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A collection of links devoted to Harry Potter slashdom. If you wish to link to this site, a set of banners can be found at the end. If you find any broken links, please be so kind as to . I apologize for removing all the banners from this page, but bandwidth considerations forced me to cut down on my image use.


Recommended Archives:

Beloved Enemies (the Lucius/Harry archive)

Diagon Alley (Harry Potter for slightly older folk...)

ETC (a joint archive catering to all your Lucius/Harry, Sirius/Harry and Severus/Harry needs)

Fallen (the James/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest)

FictionAlley.org (humongous archive for het, gen and slash)

Girls' Dormitory (the most comprehensive and delicious femslash archive in existence)

Gramarye (slash archive, organized by pairing)

Harry Potter/Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest (a massive list of stories dedicated to HP/SS)

Harry Potter Rareslash Archive (for the rarer pairings, e.g. Oliver/Ron, Cedric/Harry, Pansy/Penelope etc.)

Harry/Ron FQF (the fest archive)

Hermione/Ginny Archive (femslash featuring Hermione/Ginny)

Howl Kingdom (new Sirius/Remus archive)

Hp.Pfen.Net (a high-quality archive housing some of the best writers in the fandom

Ink (a site dedicated to slash and het featuring Tom Riddle)

Inkstained Fingers (brilliant slash archive for every pairing imaginable)

Intellislash (some of the best slash around)

Into Raspberry Swirl (femslash archive)

Mischief Managed (another Sirius/Remus archive)

The Neville Fuh-Q-Fest (Yes, Neville; a small but interesting collection of slash)

Perfect? (Percy archive, both slash and het)

Pornish Pixies (nothing but slash and femslash smut, and the best around, at that)

Potter Slash Archive (possibly the best archive for slash involving the Potters)

Pure Magnetism (excellent Harry/Draco archive)

Quills and Quidditch (Percy/Oliver archive)

Red Moon Rising (Remus/Sirius archive)

Restrictedsection.org (NC-17 fics, slash and het)

Serpentine (the Lucius/Draco archive)

Skyehawke (Archives a large quantity of well-written HP slash, including NC-17 stories.)

The Malfoy Slash Archive (a very large slash archive for any pairings including Draco and Lucius Malfoy)

The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest (Snape-slash)

The Snape Slash Fleet (Port of Call)

The Snape/Weasleys Archive (what it says)

The Staff Room (for slash, femslash and het featuring the Hogwarts staff)

Thin Line (gorgeous Severus/Sirius archive)

Veela Inc (archives the work of various authors)

Walking the Plank (my personal favorite: the Snape/Harry archive)

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Other HP (Slash) Recommendation Sites:

Anna Maria's Recommendations

Bonibaru's Harry Potter Favorites

Burrow: Weasleycest Recommendations

Cimorene's Slash Recs

Dromedary Domain

Fanon Blues: HP Recommendations

Harry Potter Rec Sites (A massive collection--this is all you need)

Harry Potter Recommendations

Harry Potter Recs

Harry Potter Slash Awards

HP Fics (Large collection, but be warned: it's in Word format.)

Isis' Recommendations

Madam Hooch's Broom Closet

N. Petrenko's Slash Recs


Paranoid Kitten's Recommendations

Reena's Fic Recs

Secubus MHC

Silver and Gold

The Lair: HP Fic Recs

The Zone: Kai's Slash Recs

Veela Recs

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Recommended Authors:

A: Abaddon, Aidan Lynch, Aja, , Anna Maria, Antenora, Arkady, Aspen, Augustus


C: Calliopiea, Cassandra Claire, Catja, Cedar, Cybele

D: Diana, Dien, Drew, Durendal

E: Ellen Fremedon

F: Fabula Rasa, Fleur, Frances Potter


H: Halrloprillalar, Hijja

I:  Icarus, Iris Iolani, Isis, Isolde, Ivy Blossom

J:  Jacquez, Jai Marie, Jay Kay, Jen, JiM

K: Kate Bolin, Katie Bec, Kat, Khirsah

L: Lasair, Louise Lux, Luthien

M: Mad Martha, Maya, Mieko, Minerva McTabby, Minx, Mireille

N: Nimori, Nope, November Snow, Nym

O: Olympia

P: Paranoid Kitten, Penelope-Z, Penguin, Plumeria,


R: Resonant, Rhoddlet, Rhysenn, Rushlight

S: Silvia Kundera, Slytherlynx, Snaples, Sushi, Sqeakyclean

T: Telanu, Teluekh, Trin, Tzigane


V:  V,




Z:  Zahra, Zarya

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Slash-Friendly Groups:

(High-quality fiction posted by showcased authors;  no fic posting allowed unless you're one of them. Essentially for the discussion of H/D.)

(The Harry/Lucius group, with an accompanying web-site. Currently has quite an active Fuh-Q-Fest running.)

(For Sirius/Harry shippers. Stories and art can be posted and/or reviewed.)

(Almost everyone's read the work of these godesses. The size of this group is proof. Join and discuss their slash!)

(I'm listing this here out of a sense of duty, but the summary for this group was overwhelmingly fangirly. Join anyhow, if this is your OTP.)

(Fiction Alley Writers and Artists, for anyone who is or wants to be hosted on FA. A large group.)

(Group for the discussing and posting of femslash stories and art.)

(Dedicated to the Ginny/Cho femslash pairing.)

(Massive discussion list centered around the Potter Slash Archive, for discussing any slash with Harry or James Potter in it.)

(Snarry slash. Not the biggest group around, but...)

(Friends and lovers.)

(Pretty self-explanatory. Rather quiet at the moment, although the number of members is considerable.)

(Yes. That's male pregnancy. I tend to scuttle away from this like a panicked crab, but I understand that there are many who enjoy it.)

Harry Potter Slash (A relatively new, but growing group. Also has an archive if you want your work hosted!)

(For anyone interested in rare pairings, such as Sirius/Draco, Justin/Neville, Trelawney/Hermione, Oliver/Ron etcetera.)

(Femslash. Also supports the archive of the same name.)

(Slashing the Quidditch locker rooms.)

(OMG! Based on McTabby's gorgeous 'Two Worlds and In Between' universe, this group explores the whys and wherefores of Julius Marvolo and his gang. Some very delicious spin-offs are also to be found here.)

(Slashing the Marauders.)

(Slashing Oliver Wood.)

(Dedicated to Ron/Draco slash, NOT Percy.)

(The Percy/Oliver group.)

(Archiving, discussing and posting work which features HP characters in non-consensual situations, and/or 'rougher' consensual sex, such as hard BDSM.)

(For posting/discussing slashy Sirius things. Stories, art, all welcome.)

(I think Severus would wince at the 'n', but this is quite an industrious group.)

(Yes! Severus Snape paired with absolutely any male character from the Harry Potter world. There is  such a thing as heaven.)

(Update list for this site.)

(Group for the discussion and posting of various HP fics, mostly slash. One of the largest HP groups in existence. I'm a mod here, incidentally.)

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Slash-Friendly Livejournal Communities:

Erised Diaries (H/D shippers.)

Harry and Draco (Yet more H/D shippers.)

Harry and Ron (A Harry/Ron community, obviously.)

Harry Slash (For slash featuring Harry Potter.)

HP 100 (Productive and well-populated group for the writing of 100-word ficlets.)

HP Fic Track (For keeping track of all those WiPs. A very handy community, definitely slash-oriented.)

HP Girlslash (Discuss/post femslash.)

HP Remembrall (Dedicated to rare pairings and obscure canon characters.)

HP Slash (Very large group.)

Lupin/Snape (For all your Severus/Remus needs.)

Metapotter (For discussing archetypal themes, deeper meanings etc. within the world of HP, leaning towards slash and fanfic.)

Pornish Pixies (Slash and femslash smut only.)

Potteriffic (For posting new slash stories.)

Slash Philosophy (Discuss slash issues, ideas and theories. A very articulate and enjoyable group.)

Slash Reviewers Anonymous (What it says.)

Snape & Potter (Severus/Harry shippers.)

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