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This shelf stocks the best slash I've managed to find featuring any male pairings that feature Severus but don't include Harry or Draco. Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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'Garden Party' by Rhoddlet
A flawlessly characterized Narcissa and a vulnerable Severus--who could ask for more? It hurts incredibly to read this--young Snape trapped in the power struggles of a married couple--and yet only Rhoddlet can make me pant and moan even as she breaks my heart. Visceral as only Rhoddlet can be, and absolutely undeniable--so much so that this feels like a moving photograph out of time.
Quote: "Do what?" Lucius says, pressing himself against that long, lean front of black. Severus tries to push him away, but Lucius just catches the bare tips of Severus's fingers in his mouth and runs his tongue over them. His mouth must be almost painfully hot on cold skin; it steams silver in the night.

Severus/Remus, implied Sirius/Remus
'This is How' by Seperis
Ah, the (relatively) rare creature that is an MWPP-era Severus/Remus story. Severus' voice is gorgeously realized here, and it's remarkable how clearly the Marauders come across through his point of view--so much more truly than one would expect, and yet one can expect this sort of insightfulness from Snape. This makes so much sense when integrated with what we know of canon--and it hurts all the more for that.
It's also incredibly hot. Er. Oh, damn it. I'll just say it out loud. No one does addiction like Severus Snape. Even as a teenager. Even as a Slytherin who should know better.
And we love him for that, don't we?
Quote: Black watches Potter like Lupin's watching Black, and that's a secret that Severus keeps close and smiles over often. There's little that can be hidden when you know what to look for.

'Homo Homini Lupus' by Ferox
If you're in the mood for something mild and just slightly tinged with bitterness, you can always visit a post-war Remus Lupin for tea. Ferox writes about two men of war who are, although they're both loathe to admit it, a bit lost now that the war is over. Severus and Remus embark on a journey of mutual (mis)understanding, with tea, alcohol and snark to pave the way.
Quote: "There are men who are not meant to share jam tarts in a cosy boudoir. I suspect that we are two of them."

'Things That Go Bump In The Night' by Delphi, RATED NC-17, RAPE, BONDAGE, KNIFEPLAY, CHANSLASH
Yes. Look at that list of kinks. You know that this story was practically made for me. Delphi's non-con is delightfully detailed and so brilliant that, even if you aren't into non-con, I challenge you to read this piece and not be aroused by it. Severus Snape, a Slytherin student, is all alone in his dormitory. Guess who drops by for a visit?
Quote: Dizzy with fear, Severus found himself moving before the thought of disobeying even crossed his mind. His world seemed to have narrowed down to the chill of the blade against his skin. He was blind and deaf, unable to see even a hand's breadth in front of his face, the thundering of his own heartbeat all he could hear. He was keenly aware of his nightshirt riding up under the covers as his wrists were snatched up and pulled towards the headboard.

'Misanthropy, Lycanthropy and the Pursuit of Knowledge' by Halrloprillalar
Dear GOD this is one of the loveliest takes on this pairing I've ever read, and certainly the most in-character. Yes. Remus is wonderful and careful and lonely and not showing it and Severus is abrupt and careful and lonely and not showing it--and I LOVE this story LOVE IT LOVE IT. There is a particular scene near the end--you'll know what I'm talking about when you get to it--when you'll just catch your breath and melt comfortably into your chair. Yes, it is possible to melt in this pairing and still have it keep its in-character, glorious, subtle little shine. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Excuse me while I go and lick Hal in every possible way deemed legal. And then some.
Quote: The room hadn't changed in four years. Cauldrons still lined the stone tables, some of them bubbling gently over purple flames. Books and scrolls were crammed into two wooden bookcases and a box of white mice rustled near the door. They could hardly be the same mice, of course, not unless Snape had been testing immortality potions. And the heavy cage still stood in the corner, though it was stacked full of books now. Remus set down his valise and walked over to it. He closed his hand around a thick iron bar. It was cool and smooth on his skin. "Have you kept this for sentimental reasons?"

