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This shelf stocks the best slash I've managed to find featuring any male pairings that don't include Harry, Draco, or Tom. Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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'Cure' by SQ, INCEST
What a perfect little interval, something that I can see, feel, as though it were happening to me. A sharply innocent, sweet little drabble. This sort of thing makes me believe that Weasleycest is canon, yo.
Quote: "Under your tongue, a minute exactly or it'll burn."

'Each to Each' by Azrhiaz, RATED NC-17, THREESOME, INCEST
Holy fuck yes. This is, in my opinion, the hottest goddamn drabble EVER. I want to read it over and over and over until it's burnt into the back of my eyelids. Wonderful detail; extremely tactile. Smut with a glance of poetry.
Quote: Sorry. Any quote would be NC-17.

Fred/George, Colin
'Stop Motion' by LifeInWords
Stop breathing. I fell head over heels in love with this story when I first read it, and it hurt me so much that I just had to keep going back to it. (Yes, I'm a masochist, shut up.) I'm very well aware that this story may or may not be interpreted as Weasleycest, but the knife just twists that much more if Fred and George were indeed lovers. I will, therefore, call this slash. The structure of this piece is breathtaking--a series of written snapshots, almost filmic in their beauty. Very, very Colin. 'What war doesn't erase, the survivors do.' Just gorgeous--and Colin's POV, as he sorts through the photographs he'd taken before the war, is perfect. The beauty of the twins is captured on film--a memory almost cruel now that one of them is dead. (Yes. Can you feel that already? A bird with only one wing.)
Quote: Colin�s darkroom is papered with funeral pictures: black robes, grey faces, and the white blossoms for those fallen in battle. He doesn�t have regular lights up anyway, and when he�s working, he barely sees them.

'Here Again' by Icarus, INCEST
This story makes me want to marry Icarus and never leave her side again. I beg of you to read this story even if you aren't usually into incest, or Percy, or Arthur--because Icarus makes the most impossible things shine, and what's more, when she writes them they don't seem so impossible anymore. Arthur and Percy Weasley are father and son, and yet they are also lovers--Icarus deals with this delicately yet fearlessly, and she manages to capture Arthur's voice--his somewhat goofy, familiar, absent-minded voice--in a way that makes me twitch and sigh. Yes, this is sweet. Yes, this is consensual. Yes, it still has that quiet, sweet thrill of the forbidden. The only edge of darkness is the unspoken and necessary secrecy, and Arthur's equally unspoken guilt--but the miracle of this story is that it works like this, it really works, and I'm so very, very happy that I asked Icarus for consensual Arthur/Percy incest. Mmmmm.
Quote: He'd told Percy, You're beautiful... shocked that it was true, and Percy had practically danced. Did they not praise him enough as a child, Arthur wondered? These worries had been brushed aside as the hotel room door bumped open.

'The Charms That Boys Know' by Marks, RATED NC-17
THIS IS NEVILLE. BELIEVE ME. Even if you normally shy away from Neville!fics, let me assure you that this is one of the few stories that becomes a character in a way that feels true to canon. I mean, I can just see Neville doing this in his little warded bed, and I can see the reasons for it. Yes, this is wankfic. But it's deep and psychologically fulfilling wankfic. (Also, the Harry/Neville scene is HOT.)
Quote: Neville hasn't had a lot of opportunity to touch people. Not in that "Oh, give your Aunt Mildred a hug" way, but touch touch. It's not that he doesn't want to, of course. He's a teenager and pretty much the only thing on his mind is sex. Like Herbology, Neville automatically memorises every little thing he's heard about sex, even though the thought terrifies him. Sex is some horrible combination of Herbology and Potions, where he can remember everything, but his knees shake and his stomach lurches.

'Traitor' by V.
This is so beautiful and it hurts so good and now there is such darkness in my heart that won't come out. I thought I'd offer this as something to complement the lighter stories in this ensemble. Please, please don't not read this (fuck grammar) because of the pairing. Please. As far as I am concerned, this is the loveliest Marcus/Percy I've ever read.
Quote: The lines are drawn in July, and they show on Marcus' face by the end of the summer. Slytherins weren't made for war, because war means loyalty to power and belief in a cause that isn't necessarily right, that isn't necessarily the best. War means to look out for more than oneself, and that isn't what Slytherins do.

