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Most people don't go for this pairing, but I do hope you'll give it a try before dissing it. The Snape/Draco pairing went from being almost inconceivable (for me) to being one of my all-time favorites. There is an incredible quantity of good work for it, although the majority of it is R or NC-17. I hope you'll read some of the recommendations here, and adopt this pairing as enthusiastically as I have.

Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned.

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'The First Cut' by Hannelore, RATED NC-17, RAPE, GANG RAPE
Oh my God. Heartbreaking. If the last ficlet was a sweet ray of light, this one is a deep, raw, echoing darkness. Draco Malfoy turns seventeen and becomes one of the Death Eaters. Severus Snape is present. Yes, this is another one of those Death Eater orgies--but written so silently and bitterly that you'll be swallowing and looking away--well--you'll try to look away, but you won't be able to.
Quote: The first night Draco is presented to the Death Eaters, he is seventeen. Severus can remember the way he was dressed, the brat prince in full regalia.

'Flew' by SQ, Severus/Draco, NON-CON, CHARACTER DEATH
No. No. NO. I. This hurt me so bad. Oh. I didn't expect this to go where it went--I didn't expect the author (ANY author) to have the courage to carry this story to its focal point, its breaking point. Snape's wrathful bitterness is captured perfectly, as is the sense of claustrophobic inevitability that drives the piece forward. The unsteady, staccato narrative in the second-person made me sick with vertigo, just as it was meant to--and the flashbacks broke my heart as they built on each other, until the end made sense, made perfect sense, and I wanted to go out and smash something. Oh. Beautiful, this. I am a broken and whimpering creature, but I urge you to read it.
Quote: Up and up the stairs, the twisting curve, and Draco only knows to feel for the next step with careful shuffling of his feet, his hand on the wooden slats of the tower. When he stubs a toe against the base of the landing - halfway there - he curses Snape for picking this new location. There's no moon tonight.

'The Skull and the Serpent' (broken link; still looking!) by Slytherlynx, RATED NC-17, AMBIGUOUS CONSENT, GROUP SEX, THREESOMES, VOYEURISM, SLAVERY
A hot, disturbing, subversive mindfuck-- Slytherlynx-style. Draco gets what he asks for. I can't get enough of twisted Death Eater orgies, and this pushes all of my buttons beautifully. Draco's plight--semi-voluntary though it may be--is powerfully written. Snape is as ambiguous and unfathomable as he should be, and just as thorough. 
Quote: But the boys were waiting, the men were no longer looking at him. And Snape was seated on the floor, leaning against the ottoman, looking stiff even in this casual position. His knees were raised and his elbows rested upon them; his fingers twirled the strands of a leather whip that Draco hadn�t seen before. Draco felt a faint twist of jealousy, and wondered on whom it would be put to use.

'Assisted Suicide' by Ishafel, CHARACTER DEATH, SUICIDE
More gen than slash, but. Ouch, ouch, ouch. This one is bleak and terrifying and bitter as cyanide. A very Slytherin story about Slytherin persistence and Slytherin defeat. Snape does what he can.
Quote: Not many people knew that Draco Malfoy had tried to kill himself when he was fifteen.

'Crush' by Claire
Oh! Brings back the painful embarrassment of being in love with someone you can't possibly have... with someone you shouldn't desire at all. Draco Malfoy has a crush. Uncomfortable and sweet, and just perfectly helpless.
Quote: Draco knows it's wrong. It's wrong and it's bad and he knows his father would have something to say about these fantasies, because real men don't dream about other men touching them and loving them. They don't dream about being loved at all, but being feared, being worshipped, being adored and having control, and it's always by women, because women are weak and men are strong. That's what his father would say. And he's always listened to his father because Lucius Malfoy knows what he's talking about, and he understands the way the world works, and no one else can advise him as well as his father can. He knows this.

'As In A Dream' by Nope, RATED NC-17
So hot. So beautiful. Snape and Draco and just. Run-on sentences. Full-stops. Nope builds the pace beautifully, from Draco's initially platonic request for apprenticeship to his heart-stopping discovery in Snape's pensieve, and finally, finally, to the frantic, earnest sex in which both characters lose themselves. Snape's absorption in Draco, his long-term obsession with him, is delineated beautifully. The sex is absolutely gorgeously written. This world needs more Snape/Draco, it does.
Quote: Pushed to the back of the shelf Draco finds a pensieve, full and shining. Bright shimmers rush across the surface as he pulls it out into view and he stares in wonder as faint shadows of faces tremble and vanish in their wake. These are Snape's memories, he thinks, Snape's thoughts; and, feeling like he's intruding, he goes to put the pensieve back but the movement brings images back to the surface and he suddenly recognises himself, not a reflection, a younger version, smirking and turning away into nothingness.