'Blind, Deaf and Dumb' by Delphi, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH
So sweet, and yes, it's Severus Snape and Argus Filch, but really, this is sweet. Severus' young voice is captured perfectly, so vulnerable and lonely that you just want to... well. Do what Filch does to him. I enjoyed seeing these two prickly (no pun intended) creatures find each other--proving that love can, indeed, be found in the unlikeliest of places.
Quote: Sex, something that had always seemed to him to be a second-hand commodity � something to be imagined or read about while he guiltily pulled himself off twice a day � suddenly swung neatly into a first-person perspective.

'Dark Creatures' by Isis, RATED NC-17, RAPE, COERCION
Dark and damned and utterly beautiful. And hot. Oh, yes. Remus pays a price for his humanity. But Severus Snape, although he doesn't know it yet, is paying a price too. Isis also makes the most clever distinctions between Slytherin motivations and Gryffindor ones--and if you read them carefully, you'll see that they have some rather interesting implications for canon. I was twitching and moaning helplessly at Snape's cruelty, his beautiful cruelty, and at his final penance.
Quote: "Remus," he hissed gently. His mouth was right at my ear but his sibilant, liquid voice was so soft that it barely sounded like speech. "I would have you pretend that you like me."

'The Architeuthis Principle' by Kathleen Anne
This may or may not be slash, depending on the sex of the squid, but it's just delightful. Just loveliness for all the squid-lovers out there, and quiet humor even for the less amphibiac ones among us. Trust me on this--it's one of the sweetest Snape-stories I've ever read.
Quote: When winter came, Snape took out his heavy woolen cloak, a pair of thick black gloves, the soft scarf of deepest green Minerva knitted him one Christmas. The drifts were piled high against the sides of the castle, snow stinging against his face as he walked. Snape merely hunched deeper into his cloak, buried his gloved hands in his sleeves. When he had hiked all the way out to the lake, Snape carefully cast an unfreezing charm on the water. Then he fed the squid.

'Cavus' by Scy
Daunting, difficult and beautiful. A bit overdone at times, but with descriptions that make you catch your breath. Interesting ethical twists make this story both subversive and erotic.
Quote: Evil did not sleep, but took naps. And those who were good were forced to keep the same hours. There were no candles that burned as needed.

'The Illusion of a Lack of Control' by Twinkledru J.
Twinkledru has a talent for interpreting canon characters in the most unusual--and yet frighteningly accurate--ways. Remus Lupin fantasizes. But it's not about sex, of course, when he thinks about Severus Snape. It's about revenge. I can't get over how novel and absolutely... stunning... this idea is--Remus giving himself a reason, in his fantasies, to hate the man he can't stop hating, even though it's no longer justified.
Quote: He hated more than anything that none of his hatred towards Snape was justified, and that, conversely, all Snape's hatred and mistrust of him had been warranted for a long time. That every time Snape takes pause from tormenting his students to stare hawkishly down his abnormally large nose at Lupin, he is more than entitled to his suspicion, because of that tiny incident of attempted murder.

The story is password-protected, but both password and user-name are provided in the actual message box. Read it carefully. The pairing is Severus/Blaise Now, I know that there are those of you (fools, utter FOOLS) who will turn away simply because of this, but I beg you not to. Koanju and Andrea have written chan in a way that few people have the courage (or the stamina) to--with delightfully double-sided, detailed meaning--taking up an entire novella with the hunt itself--and I am, as you all should know, quite enamored of the hunt. Finally, chan that isn't afraid of itself or its implications--chan that isn't kink-fic but a detailed, psychologically precise exposition. Read it and be inspired. To think. To feel. And, above all, to review.
Quote: It was clear how to get to the boy. The boy wanted a father figure. Severus could do that. He was very good at doing what was necessary to get what he wanted.

Sirius/Remus, Severus/Remus
'When It Alteration Finds' by Victoria P.
Love is not love when it alteration finds. Remus as Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor. How much of the future does the Hat change? Victoria changes histories (and futures) effortlessly, and it's spell-binding to watch Remus Lupin endure different kinds of tenderness, different kinds of betrayal. The remarkable thing is that Victoria makes each Sorting so... plausible. Manages to give such utterly convincing reasons for it. (I'm still struggling to choose which I find most convincing of all.) Also: I loved Snape's characterization in this. But you probably knew that.
Quote: He was evil. He was a Dark creature. His parents had told him so often enough. There was a reason the Sorting Hat placed him in Slytherin, and he hated that part of himself over which he had no control.

