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This shelf stocks the best slash I've managed to find featuring Tom Riddle and any male character from the fandom who isn't Harry or Draco (those stories can be found on the Harry/Other and Draco/Other shelves instead). Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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Cornelius/Tom, Tom/OFC
'The Nothing Language' by Tom Canty
I don't care if you don't have my fetish for Tom Riddle; you'll have a fetish for him once you're done with this fic. I won't spoil it for you (damn it all--there's so much I'd like to say!), but let me simply tell you that it focusses on a far too neglected time in Tom's life, when he meets one of his most loyal long-term companions. (No. It's not who you think.) The characterizations are flawless and crisp, like perfectly pressed cotton shirts. Cornelius Fudge makes sense in his role, and Tom is frightening in that quiet, sinister, beautiful way that promises a future Lord Voldemort.
Quote: The dinner that night is served on little white plates with a blue ocean scene painted on the edge and a girl painted in the middle. The idea, Tom supposed, was that the food was set on the plate, and as you ate the food, you got to see little bits of the girl. A little bit of pureed potatoes over her breasts, a piece of chicken over her face so that you couldn't tell whether she was a brunette or blonde or redhead until you ate that, and a piece of asparagus laid against her thigh and cut so that it looked like it was disappearing into her.

'April 20' by Tom Canty
Oh, wow. I was stunned at the implied links between Wizarding politics and Nazism--and the moment I read the first paragraph (quoted below), I knew I was in for a delicious, merciless mindfuck. --I was right. Keep your eyes open for the little bits of dialogue that speak so deeply of Tom's sadism--and of his philosophy, such as it is. The werewolves, although I had expected them halfway through the fic, still managed to be a pleasant surprise.
Quote: At first, Tom actually has nothing for Nazis. He doesn't think much of them at all: they failed, after all. Even while they were successful, they were the Muggle puppets of Grindlewald, and when he meets a cell of them in an Austrian wizarding villages during the winter of 1946, he thinks that they're silly. They're Muggles. They're trash. They're particularly ugly and tacky little pets that their local wizard keeps on a chain, and the fact that they still stand so straight in the mornings and click their heels together and use the formal Sie all the time -- Tom's learned enough of German that he can pick that little nuance up, and though you'd expect them to use it a lot since they're on the absolute bottom of the household pecking ladder, somewhere between the highest of the house-elves and the lowest of the wizarding staff, it's like they don't realize that they've lost the war and that they're living on someone else's recognizance. They don't realize that they're being kept on as servants, and Tom doesn't understand why they're not made aware of it.

'Silhouette' by Pogrebin
Yes. You read right. Tom Riddle/Rudolf Hess slash! This is the delightful (and absolutely wonderfully disturbing) result of my begging Pogrebin for slash. Sharp and merciless. (After all, it is Tom we're talking about.) What I find most intriguing about this story (as I did about the fabulous 'A Map of Our Failures', is that Pogrebin does not simply pretend that Muggle history did not entwine with and/or affect Wizarding history in any way. That is what most fanfics do, and indeed even what most canon does, but it cannot possibly be the truth--especially when it comes to Tom, who lived in both worlds and grew to love hate both of them, and who surely must have found the concept of Nazism so fascinating. The rhythm of this story is inexorable and beautifully Slytherin--and I don't care if you have issues about historical slash featuring Nazis, but this feels true--it rings true, in my heart, when I read it--and all of a sudden Tom makes such beautiful, contradictory sense. Go read this for yourself. Go. Go now.
Quote: He stands in the shadow of the pyramids with his Leica slung around his neck on a black leather strap, taking photographs like a tourist.

'Whispers in the Dark by Sushi
Eerie, chilling, perverse, erotic. Voldemort can't afford his own mistakes, and travels back in time to correct them...
Quote: A sob tried to fight its way out of Tom's throat. He leaned hard against the rock. "You're not me. I don't know what you are."

'But A Sword' by Nicolae, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH
This has to be one of the most stunning things I've ever read. I've always yearned for an excellent Albus/Tom story, because how could I not, and there are such hints towards it in canon and oh, it would be beautiful. Hurtful. Nicolae takes this pairing and exploits it to its most perverse and exquisite potential--Albus Dumbledore, caught between conscience and desire--and Tom, the manipulative innocent. A study in opposites--Nicolae understands that people can indeed contradict themselves. The writing is so fine that it almost hurts to read it, ambiguous and deep and beautiful. Quote: "It isn't safe," Albus says, but he's losing conviction. Tom has seen more than he will ever see, he thinks, and he's right, he isn't a child. His lips are bruised and swollen; his breath smells like cigarettes and stale candy, not a childish smell at all.