'Slip Sliding Away' by Sine Que Non, RATED NC-17, AMBIGUOUS CONSENT
If you're in the mood for a deliciously dark, smut-rich mind-fuck featuring ruthless Legilimency and games of power, this is IT. Do not avoid this because of the pairing. Promise me. I also want to apologize profusely for saying that first-person POVs don't get written well enough in this fandom--this was so perfect that I didn't even notice it was written in the first-person until after I had read it, because I slipped so seamlessly into Lucius Malfoy's mind.
Quote: I have done much for the Dark Lord. I have killed for him, fought for him in duels and with words, rhetoric, argument. I have won, and enjoyed the winning; have lost, and coped with the sting. Yet this burden... is almost too much to bear willingly.

'Oliver/Marcus Drabbles' by Kest
Don't skip these because of the pairing or the form. They're beautiful, and are strung together perfectly. In fact, together they can be considered as a one-shot, since they are structured chronologically.
Quote: The next time, Marcus cornered him the empty locker room after the match. Gryffindor had won 170 to 30. The wooden lockers pressed into his face as Marcus bit and licked the back of his neck, and he pushed back against him until Marcus moaned. Sometimes offense was the best defense.

'Cut With Diamonds' by Eodrakken, RATED NC-17, NON-CONSENSUAL SEX
Haunting, perverse, beautiful. Eodrakken's answer to Amanuensis' legendary '' and its sequel 'Damage Control' by Juxian Tang. It's Ron/Peter, yes, Ron/Peter, and if you avoid the story just because of that, you have all the intellectual capacity of a doxie. And I'm sure that you're all lovely and intelligent fans who care about stories more than you do about ships, so GO READ THIS NOW DAMN IT. The writing is among the best and most accomplished in the fandom--and I mean this--I wish I could write like Eodrakken, because if I did, my life would be made. In fact, I wrote such a massive review for this story that I can't replicate it here--if you wish to read it after reading the story itself (since the review is spoilery), go here. I love how Eodrakken refused to let up on the ugliness of it all--what Pettigrew did, who he was, and yet didn't give up on the inherent ambivalence of his actions either. Ron is perfect as the half-there, half-broken slave.
Quote: Light through the windows of Pettigrew's room, and he was sitting there looking out with yellow spilling over his face, piggish little eyes squinting. 'Look at the way they're blooming,' he said, and his voice could be a woman's if you closed your eyes. 'It's summer soon, I think, Ron.'

'Share and Share Alike' by Kate Bolin, INCEST
A simply beautiful, wonderfully insightful look into Fred and George--starting from the moment of their birth and continuing into their troublesome youth. Everything is so subtle and perfectly paced, and I found myself smiling irrepressibly at the ending.
Quote: Fred and George were trouble from birth.

Percy/Oliver, Percy/Penelope
'The Manly Art of Gentle Seduction' by Abaddon
A typically Percy reaction to a not-so-typical situation. A lovely, soothing rhythm that lends a sense of intimacy to Percy that's hard to find in most stories.
Quote: A few years later and the world had changed. Percy still saw himself as a seeker for truth, but he recognised that truth was a commodity and a weapon and could never truly be grasped by anyone; there were only shadows and ghosts and imitations. And with that awareness came a better understanding of himself, and his motives, and his wants.

'Tomorrow' by Abaddon
Marcus plays dirty--even when dirty means fair. Lovely, just lovely--and if you thought that Marcus could never be sweet (well--aside from Halrloprillalar's glorious version!), you're wrong. He's sweet in an odd, pleasant-unpleasant, Slytherin way--and his relationship with Oliver is so beautifully done here that I'm left feeling all warm and slightly shaken at the end of it. And. AND. It has one of the most perfect lines ever:
Quote: Sex was not of huge importance to them; it was comfortable and nice and occasionally extremely enjoyable but it was not quite Quidditch.