Sirius can't remember himself without hatred. But Severus changes the past. Hot, strange, completely right. One of my favorite takes on Severus ever.
Quote: "No. Not Azkaban, you fool," he thundered, looming over me. "I mean now -- right now, when you have all your life to write over! You have a clean slate, and all you can do is pine after the scratchings you�ve lost!"

'Re-Discovery' by Beth H.
Gorgeous Snagrid through Harry's perspective. Yes, it can be done. And brilliantly. I still felt that curling shock when Harry found out, even though I knew...! --Well. I love Beth for this. It's almost too sweet for my taste, but... But. Oh, I don't need excuses. I love this. Harry returns to Hogwarts, and discovers something rather surprising about Professor Snape...
Quote: "Yes, 'oh.' Very good, Potter. I'm sure you'll have little problem with consonants after you've finished mastering vowels. And now if you'll excuse me, I believe I had best take my leave before I do something the Headmistress would regret."

Severus/Remus, Sirius/Remus
'Remedial Potions' by Rage Prufrock
MWPP-era and powerfully empathic. One of my favorite takes on Teenaged!Snape. And Remus. And you'll want to hit Black. Of course.
Quote: And it, for some reason, made Severus angry again, feel hot and unsettled. His fingers tightened on the edge of the countertop and he could see nothing but the way that Remus didn't pull away from Sirius at all. How Remus let Sirius press against his side, like packmates seeking warmth.

Severus/Sirius, Severus/Harry
'Misericorde' by Fabula Rasa, RATED NC-17, RAPE, VOYEURISM
Severus Snape starts teaching Harry Potter defensive Dark magic--but there are unforeseen results. Harry becomes infatuated with his instructor, but things aren't quite that simple, because Severus has already been claimed--by Harry's godfather. What results is a strange series of events in which Harry tries not to take what he wants, and Sirius tries to be the ideal guardian. Poor Snape is, as always, caught in the middle. Fabula Rasa combines her trademark hot sex with angst, uncomfortably black humor and magical theory. And Snape is a delightfully stern, bitchy teacher. Enjoy.
Quote: "Don't lie to me, boy." The residual anger from his argument with Sirius was leaking out around the edges of Snape's whipcrack voice, the one Harry had come to associate with his own imminent death. "Of course you meant to overhear, every word of it."

'Damballah' by Jude
An aching, lovely, understated story set after Sirius' death. Severus makes a discovery about Remus Lupin. It ends up changing what might have been. The writing is evocative and builds effortlessly, and the end will leave you catching your breath.
Quote: 'Lupin,' Severus had nodded. He'd never been one for familiarity--breeds contempt, you see--and Remus had smiled at him and put the book down under the chair. It was warm in a comfortable way.

Severus/Harry, Severus/Albus
'To Sow and To Reap' by Kai
Only Kai can write both these pairings simulatenously, and make them soar in a way that makes my heart twist and my pulse race. Albus Dumbledore is far more nefarious than he appears, and he knows better than to be territorial when that loss of territory might be to his advantage. This lyrically intense one-shot feels like a game of Wizard's Chess, intricate and deceptive. I absolutely loved it.
Quote: Harry and Severus stand before me now, not quite touching, but close enough together that they radiate solidarity. Severus' eyes are properly downcast, but Harry meets my gaze with defiance.

'Allegiance' by Snaples, BDSM
Remarkably intense for such a short piece, and packing a punch of considerable political and moral proportions. Severus confesses to Albus Dumbledore--but this confession differs from those made in the past. I find this one of the most convincing and haunting takes on a Severus/Albus relationship ever written--a peculiar balance of giving and taking, of lies and truths.
Quote: He wonders to whom his allegiance belongs. He may never know.

'The Last Good Year' by Delphi
Delphi manages to capture this pairing at its most lovely and lyrical. And... real. I can't provide a summary to express how beautiful this is--but here's a quote.
Quote: September means rain, and taking the stairs to Albus�s bedroom two by two. There�s always something he�s left up there. A book, stacked in the teetering bedside tower, or untidily shelved under S for Severus. Odd socks under the bed. Clean shirts still hanging alongside Albus�s in the wardrobe.

