cracky. PG.

Sticky Drabble - short and pointless. PG.

Six-All - a space of time, entirely inspired by white Message. R.

Composure - Seigaku crackfic, post-Nationals. PG.

Rumour - Seigaku crackfic, dialogue only. PG.

Gravitation - Tezuka Zone crackfic. PG.

Breaking Orbit - falling towards each other. 20,000 words, R.

Facing Forward - pre-slash, two years after the anime ending. Tezuka spends the summer in the US. 5700 words, PG13.

Becoming One - set about a year after Facing Forward. PG13.

Rituals - pre-slash, New Year traditions, end of canon year. PG.

Ache - angst, death (highlight for spoiler: Karupin). PG13.