Marcus/Oliver, Oliver/Percy, Percy/Marcus
'Behold the Man' by Abaddon, RATED NC-17, RAPE, SEXUALIZED VIOLENCE
This gets me every time. Bitterness, hatred and sex. I cannot believe I forgot to rec this--I had it saved on my computer, actually, so hot and disturbing was it. Percy loves Oliver. Oliver needs, but does not love, Marcus. Marcus wants, but does not need, anyone. A brilliant exploration of how Slytherins manage to take advantage of any situation--and I'm ashamed of how much I wanted the tables turned--only to see them turned again. Ye Gods.
Quote: Marcus glared, feeling his face burn with the mark, deftly exploring the wound with his tongue and tasting the burnt copper. It was nothing really; he'd gotten far worse in a Quidditch match: hell, he'd given far worse to Wood, down in the dungeons... but to be assaulted by a Weasley? And this prissy, stuck up little toady, worst of all.

'The Gift' by Schuyler
Lockhart/Trevor. I kid you not. Just lovely, this, and utterly strange--you MUST read it, even if you're inclined to faint at the thought of the pairing. No, it's not bestiality. Give it a chance, I beg of you.
Quote: Until one morning, when he woke not to croaking but to breathing, and an endless warm expanse of skin. He gasped, which earned him a low, gravelly, "Go back to sleep, Gilderoy. You've been up for days."

James/Sirius, James/Lily
'Snowdrift' by Lassiter
Perfect. Everything goes unsaid.
Quote: They were watching the snow collect on the windowsill of their dormitory when Sirius asked him, "Do you love Lily?"

'Not Even Looking' by Mouse, RATED NC-17, THREESOME, VOYEURISM
Oh, dear LORD. This one of the hottest things EVER. Don't turn away from it because of the pairing! Er, tripling! Trust me on this. Ginny is a marvelous, jealous little Gryffindor, and the Seamus/Dean sex is TEH HOT. Pure smut, people, and with all the redeeming value that entails. Nothing redeems a soul like me more than smut, I say...
Quote: "Have you ever thought," Ginny lowered her voice and leaned closer so no one could hear, "about having a threesome?"

'Inkblot' by Lassiter
Wonderfully subtle; reminded me of my own first kiss. Don't you love it when Slytherins borrow books?
Quote: It wasn't that Adrian was gay. It was just that when Blaise Zabini kissed him, he happened to kiss back.

This has to be the most chilling and psychologically enthralling depiction of Percy I've ever read. Cedar's writing grows every sharper and more accurate with time, and she has achieved perfection with this. (To be honest, Lucius/Percy isn't quite a pairing here, but their interaction is sexual enough for me to have an excuse to list the story as 'slash'.) What Cedar manages to master is Percy's essential obsession with perfection, as well as the very Gryffindor sort of courage that lands him in situations of unmitigated cruelty. Yes, Gryffindors too can be Death Eaters. Gryffindors too can kill. Courage is courage, after all, and loyalty is loyalty...
Official summary: As an initiated Death Eater, Percy Weasley must perform the Killing Curse for the first time in front of Lord Voldemort. Though he hones his skills through months of practice, he learns that casting the curse is more a test of character.

'Someone You Can't Rely On' by Caesia
Ah, the desperation of unrequited love. Caesia doesn't make it melodramatic, however, and I quite enjoyed her rendition of Peter as the emotionally dependent, hungry young man whose perfect universe with James Potter is shattered when Lily enters the picture. Definitely a scenario not explored enough in this fandom, and I'm glad that when I found it, it was in Caesia's capable hands.
Quote: James didn�t even seem to see him anymore. That glint, that wicked glint when he used to laugh at Peter (He could be funny! And even if he didn�t always know what they were laughing at, what mattered was that he mattered; his place in their group mattered), but now James spent all his time smiling at her.

'Best Laid' by V
Sweet Seamus/Dean goodness, pitch-perfect and wonderfully characterized. Seamus has been given the opportunity to kiss Dean, many times, but simply doesn't take it... Until, of course, Dean makes the first move.

Oliver/Marcus, Marcus/Terence, Marcus/Oliver/Terence
Most people overlook Quidditch!slash that doesn't focus on Draco and Harry--so very, very unfortunate for them. What makes this story unusual is that it takes Terence Higgs' point of view--hardly the character most authors would choose, but he works perfectly in this context--first as the voyeur who catches Wood and Flint in the act, and then as Marcus Flint's not-so-unwilling victim. The lines of consent are repeatedly blurred in this story, and if that sort of thing gets you off (as it does me!) you'll be in paradise.
Quote: He doesn't remember ever wondering why, or what. Marcus was the Captain, and Terence followed his lead, and that was how things were.