'So Woe Shall Go Past' by Delphi
Yet another beautiful Snapledore story by Delphi. She makes my heart ache so, and I've rarely ever read of a love truer than the one in this fic, more heart-breaking. Oh poor Severus, left with a mere shadow of the man he loved... This story contains one of the most moving and poignant dialogues in the fandom--you'll see why when you read it.
Quote: You were very... dapper in those days, and nearly as witty as you thought you were.

Finally, a fic that makes me hate Dumbledore with a cold, slow burn--and makes me hurt for Severus with every inch of my soul. Delphi writes Severus' child-voice flawlessly, and how Severus misinterprets his abuse at Albus' hands. Oh my God. Don't read this if you don't like your heart twisted every which way, or if you don't want to do horrible, horrible things to Albus Dumbledore. Or want to be him. Anyway.
Quote: Severus Snape is twelve years old the first time the headmaster comes to fetch him. He awakes to darkness and the old man gently shaking his shoulder, and allows himself to be quietly led out of the dormitory while his friends slumber on.

'A Night on the Tiles' by ThisVeryInstant, RATED NC-17
An incredibly in-character PWP, hot and wet and angry. Snape visits Grimmauld Place, and finds Black's presence repugnant... Until, that is, Sirius catches him in the midst of a fantasy.
Quote: He opened his hand and rubbed his palm in small circles, deliberately tormenting himself, feeling hot strands of pleasure coil and uncoil. He pictured Black, tightly bound by magical ropes, glaring up at him with helpless loathing, the dark hair falling over one eye, perhaps, sweat streaking his face, muscles tense and useless--

Severus/Harry, Sirius/Severus
'That Never Felt A Wound' by Nimori, RATED NC-17, RAPE, AMBIGUOUS CONSENT
An extremely unusual story, in which Snape has an unusual problem, and finds an even more unusual solution to it. Sirius Black is dead--but not quite gone, and takes to haunting Severus Snape. Snape decides to get rid of him the only way he knows how--by using Harry to do so. Extremely hot and unsettling and darkly amusing at times--this is Nimori at her erotic best.

'Of Monsters' by Nitro, RATED NC-17
Oh my. I've never read a story that had the courage to focus on the immediate aftermath of the Shrieking Shack incident--Severus, having just escaped from the jaws (quite literally) of death, and Remus, wounded after his transformation, and obscurely guilty for the harm he had nearly done to Snape. They're both in the hospital wing, and both alone... Snape refusing to sleep in the presence of a 'monster', and Remus unable to rest because of pain. What, I wonder, can two young men do...? I loved the odd little details in this, particularly Remus' painfully tentative efforts towards communication, and Severus' instinctual obsession with Potions. Oh, and the sex! Only Snape could say 'This is ridiculous' in the middle of a frottage scene. Hee. (Note that the author rates this story NC-17, but I would be more inclined to label it R.)
Quote: Remus let himself fall against Severus, catching himself on the headrails and locking his elbows. Their faces were inches apart, their stomachs touched and fitted together. Remus was obscenely warm, and softer than Severus had imagined. He had imagined skin-covered glass, a bag of delicate bones.

'You Don't Remember' by Juxian Tang, RATED NC-17, ABUSE
A strange, painful tale that still tugs as my heart-strings as I remember it. Oh my God, it makes so much sense--James and Sirius and Remus and Peter being the bastards they were (re: 'Snape's Worst Memory' in OotP), and yet Sirius discovering a forbidden tenderness, inseparable, in a sense, from hate. Snape loses his memory and Sirius finds himself discovering that which might have been... A word of warning: keep a box of tissues handy, as well as a bit of fluff to read afterwards. No: actually, no. This is sadness so lovely you won't want to break out of it. My apologies for suggesting otherwise.
Quote: I'll remember it. Even when you forget everything.

'Still Life' by The Treacle Tart
Just delightful. The true pairing of this story is perhaps Severus/Camera, but it's so sweet and innocent and beautiful--words one wouldn't usually associate with Severus Snape. You see, Snape develops something of an obsession with Muggle photography, and begins to see things for the first time... Frankly, I think this could have done equally well as a gen story, if not better--I was so drunk on the imagery, the wonderful imagery, that I almost saw Remus as an intrusion--until he began to contribute to the images as well. You'll see what I mean.
Quote: Snape stared at the picture for hours, examining every minute detail. The way Dumbledore's robe shimmered in the noon sun. The way Sprout's hair pointed out in odd angles, making her look slightly mad. The shadow of a passing bird that darkened the ground at their feet. A group of children that ran in the distance, probably late to their next class. A fraction of a second, frozen in time; preserved in this glossy paper for his eyes only.