'A Map of Our Failures' by Pogrebin
A compelling, psychologically deep, visceral study of Tom Riddle--has the intensity of a lucid dream. Inspired by the poem 'The Burning of Paper Instead of Children' by Adrienne Rich, Pogrebin explores the divisions (or lack thereof) between past and present, cruelty and faith, love and supremacy. Tom travels back and forth in time, driven by obsession...

'Awaken' by CapitalFlash, RATED NC-17
Possibly the only first-person Tom-POV I've ever read that strikes me as being completely in-character. Cold, brutal, brilliant and apathetic, Tom's strange mind is brought to harsh light by this gorgeous story. Read it and be impressed. Be very, very impressed.

'The Path of Least Resistance' by CapitalFlash
Oh, lovely, eerie, sensual work. A mood-piece from Percy's POV, light and mysterious and unsettling. Tom's diary haunts yet another Weasley...

'Dominance' by CapitalFlash, RATED NC-17, NON-CON
Very hot, very disturbing. Who is the master, and who is the servant?

'Like Light' by Marvolo
A rainy, elegant little beauty. I'm quite intrigued with this pairing, have been ever since reading Arkady's excellent 'Lime'. There's something about Marvolo's writing that's all jazz and cool glass and rain and mahogany...
"This is history in the making, my friend. We are living in the pages of a children's school book. Someday they will look back on this as the glory, the glory of the war. Death and destruction reduced to a few bogus paragraphs of text. That's what we're living for."

'Beyond This Point Lie Monsters' by Kenna Hijja
A very unique story, sensual and dark and compelling. Tom Riddle is resurrected thanks to his most loyal of Death Eaters... But does that Death Eater plan to keep Harry alive for purely selfless reasons?

'A Lexicon of Serpents' by Arkady
Nothing Arkady ever writes is short of divine. You simply *must* jump on board this rewarding ship--Moody/Riddle, people! Written consummately, with enough Seeker-to-Seeker tension to keep you on the edge of your seat... or broom, as the case may be. *cough* Brilliant stuff. Oh, Arkady. *worships*

'Lime' by Arkady
Exquisite work. Writing both spare and delicious, spartan and hedonistic. It's a gift. In this particular fic, both Tom and Cornelius are so well done--Tom very much the living weapon, as angry and cold and violent and careful as ever. His every word blurs the line between politics and sex. (If I wasn't so pepped up on caffeine, I might swoon.) Rare insight into how Tom Riddle shaped Cornelius Fudge.

'Snakeboy' by Trin
Percy finds the oddest things, sometimes. Tom Riddle's diary is one of those things.
(Yes, I'm one of those strange people that think Percy and Tom would make an excellent pairing...)

'Timeline' by Trin
An excellent, perceptive and extremely short one-shot--well worth the read--sleek and fast as a bullet, this one. Everybody has a pinnacle they want to reach. Tom Riddle just climbs the mountain differently.

'Transience' by Moondanger
An exquisite ficlet, with imagery so rare and intense it will leave you gasping. Read this. NOW.

'Not Was' by Zarya Aymaru
In which Tom waits to catch those who fall.

'Penmanship' by Marvolo
Percy discovers that it is quite possible to be haunted from the inside out.

'The Sweetest Fruit' by Rhoddlet
Yet more Percy/Tom, but with oranges and dust and Penny this time. A touch of Cedric Diggory too, on the side. R for sexual conduct and general weirdness.

'Phantoms' by Kimagure
A dark 'what if' scene from CoS involving Percy and Tom Riddle. What if Ginny had given Percy the diary?... What follows is a game of sadism and lust...

'A Delicious Agony' by Just Silver
You always hurt the one you love.

Tom/Harry, Severus/Harry, Various/Harry
'Szajha' by Calliopiea
I stumbled across this story by sheer chance--and God, what chance it was--what fortune! This is such an exquisitely crafted, ORIGINAL story... Serpentine and glittering in its grace. Calliopiea's use of words is sheer brilliance--an intellectual aphrodisiac if there ever was one. I have fallen sincerely and deeply in love with this novel... I cannot express to you how deeply, how helplessly...