'Left to the Imagination by Eodrakken, RATED NC-17
A sweetly subversive past-fic in which you'll find yourself smiling at young Peter's... hobby. Eodrakken creates some of the most sympathetic Peters in the fandom, and this hot PWP is no exception. Finally, MWPP-era porn without the requisite weight of angst...
Official summary: The most important sex organ is the one between your ears.

'Force of Habit' by Eodrakken, RATED NC-17
Yet another Peter-masterpiece by Eodrakken. I was absolutely astounded at the quality of the writing; how Eodrakken managed to discomfort me so effortlessly, and yet managed to bring me off. I loved Pettigrew's uncomfortable mix of names during sex, I loved how he wasn't good at it; I loved how acidic Ron has become in this future time, and how remarkably ambiguous. I loved absolutely everything about this fic--from its strange start to its even stranger end--and I've always had such a taste, after all, for strangeness. This has to be one of the most memorable, most unique stories I've read; not least because of its portrayal of Ron. If you don't read this just because of the pairing, you won't know what you're missing.
Quote: And they smoke for a while on the porch. Ron makes his eyes run over the greenblack striped shadows of the overgrown front lawn, and tries to imagine he's alone. But he can feel Pettigrew's anxiety like heat against the back of his neck -- if he's so uncomfortable, why doesn't he just go the fuck inside and leave Ron alone? -- and it mixes with the muffled red grief in his own stomach, stewing.

Various Weasleycest Pairings
An absolutely gorgeous, fluid exploration of the Weasley family--each section focusing on a different child. This is such a skilled game of characterization and allusion, and to read it is to be thrilled to play. Hurry along, children! Give it a go!
Quote: In the cold darkness of a hotel room, he draws his little brother aside and says "won't you need it later?"

'When I Start To Make You Nervous' by Drew
Quidditch mania and sweat and blood--two captains on opposing sides, driven by an equal need to win. This has to be one of the best Quidditch stories I've ever read, where everything feels real, and both Oliver and Marcus are remarkably fierce. Puddlemere and Falmouth find themselves in the rather interesting position of having captains who are lovers. But that doesn't get in the way of the match, does it?
Quote: The match on Saturday is brutal, players smashing into each other, but the United are coming out on top because they've been listening to Oliver longer than the Falcons have been listening to Marcus. Marcus tries to remedy that, flying swiftly, weaving between defenders in such a quicksilver movement that Oliver can barely keep his eyes on Marcus's broom's bristles.

'Ligature' by SQ, RATED NC-17, INCEST, RAPE
Hurts. Hurts so much. Perhaps it is evidence of my own unoriginality that I never considered dysfunctional twincest. Everywhere I see, or nearly everywhere, the Fred/George pairing is written of as perfect--and if not perfect, at least completely consensual. But SQ recreates the essential dichotomies--pain/pleasure, love/surrender, shame/belonging. Her refusal to give names to both rapist and victim enforces that sense of fluid identity, still sharply and necessarily separate. I'm not sure I should read anymore of her fiction for some time--I might not survive it.

Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Snape/Seamus, Snape/Harry, Seamus/Draco, Remus/Sirius
'Smile, And That Will Mean I May' by Aspen
A hilarious, grope-happy parody of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, edged with fluff and snark and just a little bit of smut. It's quite insane and quite a lot of fun, and I just can't get Snape out of my mind! Not to mention Draco in a little pink dress... Will Harry be able to escape the advances of various and sundry, and propose to Draco before the night is up?
Quote: For the second time that night, Harry was backed up against the wall with someone in drag thrusting gently against him, and his earlier words rang in his head like a wedding bell. But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane...

Sirius/Remus, James/Sirius, Remus/OFC
'Just Breathe' by Setissma, RATED NC-17
If you've ever job-hunted for week after painful week, you'll be able to sympathize with Remus Lupin. An amusing story filled with references to... er... turkey basting, chocolate, whipped cream, day-care, office sex and unresolved (but not for long) sexual tension, this is an absorbing, entertaining read. The Sirius/Remus chemistry is beautiful, as is the angst that edges the softer moments of this piece.
Quote (Remus' POV): By the time he walked in the door it was dark, though it was an artificial sort of dark, and his bag, the only part of him that hadn�t been under the umbrella, was soaked. He shook the water out in the hall, and left the bag in a piled heap in the foyer. He pushed his slightly damp hair back from his eyes, only to realize that Sirius was cooking something that smelled exquisite, and that there was a table for two set up.