'Fever Dreams' by Sparrohawk, RATED NC-17
Extraordinarily haunting, mesmerizing writing in which Snape dreams, and sometimes sees reality. I loved how riddled with hate and pain and longing this was, just the way it should be, always, always, between Sirius Black and Severus Snape. There are moments of truly startling imagery, the kind that make you want to borrow the author's brain to be able to come up with similarly brilliant things. I was aching with heart-break by the end of it. Oh, yes.
Quote: "Clever, Black. The purest blood in the wizarding world, and yet you are so big a fool as to forget you own a wand. What next? Swordplay? Pistols at a hundred paces? What a credit to House le Noir. Toujours pur." He spat blood and wiped his mouth with the back of one hand.
Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Severus/Seamus, Severus/Harry, Seamus/Draco, Remus/Sirius
'Smile, And That Will Mean I May' by Aspen
A hilarious, grope-happy parody of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, edged with fluff and snark and just a little bit of smut. It's quite insane and quite a lot of fun, and I just can't get Snape out of my mind! Not to mention Draco in a little pink dress... Will Harry be able to escape the advances of various and sundry, and propose to Draco before the night is up?
Quote: For the second time that night, Harry was backed up against the wall with someone in drag thrusting gently against him, and his earlier words rang in his head like a wedding bell. But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane...

'Thirteen Ways' by Sinope
I have found a new divinity to worship--her name is Sinope. If you've ever read a Severus/Remus story that undid you, word by word, wove a net of thorns around your heart and then unwove them, you will still find yourself overwhelmed by the masterpiece that this is. Such careful characterization--both men so wary of each other, so silent in their exchanges. (And this is the way it would be, after all, with Snape...) Read this even if this isn't your standard pairing. You won't be disappointed.
Quote: October comes and goes. The week after every full moon, the sex hurts, and Lupin knows that Snape notices, but neither of them says anything. Part of the agreement is to keep silence: a quiet, controlled exhale as Snape enters Lupin, and most days Lupin can bite his lip for the rest of the time and manage not to wince.

'Pragmatic Magics' by Isolde
What a lovely take on a careful, pragmatic Snape--who decides to make the first move on Hagrid. He refuses to let himself believe in love, or even lust--Hagrid just happens to fit his needs. It's delightful watching Snape try to approach our gentle giant, by way of requesting Potions ingredients, et al... This story is remarkable because it doesn't treat the Snape/Hagrid pairing as a comedy (although there are moments of tender humor). It also places Snape as the suitor, which is rare, since it is usually Hagrid put in the aggressive (well--) role. My heart absolutely ached by the end of this.
Quote: "Hippogriff feathers," Severus said tersely, intently not blushing, not clenching his fists, and not looking at Hagrid's large hands as they were pulled out of enormous leather gloves.

'Two Men On Top' by Icarus, RATED NC-17
Take two alpha males. Add smut, sex, snark and humor. Stir thoroughly. And serve.
Quote: Weasley leaned up with an impish grin. "But I'm so great on top."

'Sans Merci' by Pedatrix, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH
A dangerous, gorgeously written journey of discovery. Lucius is so languid here, cat-like and predatory, and Severus is a child so very innocent--almost perversely so. There are moments in here when you'll smile, thinking of the future Severus--and when you'll weep, and when you'll--well, quite simply--come. I'm in awe of this work--its utter ambiguity, and its strength in refusing to take moral sides. Pedatrix writes chan as chan is meant to be written--pure experience--with moral strings attached, yes, but when Lucius is the puppet master even those strings can be so carefully manipulated. Dark with a glittering edge of angst and, yes, humor. A must-read.