'Twelve Days' by Isolde
After Lucius' arrest, Draco is sent off by his put-upon mother to live with Severus Snape. Draco isn't exactly happy about this. What starts as a tense first dinner edged with power-play (amateur in Draco's case, rather more experienced in Snape's) turns darker than expected. I loved the detail so characteristic of Isolde's work, both physical and psychological. Severus is cool and in control, and Draco is just near breaking point...
Quote: But the boy's coil of anger and shame as he sat there, not moving but not in the least defeated yet, was... Snape could admit it, delicious.

'Walk Softly; Carry a Big Stick' (broken link; still looking!) by Slytherlynx, RATED NC-17, INCEST, REFERENCES TO BDSM
(NOTE: Also contains Lucius/Draco.) I don't think I could breathe for the duration of this fic, and it's probably good that it wasn't too long, or I might not have survived it. Slytherlynx paints a picture of thwarted passion, and of a boy caught between the twin hungers of two not-so-different wizards: Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy. What begins as a dance of territory only deepens Lucius' obsession with his son--he takes whores to distract himself, but cannot pull away, cannot. The ending is both a cliffhanger and a flawless conclusion--I don't know whether to beg Slytherlynx for more, or to let her leave it as it is. (Hell--who am I kidding? I'll beg for more. You know it.) The little details--how how Draco 'only does this to annoy him', as well as the stink and the filth of Lucius' unlikely surrounds--all of this, all, is carefully judged and perfect for this story. Go forth, read, and be educated. This is what games of power are like.
Quote: The room is dark and close and smells of filth: someone has been bringing Muggle whores. You pull open the draperies and smile to see how the sun sets Draco�s hair alight. He looks around the room with a bored expression, and keeps his hands in his pockets. He knows that he isn't allowed to touch anything.

'Summer Holiday' (broken link; still looking!) by Slytherlynx, INCEST
(NOTE: Also contains Lucius/Draco.) A languid, subversive tale that is dark in its intention, even if its writing is as warm and luminous as summer. Draco returns home for the summer holidays, and Lucius makes an unwelcome discovery... Lucius' absorption in Draco's body, in everything about Draco, is so powerful that it eventually envelops the reader as well. There is a sensuality to this story that is impossible to escape...
Quote: Lucius has no illusions that it�s his son and not himself that he sees; he knows it every time he feels the whorl of those fingerprints - irrevocably, irremediably Draco - pressed against his father�s hand, his eyelids, between his thighs. His son: not his possession, but a gift trusted over to his care. All for him and no one else.

'Snuff' by SmutGeek, RATED NC-17, BREATHPLAY
I enjoyed this story partly because of the novelty of finding any snuff in this fandom, let alone Snaco snuff--but this is also a well-written and highly accomplished bit of psych-sex. SmutGeek writes a Severus who is both cruel and kind--both giver and taker. The psychology behind her Draco is likewise convincing; this is literary porn of the kind that suits my palate perfectly.
Quote: In his own experiments with belts and rope and collars, Draco often put too much pressure on the front of his throat. Severus never does this, when he�s choking him, and there are no inelegant gags and splutters. He clutches the sides of Draco's neck in one long hand, sharp fingers on one artery, palm cupped over his trachea, heel pressed vise-like into the opposite side.

'In Want of a Wife' by Isis, RATED NC-17
Elegant, Austen-esque and mysterious--I'm not supposed to give the pairing away, but my site's structure demanded that I do so. My apologies. The gender-play here is exactly the kind of thing that is my personal fetish--and who, after all, can resist such a polished courtesan?
Quote: "How do you do," murmured the girl, her grey eyes fixed on his, her lips curved upward very slightly, the merest hint of a smile.

'Walk All Over You' by Laylah, KINK
Highly enjoyable, bitingly funny boot-fetish fic. And don't look at me like that--YES, I DO HAVE A BOOT FETISH, AND DAMN THOSE SLYTHERINS FOR CORRUPTING MEEEEEE. This was such fun to read, and Draco's hapless obsession with Professor Snape's boots--yes, those sleek, black, calf-hugging beasts he strides in--might turn out to be a good thing after all. The ending is gorgeous, and you'll be hard put not to smirk.