Death Eaters/Harry, Death Eaters/Ron, Death Eaters/Hermione
I believe the title sums it up nicely. It's Amanuensis, it's smutty, it's pairing-rich fic with almost every kink you can think of; it's psychologically flawless, beautifully characterized, angry and sexy and vicious and tender and ooooh. It hurts to read it, it's so gorgeous. So sensually exact. Harry is trapped in a world of eternal punishment after Voldemort's victory, and there seems no end in sight... I couldn't stop reading this, this sweet nightmare, this dark heaven, and my fingers were chewed to bloody stumps by the end of it. Ah, such pain is joy.

Blackcest is among my newest kinks (yes, there are that many), and Nimori satisfies it like nothing else. Sirius is at Grimmauld Place, working for the Order... but some memories refuse to disappear--especially when portraits remain to remind him.
Quote: "Comfort. Is that what you call it?"

'Never Been Kissed' by Nimori, INCEST, CHANSLASH
My God. Nimori is an adolescent boy who just got asked to kiss her younger brother--she must be--else how could she get Sirius' voice down pat, so perfectly? That frustrated langour, that sense of discovery, that peculiar mixture of anger and tenderness with which a teenager deals with a younger sibling. Sirius, Regulus, and the family closet... Oh, you know you want this.

'The World Through Glass' by Nimori, RATED NC-17
If you erupted into disbelieving sputters at the pairing, wait until you read the story--it'll make you believe, without a doubt, that Moody/Creevey is your OTP. It's bitingly funny, and strange, and ever so slightly sheepish, not unlike Colin itself--and yet its sentences have that same, corded strength that Alastor Moody's wiry arms do. Mmmhmm. Give this a try.
Quote: "It's beautiful," he said instead, and smiled lopsidedly, and tried to emanate innocuousness, which was difficult because he was kissing Moody in a most nocuous manner, and he knew Moody would take that the wrong way because he was a paranoid old auror who likely didn't have many eighteen-year-old aspiring journalists making passes at him in his own attic.

'Far too Personal' by Icarus, CHANSLASH(ISH)
Ron places an ad in the gay personals with the kind of desperation only a sex-deprived teenager can muster, and gets a most unexpected response. It's a remarkably entertaining game, trying to guess who the mysterious partner of Ron Weasley is, and Icarus is such a genius that no matter what you guess, you'll be wrong. (Well--not quite--one of your guesses will be right, but you'll be unable to narrow yourself down to just one.) Consistent, smartingly good characterization--just outside the edges of canon, but carefully balanced.
Summary: The madcap adventures of a Weasley in the wizarding world's gay personals.

'And Then I Shall Rest by Fleur and Mireille, RATED NC-17, RAPE, VIOLENCE
I'm still scrubbing the Flint out of my brain. Along the same lines as the unforgettable 'Infortunium', Marcus is just as feral and sadistic here as he is in that other rape!story. Do not read this if you have a weak stomach, or you'll be trembling all over the floor. Flint's characterization is brilliant, as is Percy's sense of lingering horror and time-warp--the kind of time-warp extreme pain and horror can cause. My hands are still shaking with the sheer intensity of the writing here. Beware. Oh, beware. Serious, excellently written non-con ahead.
Quote: Flint's hands dug into Percy's shoulders a little more. "We've been through this. You are not going to say a thing about this, Weasley. I'm going to make sure of it." And he leaned in closer, and Percy vaguely registered the stench from Flint's mouth as he whispered, "There's nothing you're going to be able to do."

'Love Sonnets' by Fleur
Awwww. This is a madcap, written-on-crack, gorgeous piece of work. Wherein Cedric Diggory stalks Marcus Flint, and Adrian Pucey is really, really gay. I haven't had so much fun in... well, in quite a while. Don't miss out on this little gem!

'In Love' by Halrloprillalar
Oh, this was positively lovely. My heart ached and soared simultaneously, which is a strange feeling, but beautiful nevertheless. Fluffy!Flint! What a marvelous discovery. He's just so cute that I had to stuff my sleeve in my mouth to stop from grinning so delightedly. I've rarely felt such tenderness for a character before--and for Flint--I could barely believe it. This is a masterpiece of simply written, emotive characterization. Wholesome, beautiful and just uplifting.