'Dolo Delectare' by Fabula Rasa, RATED NC-17
Delectable indeed--such divine, relentless smut. Fabula Rasa claims that it has 'no redeeming value'; I beg to differ. This story surpasses all imaginable bounds of hotness, and I've re-read it almost every night since my discovery of it. Fabula manages to inspire such spark in her characters, such chemistry, that the sex is fresh every time you read it. I'm going to read this in the middle of boring lectures--heck, even in the middle of interesting ones. And at mealtimes. And before I sleep. And on the bus. And in the shower--yes, I will laminate this. And in the morning, the moment I wake. And in my sleep, when I'm dreaming. Oh, God! Fabula, write more!

'Far too Personal' by Icarus, CHANSLASH(ISH)
Ron places an ad in the gay personals with the kind of desperation only a sex-deprived teenager can muster, and gets a most unexpected response. It's a remarkably entertaining game, trying to guess who the mysterious partner of Ron Weasley is, and Icarus is such a genius that no matter what you guess, you'll be wrong. (Well--not quite--one of your guesses will be right, but you'll be unable to narrow yourself down to just one.) Consistent, smartingly good characterization--just outside the edges of canon, but carefully balanced.
Summary: The madcap adventures of a Weasley in the wizarding world's gay personals.

Severus/Harry, Lucius/Severus
Unnerving, quietly horrifying. Harry asks his lover a painful question. The answer, however, is worse. What affected me most was the reversed structure of this story--salvation comes before damnation, not afterwards. Pay attention to the time-line, though; it'll keep you sane.
Quote: A whisper of Latin and scarlet ribbons bound Severus's arms and ankles. Look at me! Ink black eyes were pools of reflected firelight. Lucius liked to believe that those eyes hid nothing from him. Watching him, Severus seemed so young. Nineteen years old. Barely a man.

Severus/Crabbe/Goyle, Severus/Various
'The Head of Slytherin by Minerva McTabby, RATED NC-17
Now that you've snickered long enough at the title, proceed to the poem--well, song--well, filk--and snicker some more. Everyone's read this, absolutely everyone, so it's a bit ridiculous of me to even rec it, but this was a gaping hole--no pun intended--in my recs collection, so I had to have it here. Read it and weep. Or laugh. Or come. Whatever. Hee!

'Drinking Dead Water' by Millefiori, RATED NC-17, RAPE, VIOLENCE
Many might wonder why I've recommended this story--what happened to my taste for convoluted plot? But ah, this story is about characterization--and it's frightening, how accurate it feels--that Severus truly is in-character as a sadistic bastard with a taste for games of sexual domination and blood. The descriptions are erotic, dark and frightening--do not read this if you aren't of age, or aren't able to stomach much cruelty. This is, oddly enough, a PWP that isn't about sex. It's about power. And since we're talking about a Slytherin, that shouldn't be much of a surprise...

'Winter Kept Us Warm by Delphi, RATED NC-17
Such intense imagery, such a delight in words. Delphi is an accomplished writer, particularly for the Severus/Albus pairing, and I'd be her happy love-slave any day. The writing here is so fine that it's sharp--it hurts--it's glorious. Albus is as I've always imagined him--a flawed, possessive man, dreaming up salvations he may or may not be able to offer. And Severus... so angry, so secretly vulnerable. The arts of Occlumency and Legilimency are central to the plot, so don't read the story if you haven't read OotP.
Quote: Torchlight flickers inside the teacup. Sconces on a castle wall, wavering in the winter draught. The stone looks to be as black and wet as the tea--it is the dungeons, then, where sunlight has never bleached the bricks.

'Nothing Like the Sun' by Louise Lux
It's Louise; it's got to be brilliant. And it is. I've been so hungry for Severus/Harry lately that I've barely given a glance to Severus/Remus--but when I saw that this story was by Louise, I had to give it a try. And I'm glad I did--Remus' fine-edged, lucid grief and Severus' opaque concern are both memorably written. While I shamefully admit to skimming over some of the smut, I only did so because of my previous smut overdose--not because of any fault in the writing.
Summary: Severus finds Remus Lupin brewing the highly dangerous Lethe potion--all in a bid to bring Sirius Black back from the dead. Can Severus stop him in time?
Quote: It was Lupin, sitting in the dark next to the smouldering grate, his pale face lit from underneath with a faint orange glow.

'Beggars May Ride' by Bernice, RATED NC-17
Oh! What a lovely, affectionate, mildly insane, warm, wonderful story! Severus finds out, after a rather peculiar accident in bed, just how beautiful Hagrid really thinks he is. Adorable, well-written romance, filled with chuckles and not-so-snide remarks.