'Liminal' by Isolde, RATED NC-17, REFERENCES TO INCEST
Draco turns himself over to Dumbledore in order to avoid being Marked--but Severus Snape is sceptical. This story is gifted with the same ambiguity, angst and erotic detail as Isolde's other work, masterfully merging careful dialogue with ecstatic imagery. Politics, sex, longing and salvation combine in this pleasurable read. Quote: Severus almost ran back to his rooms, barely glancing at his wards on the way, shutting the door impatiently behind him and casting the protective charms by rote. He anxiously unclasped the buttons and yanked up his sleeve. The mark was there, but traced out in his flesh in silver and white lines of scar tissue - colourless, painless, and mute.

Severus/Draco, Various Pairings
'Strega of Borg' by Damiana, RATED NC-17, NON-CON, BDSM, INCEST
A darkfic unlike any other, this made me twitch and whimper and weep. Apparently based on Riley's 'Pawn to Queen', this is Damiana's answer to that story. A searing, impossible, gloriously perverse AU in which Severus is a mere toy. Don't laugh, and don't run at the title or the reference to Borg. This story is so deliciously dark that you won't mind at all--you'll be begging for more. I sincerely hope Damiana finishes it soon.

'Trust' by Ishafel, CHANSLASH
Dark, haunting work from Draco's POV. Lucius Malfoy makes a singular demand of his son...
Quote: He should have known better, of course, better than to trust his father; he should have known that when Lucius smiled that feral madman's smile it meant trouble for someone. But obedience was a habit like any other, a difficult habit to break, and he had grown up doing what he was told. So Lucius said, do this, Draco, for me. Run this way little boy, and keep smiling while you do it. Fuck Snape. (Uncharacteristically blunt, but Lucius was nothing if not unpredictable.) Lucius had often said that if one lay down with Death Eaters one risked far worse than fleas.

'Minor Arcana' by Isolde (PART I: 'Declaro', PART II: 'Pervinco')
(NOTE: Severus/Draco is not the main pairing.) A fascinating, absorbing series. One of the most sexually rich reads in the fandom, filled with politics and deceit and power-play and oh, wonderful, wonderful dialogue. Isolde has a gift for sensitizing the reader to the story's surroundings, and for shifting points of view flawlessly, so that you are both in and out of various characters' heads by the time a single chapter is done. Few people can characterize as skilfully as she does, or imbue such eroticism into hidden glances and carefully spoken words. (Summary: A wizarding tradition is revived in Harry's seventh year, but things get swiftly out of hand as Harry, Snape and Draco get caught up in a game of negotiations, seduction and opportunity cost.)

'Through a Shattered Mirror' by Rushlight, RATED NC-17, SLAVERY, THREESOME
The actual pairing--or tripling, in this case--is Severus/Draco/Harry. While this is not Draco-centric, I thought I'd included it because of the large part Draco does play. This is lush eroticism, bursting with angst and exquisitely painful insight into what it means to be a slave. Before you run away, let me assure you that the concept of 'slave' is far from pedestrian here, and Harry's reaction to being captured and forced into servitude is almost frightening in its reality. Trust me on this. (Oh, and there's the hot sex...)

'Counting the Dead' by Penelope-Z
Exquisite, bitter and supple prose. Severus watches Draco, watches Draco dream of Harry Potter. This is one of the darkest, most delicious, stingingly beautiful and in-character Snape-POVs in existence.

'Watching and Waiting' by Jai Marie
Is it possible for a story to be erotic, emotional, intelligent, subtle, tentative and bold--all at once? Certainly. Read this succulent little tale, and relish it. This is truly how I envision Snape/Draco happening, if it were to happen--two lonely souls, a Head of House and his Head Boy, finding solace in each other. Severus' POV is so beautifully done, so complete, that I often had to bite my lip with pleasure.

'Deep Red' by Ishuca, RATED NC-17, BLOOD-PLAY, TORTURE
A series of impressively written, darkly erotic stories. Severus and Draco teeter exquisitely between sex and pain, between propriety and impropriety--and Ishuca's writing weaves a web so rich with eroticism that one can scarcely breathe. WARNING: BLOOD-PLAY. MAJOR, MAJOR BLOOD-PLAY.

'Mortal Coil' by Damiana
Cruciatus. Honors projects. Gnashing of teeth. Lousy sex. Delicious addiction.