Fred/George, Fred/Ron, George/Ron
'Heart's Been Divided' by SqeakyClean
So beautiful it hurts. This is so overpoweringly sensual--rain and dirt and mint and skin... A sensitive masterpiece, fragile and carefully built, not a single word out of place. When I read this I was filled with that almost painful satisfaction one feels when faced with perfection... Few people manage to create Fred and George as sufficiently different people--but SQ does so impressively, still keeping that surreal same-ness that both draws them together and divides them. Wow. I'm overtaken, fulfilled, wrenched...

'Recognition' by Pogrebin
One of the most brilliant works of rareslash I've ever come across, and this is a jewel, people... A disturbing, addictive, lovely little jewel. I'm still catching my breath from the sheer complexity of this one--so much memory, subtext, and imagery that you'll be reeling for yonks afterwards. Lockhart is teaching again, with half-formed memories haunting him... Until one of his students starts talking to him. About petunias. DO NOT GET SQUICKED BEFORE EVEN READING IT--GIVE THIS ONE A CHANCE!!

'By This Grace Dissolved in Place' by KatieBec
The fact that this is KatieBec's work makes it brilliant by default, but she manages to combine minimalism with vulnerability so effectively here that you will be charmed... seduced... hypnotized.
Quote: 'That day in class Percy realizes that if he were a girl, and he married Adrian, his name would be Percy Pucey. Luckily, he is not a girl, and if he had been, his name wouldn't have been Percy, so this is a most unprofitable train of thought indeed, and he is probably missing some very important points in the lecture which will never be repeated his entire scholastic career.'

'Impossible' by Arkady, RATED NC-17, BLOOD-PLAY, BDSM, HEAVY KINK
A frightening exploration of violent desire and dependence. Percy is trapped in a destructive relationship, unable to tell his family who it is... (No, it's not an OMC. Read and find out!)

'When the Student Is Ready' by ColdCoffeeEyes25
Albus Dumbledore ponders the ongoing responsibilities of teaching, post Tri-Wizard Tournament. A perceptive study of memory and pain.

'Masters In Hell' by Tenshi
I'm positively squirming to leak the secret of this fic to you, but that would spoil the exquisite surreality that just shifts under your skin when you read it. I won't tell you the names of the boys involved in the pairing, for you'll have to find that out yourself... Tenshi is a mistress of intricate surprise. I won't ruin it for you.

'Soul Searching' by Zyre
Two lonely souls, and understanding in the most unexpected of places.

'The Tragicomedy Of Weasley Blood' by Marvolo
To quote my LJ review (since I've read this story again, and can't breathe to speak):
'HEARTBREAKING, PERFECT work. This climbs to the top of my favorite Fred/George fics. The sheer emotional complexity you manage, the individuality, the intensity, is beautiful and painful and... God... makes my throat ache and my jaws clench. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.'

'The Wrong Child' by Nope
Brilliant. Brilliant. Sensual and disturbing...

'Cue' by Elle
This has to be one of the sweetest, loveliest first-kiss stories ever written. Be open-minded--so what if it's Crabbe and Malfoy? It's just lovely here...

'Eclipse' by Zahra, RATED NC-17
Poetry and porn--who could want more? There is that undefinable element (that mysterious thing called 'great writing') which makes this semi-PWP-ish tale extremely hot. A mixture of psychology and sex. (The first-person POV jars a bit at times, esp. when Seamus describes himself, but overall this is an excellent fic.)

Moody/Crouch Jr
'Carrying the Two' by Sushi
A twisted, hilarious, insane little romp in the mind of a mentally unstable servant of Voldemort's. Poor Bartemius receives unwholesome orders...

Marcus Flint/Lee Jordan
'And He Never Looks Twice...' by Silvia
This is a nasty, gorgeous, violent little PWP--rated only an R, mind you, but Hot As Hell. Fascinating because there's so much left unsaid, really, given the brutish nature of Marcus Flint--intimidating enough to rob even the voluble Lee Jordan of speech...

'Temius' by Ravenchel
So intense and beautifully written that it will send rough shivers along your skin. Metaphors that make you moan... a harrowing and unforgettable fic.

'Deficient' by Zahra
Oliver likes it rough.