'Skin Deep' by Sparrowhawk, RATED NC-17
So finely written and gripping that you won't be able to look away--not for a moment. I found the dialogue so in-character that I was almost mewling with delight--and the technical depth of Severus' potion-making was fascinatingly written. Few writers can truly make me feel like I'm seeing Severus--the real Severus--the Potions master. But Sparrowhawk made my heart sing...
Summary: Severus brews a potion for the Order. A few rats are dismembered, and a werewolf ravished. It's all in a day's work.

'Lukewarm' by Juxian Tang
Don't be deceived by the title--this is hot, very hot, and not lukewarm in the least. Juxian writes a solid, sensually gripping tale of growing intimacy. Remus makes an arrangement with his long-standing enemy...

Severus/Sirius, Lucius/Harry
'' by Amanuensis, RATED NC-17, MPREG
No. No. Don't run away just because of the 'MPREG' label. This fic will break you. Rebuild you. You absolutely MUST read it, regardless of your usual tastes. I tend to avoid MPREG, but well-written fiction is well-written fiction, and--fuck, with Amanuensis it isn't just fiction anymore. It's LIFE. While the premise is hard to believe for various reasons (Sirius, Harry and Hermione captured by Voldemort, and experimented upon to breed for the Death Eaters), the characterization is flawless, the lovemaking erotic, and the dialogue heartbreaking. Amanuensis plays the game of moral ambiguity with skill--a game very difficult for most writers to survive, but she does so with flying colors. Give this fic a try.

Severus/Lucius, Implied Severus/Draco, Lucius/Draco
'The Empire of Light' by Rhoddlet, RATED NC-17, BONDAGE, UNDERAGE, INCEST
A beautiful, almost painfully twisted work of art--alarmingly arousing and visceral in the best, most terrifying of ways. Possibly one of the most powerful one-shots I've ever read, but then, anything Rhoddlet writes fits into that category. (Summary: Lucius Malfoy is trapped in the memories of his youth...)

Albus/Severus, Voldemort/Severus
'The Hallelujah Series' by Dien, RATED NC-17, REFERENCES TO CHANSLASH
This is arguably the most beautiful series in the fandom--well, in the running for the top, at least. It was so exquisite, at times, that I had to hiss and close my eyes, steeling myself before I could bear to read more. Such flawless insight, words shaped like music... There's a desperate yearning to Dien's writing in this tale, something almost hurtfully present about every touch, every word, every breath of air she makes you take in her world. Severus is a young prodigy devoted heart, mind, body and soul to the Dark Lord. But this glorified devotion turns out to be nothing but a youth's desperate need for approval, and in the end Severus ends up hating what he loved. At the end of it all, broken and clutching nothing of himself but a mask, there is only one man waiting for him. And that man is Albus Dumbledore.

'Oral Sex' by Isis
A wonderful, playful, in-character study of our favorite black-haired demons. It's Harry Potter's wedding, and our two outlaws have nothing better to do than to get drunk with each other... (The story's not NC-17, by the way, or even an R. The title's a sweetly clever pun, which you'll understand when you read the story. Has an NC-17 sequel, though.)

'The Morning After' by Isis, RATED NC-17
Lovely, erotically charged sequel to 'Oral Sex'--the same combination of affection, humor and snarking, only with--sex. A lot of it.

'Aching' by Moonflower
Lovely, surprising--turns the tables on you quite nicely. To say anymore would spoil the gorgeous surprise that is this tale. Read it!

'Oxygen Narcosis' by Nope
An underwater encounter leads to strange revelations...

'Rat's Alley' by Fabula Rasa, RATED NC-17
Exquisite, finely balanced work--each line weighed perfectly. Nothing is said more than it needs to be--no fancy elaboration, and yet the words have an elegant smoothness to them. I love Fabula. This is yet another Vampire!Snape story, but extremely unique, and the writing's worth salivating over. There are turns of phrase here that are so... perfect, so finely layered and musical, that they make my breath catch.
Sirius is incredibly, believably intelligent here--a strategist and yet also animalistic--both chess-player and animagus. Just perfect. Most stories have him as less-than-intelligent, or at least not very insightful. Not so here. Fabula writes him as the observant cynic, with a sharp edge of eroticism to round him out. Snape, of course, is sexy enough to make most readers catatonic. Snarky AND vampiric. My God. The chemistry with Sirius is convincing and addictive. The power-play between these two brilliant, adamant men is... titillating. To say the least. Half-rage and half-vulnerability...