'A Snitch, Now and Then' by blue, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH
I still feel the residual shivers of horror and arousal. Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy have a unique history... This story switches back and forth in time, tracing both the beginning and the end of a mutually painful relationship. (Official summary: A man and a child. A professor and a student. Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. The Past and the Present. And a Snitch, Now and Then.)

'The Snow Prince' by Rushlight
A very philosophical and emotional take on Draco--very satisfying and truly beautiful. Draco no longer wants to be the son of his father,
and Severus helps him discover a new identity. Perhaps Draco can help his much-hated and much-loved father do the same... This story is so exquisitely written that it... surrounds you like a halo long after you have finished reading it. Rushlight is an incredibly talented writer. (Note: the story also has Lucius/Draco and implied Lucius/Severus.)

'Coercion is Underrated' by SassyInkPen, RATED NC-17, THREESOME
Unabashed, completely unreasonable and TOTALLY HOT PWP. Harry finds Severus and Draco together, and 'gets drafted'...

'First Comes Demon' by Kat and Tzigane, RATED NC-17
This is a funny, sweet exploration of Draco's long-standing crush on his ex-Professor. Draco has a child now, and he returns to Hogwarts--ostensibly for a reunion, but his real reason for visiting is to drop by a certain Potions master's office...

'Bleed Out' by Kat and Tzigane
This is actually an epilogue to a Harry/Severus tale, but I had to mention it here because it's just heart-breaking, just beautiful. The depth of Draco's obsession with Severus, and the reasons for it, are incredibly written. Few Draco POVs pack the power this little fic does.

'Here Comes the Snake' by Sushi
Lost in the Malfoy home, Snape finds a rather unobstructed view... Continued in 'Shedding Skin'.

'Shedding Skin' by Sushi, RATED NC-17
Follow-up to 'Here Comes The Snake'. At Lucius' request, Severus spends the night at Malfoy Estate, only to be woken up most rudely... 

'Of Discipline, Education, and Other Things A Malfoy Should Know' by Dien, RATED NC-17
    Alright. Here's a few things you should do before you start reading this multi-chapter masterpiece. Go get yourself a bucket. Place it directly under your chin, on your knees. Find a small piece of wood or leather and place it between your teeth. Oh, and before setting all of this up, make sure your door is locked and that there are several sound-proofing charms on your room.
    Done? Then read. The. Hottest. Severus. And. Draco. Fic. In. History. And it's not my fault if you didn't follow the directions I gave you, and you end up drooling without a bucket, screaming without a guard and waking the neighbors up. This story takes its sadistic, beautiful time in building up the tension, so that by the time the action comes, you'll... Well. You'll be more than ready.

'His Own Good' by Angela Griffen
'Draco wants desperately to be evil. Wants it in a different way than he's ever wanted anything before. It isn't like the way he wants a Firebolt for his birthday, or the way he wants to grind Harry Potter's face in a muddy puddle. This is a different sort of wanting, the sort that borders on need. This wanting is almost pitiful, and Draco knows that somewhere in the back of his mind too...'

'At Last' by Millefiori, RATED NC-17
An ex-Death Eater in a Muggle bar, cross-dressing, memory, and strange encounters.

'Alive in Here' by Resonant, RATED NC-17
I'm sure we all agree that Resonant is a God(dess) among authors, and this story more or less proves it. Some of the hottest sex in HP fandom, people...! And some truly beautiful descriptions, too... Especially of Draco, in moments of vulnerability.

'Salvation' by Isis, RATED NC-17
How far will Severus go to protect Draco from a future with the Death Eaters? 'It�s your choice, professor. On my birthday I will either become a Death Eater, or your lover. Which will it be?' OF course, nothing is quite as simple as that...

'The Rapture' by Snaples, RATED NC-17
Draco Malfoy has been caught doing something he has tried desperately to keep secret. Snape, however, develops an interest in the situation. Prequel to 'Throned on Highest Bliss'.

'Throned on Highest Bliss' by Snaples, RATED NC-17
Draco becomes possessive, Blaise Zabini involves himself and Harry offers something to Snape. (Sequel to 'The Rapture'.)

'Disciplinary Authority' by Seeker, HARDCORE NC-17, BDSM, VOYEURISM, THREESOME
This is one of the most jaw-droppingly thorough BDSM fics I've read, glorious, orgiastic and utterly, bloody, unforgivably brilliant. All my joints felt dislocated by the end of this one, it was so intense. One of those 'historical' PWPs; i.e., one of those you will never, ever, not in a million years, forget. Severus discovers that two of his students are, in fact, addicted to 'discipline'... (Severus/Draco/Harry)

'A Dram of Honesty, A Measure of Desire' by Laylah
Draco shows up at Snape's door late one night, and interesting chemical reactions occur. I was in the mood for a warm, comforting PWP when I found this--and it was exactly what I needed. 