'Such a Long Way Down' by Mireille, RATED NC-17
Frightening, perceptive, intense, erotic. Percy's waiting to meet Penny, but someone else catches him instead...

'Breakfast' by Glockgal
Very very sweet fic. So sweet. (But not fluffy.) Not overstated, but perfect. Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup, but Oliver gets distracted from his celebrations when a certain George Weasley... rubs noses with him. That's right. Now was it intentional? And if it was, what could George have meant? *snicker* The ending's lovely. Believe me. But don't get curious and read ahead!

'Shiver' by Aspen
Just beautiful. Just... oh, you've got to read it. An answer to the 'First Kiss' challenge.

'The Whip, The Whip' by Penelope-Z
Really. A Wormtail/Ron fic. Please don't just skip it over because of the
pairing though. This is an elegant fic that is deeper than most--and
quite heartbreaking. Short and intense. Give it a try.

Albus/Julius, Other Pairings, Death Eater Slash
'Nights in the Snake Pit' by Teluekh
Should be published in hardback. This is a masterpiece with some of the most carefully orchestrated and delicate writing you are likely to come across in HP fandom. A Marvoloverse story, set in late 1855. Albus Dumbledore plays a dangerous game in the depths of the Slytherin dungeons.

'Aftertaste' by Silvia
In which there's tension and an alley, and about as much plot as I usually include.

'Game On' by Silvia
Different place, different time, but Marcus and Oliver continue their 'Aftertaste' conversation.

'And Baby, I Always Knew You Were Bad News' by Silvia
Marcus may be a failure, but he will have his revenge. It isn't my fault Silvia is arguably the best HP author on the Net. So here you will find a series of Silvia-recs, one after the other... She practically owns this page.

'Somnambulist' by Silvia
Marcus, Marcus, Marcus, with a touch of Oliver. Affectionately dubbed the 'breaking multiple parts of your body for love' fic. This is romance, baby, romance.

Marcus /Oliver
'Mr. Storyteller' by Silvia
Marcus sits down and plays his hand again and again. Full house.

'Fight or Flight' by Silvia
The boys go seek and hide.

'Red Card' by Silvia
Marcus Flint/Draco Malfoy.
Rough play on the field. (warning: underage kissing)

'The First Piece of Silver' by Isis
Eroticism of the highest quality, mixed in with men of dubious morality and even more dubious politics. The beginning of Peter's slide into Death Eater-land, lead by the hand of temptation...

'No Rush' by Silvia
Beauty and twincest in the early morning.

'Theory and Practice' by Silvia
Twincest as a one scene play. It's sweeping romance! Or not.

'The glory of the hummingbird' by L.C.
Part of the excellent First Kiss project. Peter has never been kissed... and Remus offers a solution. A beautiful study of the MWPP dynamic--strangely appropriate and very memorable.

'Like the Finest Gold' by Cedar
An unforgettable and psychologically complex piece. Lucius is spine-tinglingly sexual here--and James both a coward and an awkward teenager in denial of what he really wants. Of course, Lucius won't make that denial easy...

'Rondo' by Cedar
Violent, angry and ecstatic slash. James tells Lucius it's over between them... But Lucius doesn't take it so well.

'Interlude for a Lighter Piece' by Light Iniquity
This is brilliant! Absolutely hilarious... And supremely well-written. The private life of Argus Filch: Broom closets, shoe polish, three-foot newts and canaries. And a very mangy cat. The private life of Rubeus Hagrid: Interspecies Relations, whisky, fireflies and spiders. And a goblin named Steve. (A Rubeus/Argus romance)

'Hurting the Ones You Love' by Aspen
A soft, beautiful little fic. A collision in the hallways leads to a strange and wonderful series of events...

'So Have I For You' by Jezebel
After the second task, declarations are made, and desires reconsidered. (Come on, everyone knows Ron has a crush on Krum! This is a very sweet, very adorable little fic. Viktor's warmth and his stuttering declarations are really quite charming.)

'What I Am' by Silvia
It's simply a manner of putting their heads together, and lo, they know a great many things.

'And He Never Looks Both Ways Before Crossing The Street' by Silvia
Sexualized violence and professional Quidditch, a few years in the future. All of Silvia's work is divine.

'hidden' by Silvia
Just exquisite. A drabble so perfect that I shall be hard-put to ever forget it.