'Slowly, But Exceeding Fine' by Ellen Fremedon, RATED NC-17
Summary: How to kill a dementor, live with a curse, and let go of an old grudge.
Review: One of the most consummate, excellent works of Severus/Sirius slash out there, I'd like to thank Cedar for reminding me to rec this! Anything by Ellen is divine, actually, so you might as well check out her other work after reading this masterpiece.

Severus/Crouch Sr
'The Jungle, At Night' by Sushi
One of the most unsettling, atmospheric stories I've read to date. Young Severus has an unexpected encounter with the father of his school-going friend...

'Strange Emulsion' by Juniper
Memorable, eloquent Sev/Rem slash. Slowly builds, based around the classic Wolfsbane plotline--but treats this plotline refreshingly and with true skill. Severus is positively delicious here. And Lupin graciously wolfish as ever.

'Aftermath' by Josan, RATED NC-17
An impressive rendering of a very rare pairing. A novel-length and slowly-built story--sparely-written and emotionally fulfilling at once.

'Potio' by Seeker, RATED NC-17
Exquisite. Filled with a low pain and a burgeoning joy, this is challenging, satisfying piece of work. Lockhart begins to regain his memory, but he has altogether lost the confidence he used to have. He is now a broken man... And yet his loss makes him strong, in a strange way, and able to give love to someone who needs it as much as he does...

'Time under Glass', by Louise Lux
Disconcerting, sensual, claustrophobic, beautiful. Subtle. Guarded. Snape tries to cure Lupin's lycanthropy, but he treats Remus more like an experiment than a human being. Perhaps his denial of the werewolf's humanity is also a denial of his own...

Bloody Baron/Severus
'Mortal Coil' by JayKay
I ready this story out of curiosity, because of the rare pairing. It is a simply written but very wise, and very touching, exploration of the 'mortal coil' and what happens to people when they leave it. The Bloody Baron's thoughts are quite beautiful, as is his preoccupation with the mortal Slytherin who refuses to be afraid of him.

'Dying Of The Light' by Rochelle
Excellent interpretation of a very young Snape, right from his first year at Hogwarts. This is just how I'd imagined him to be--brilliant, cynical, thorny and yet vulnerable. Follows Severus' path to and beyond adolescence.

'Shade More Than Man' by thetaeridani
A lovely, slowly built and angsty Severus/Sirius novel. Each chapter grows more rewarding as the relationship between the two builds--from enmity to an uneasy truce, to an even more uneasy intimacy... that finally flowers into something more.

'Malentine' by Bexless
The only kind of Valentine a Snape can have...

'Loop' by Silvia
'you cannot save me/you can't even save yourself'

'Snape and Son' by Josan
A lovely, lovely tale--one of the few that manages to make Severus a father without making him un-Snape-like. His son, Alexander, is absolutely charming here--and the budding of their relationship is exquisite. Remus comes into the equation as well...

'Forever' by Josan
This story is so surprising that to attempt to describe it would give away too much. Suffice it to say it is rare, well-written and really gripping. For all of those who are squicked by Older!Albus-slash (and yea, I too was one of thee, thou unfortunates) give this one a read.

'Temptation' by Rhys
Rated a strong R. A light, humorous, delightful piece. Severus Snape is beginning to get obsessed with one of his students... And, in retaliation to his feelings, becomes even harsher towards the object of his affections. Unfortunately, Neville seems to have formed a kind of immunity to his Professor's acidic tongue...
Quote: 'Of course, Longbottom had no idea. Snape was not exactly sure what he thought, but he seemed to accept the unusually high amount of sarcasm and vitriol from his Potions professor with the same gentle acquiescence that he must have developed somewhere in the summer of his sixth year. Oh, he was still intimidated by Severus. That much was clear. But instead of shaking and stammering when faced with the dour professor�s scowling visage, he simply cast his eyes down quietly, carefully folded his hands, and replied in that slow lilt, "Yes, Professor." '