'Justify the Means' by Derry
Seventh-year. Graduation. A student finally reveals his infatuation...
'I see.' Snape stared at his knees as he concentrated on rubbing the worst of the moisture out of his hair. 'I don't know why you're so keen to destroy me but at least you're not just your father's pawn in this. It's progress.' He glanced up. 'Of a sort.'

'Draco Malfoy and the Grimoire of Herevel' by Laylah
Immensely fulfilling novel. Her Scarred!Draco (scarred both emotionally and physically) is just wonderful, because I've frankly never seen Draco written this way. My God, he's beautiful. His chemistry with Severus is also surprisingly warm, fragile and intuitive. Read this, people!

'Absolution' by Darkrose, RATED NC-17
Draco is positively frightening in this, and I was cringing and hissing by turns. Severus is seeking absolution for his sins, and only his 'avenging angel' can grant it to him...

'Inheritance' by Deesy, RATED NC-17
What the Father has, the Child wants. I loved this PWP-ish take on a petulant, demanding Draco, locked in a power-struggle of possession with his father. Severus becomes the unwitting pawn in their game...

'Punished' by Jade and *kelley*, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH
Snape 'punishes' Draco after the dueling club... This is shameless, exquisite chanslash, the sort of surreal fantasy no-one in their right minds would admit to having. Of course, I'm not in my right mind, now am I...

'Il Vostro Destino Deve Vivere' by Damiana, RATED NC-17
Such a strange, disturbing, painful, beautiful story that I was shuddering and quite simply out of my mind by the end of it. (Snape's fractured journey through survival. Also has Severus/Remus and other implied pairings.)

'Twisted Pleasure' by Jade, RATED NC-17
Draco corners his Professor after class one day, and a combination of blackmail and seduction ensues... (Also has implied Lucius/Draco and Severus/Lucius.) PWP-ish.

'Decisions' by Seeker, RATED NC-17
Heart-breaking, frightening tale.

'Lesser of the Two' by Lady Lance, RATED NC-17
Draco gets punished.

'Heart's Filthy Lesson' by Tzigane
A dark perspective piece, written on a possible fate for Draco Malfoy. 

'Mirror' by Tzigane
Cannot be summarized. Weirdly gorgeous, and leaves you feeling something between love, motion-sickness and fear.

'Letters to Father' by Tzigane
Draco writes home often. This series of letters is quite fascinating--humorous, tragic, angry and angsty by turns. Who said filial relationships were easy?

'No Rest for the Wicked' by Tzigane, RATED NC-17, (EVENTUAL) THREESOME
Beware, this is a Nasty!Harry fic! It's gorgeous, PWP-ish, and dirtily pleasing. A game of sex and power... Weird and funny and nasty by turns. Mostly Harry/Draco, but there is a truly... um... unique Severus/Draco scene in here. Can you say: 'orgy'?

'The Lack of Morals Arc' by Kat & Tzigane, RATED NC-17
One of the most remarkable, extra-novel-length, sustaining works of HP fandom on the Net. It follows Severus' journey from youth to jaded adulthood, as well as the romantic entanglements that plague/bless him througout. (Also has Lucius/Severus, especially to start off with. Draco only comes later, but the entire Arc must be read. Beware: Don't start reading this arc unless you have a *lot*, and I do mean A LOT, of time on your hands.)

'Of Cephalopods and Semen' by lachupacabra, RATED NC-17
This is so... bizzare, bordering between the outright insane and wonderfully dry, that I've been biting my knuckles to keep from--what? laughing? crying? biting someone else?--I don't know. Just read it. It's brilliant.

'Ouroboros' by Isis, RATED NC-17, THREESOME
Draco travels back in time... (Also has Lucius/Draco.)

'Searing' by Snaples, RATED NC-17
Altars and darkness... Draco acquires the Dark Mark, with some unexpected assistance.

'Tangled Weave' by Kat & Tzigane, RATED NC-17, THREESOME
A moment among the deatheaters, and their pleasures. (Lucius/Draco/Severus, or some such combination.)

'Underneath' by Elizabeth Malcrit, RATED NC-17
Draco becomes obsessed with finding out what Snape has hidden under that too-high collar of his... A humorous little PWP.