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Here is the best femslash I've found that features Hermione and some other female character from HP. Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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Hermione/Ginny, Harry/Draco, Harry/Hermione
'Nobody wants to be lonely' (broken link; still looking!) by Rhoddlet
Oh my God. Possibly the most original take on Hermione/Ginny ever--at least, this is the first time I've read that ship written like this. Utterly brilliant--Hermione, in her persistent fashion, becomes obsessed with the idea that Ginny was influenced by Tom Riddle's 'possession'. But why, exactly, is this Hermione's new obsession? Ginny isn't a fool; and she knows that, even for a Gryffindor, revenge is sweet.
Quote: Hermione turns a few pages, then asks: "What electives did Riddle take his fourth year?"

'silence is the blood whose flesh is singing' by Pogrebin, CHARACTER DEATH
A short, sharp bullet of a story--do not expect to be able to breathe during or after this. No. Hermione counts the dead. Ginny forgives.
Quote: She holds his bones in the flats of her hands, feeling their weight. So light, so light, so thin and white for that which props a man up, that keeps his back straight. She marks down the cause of death in her notebook, next to condition of bones: perfect.

Ginny/Hermione, Harry/Ginny/Hermione
One of those stories that has you on little trembling tenterhooks throughout. Hooks. Yes, that's it. The author calls this a postwar!fic in which the characters have nothing to do but fuck, and--well, literally speaking, that is what it is. But there's so much more to it--particularly to Harry's characterization, which is so close to what I see him being in the future that I had to whimper and bite my knuckles and look away. Ginny and Hermione are also characterized with a greater sharpness than most authors can (will) gift them with--their intimacy is both a weapon and a comfort.
I can't even believe that I have anything to say. My mind's on babble-pilot--I couldn't think enough to spell out the alphabet after reading this fic.
Quote: There's this trick Ginny does with her carefully-manicured nails and it always brings Hermione down panting to the floor.

'Curves' by Sushi
A bittersweet little ficlet in which Ginny wants what she isn't supposed to want, gets it, and ponders about its price. Sushi's first foray into femslash, and highly memorable.
Quote: The curves were what caught her eye. They were different from what she'd known all her life: long, straight broomsticks borrowed from the broom shed; board-flat, messy hair tied in a ragged ponytail halfway down her back; the sharp turns and feints of the Quidditch pitch; half a dozen brothers in gangling lines.

'Gender Gap' by Mouse, RATED NC-17, VOYEURISM
Fun-filled and hot. Boys will be boys, and girls, well...
Quote: "Are you in?" Tonks asked, sliding a little closer on the bench, rubbing her foot against Hermione's calf.

'Thinking Of' by Paranoid Kitten, RATED NC-17, VOYEURISM
Hermione fantasizes about Pansy, because Pansy is her opposite, her complement. Perfectly layered porn, and femslash wankfic to boot. God, I needed this.
Quote: She doesn't really think about people when she... well, you know. Touches herself. Masturbates. God, she hates that word. It's so technical. And being technical is all very well when it's appropriate, but there are times when euphemisms and synonyms are much better than being specific.

'A Grief That Can't Be Spoken' by Dulcinea, RATED NC-17
Dark post-war smut with an edge of angst. Gorgeous, detailed and psychologically gripping.
Quote: "You�re not dead," Hermione mutters furiously. "You�re not, you�re not dead..."

'Hour Follows Hour' by Rzrblade, RATED NC-17, SLAVERY
This is one of my most potent fantasies come true--literally. I'd like to say that Rzrblade stole my plot, but that'd be a lie--what I can say safely, however, is that we probably share a brain. (Or at least a kink. Hah.) Hermione is captured by the Death Eaters, and the only one who wishes to touch her, now, is Narcissa...
Quote: It is supposed to be Harry, Hermione thinks and immediately hates herself for even daring to think it, but she can�t help that either, because it�s true.

'Granger' by Paranoid Kitten, RATED NC-17
Incredibly beautiful, angry, rough-edged and Slytherin--the perfect Slytherin POV. Pansy watches from a distance, and wants what she can't have... Paranoid Kitten's use of a fragmented narrative is astoundingly affective, weaving in and out of Pansy's internal world of desire and, of course, the external world of Hogwarts so fraught with limitations. The sheer intensity of Pansy's yearning is inescapable.
Quote: "Does she really think they like her for her personality, the stupid girl?"

'Peaches' by Sociofemme
A somewhat wry and certainly enjoyable take on a most unusual courtship. Millicent Bulstrode has her eyes on Hermione Granger and, in a distinctly Eve-like fashion, offers not the apple but the peach. Wonderful.

'Because She Is' by Paranoid Kitten
Warm and small and wonderful. Why love Hermione Granger? Ginny lists her reasons. I love Ginny's strength in this, that she holds her own opinions, even if they clash with the opinions of the one she loves. Too much femslash has a smooth blend of beliefs, but life isn't that simple, is it?

'This is the Way the World Ends' by Paranoid Kitten
Beautiful as always, condensed and filled with yearning. What shook me the most, and what moved me, was how being close to Pansy Parkinson, a Death Eater, affected Hermione's view of the 'other' side. I won't tell you what happens--but God. I loved this. I only wish PK would write a longer series based on the Pansy/Hermione dynamic as she interprets it here--I'd devour a series like that with my heart and soul, yes I would.
Quote: She takes notes, writes essays, memorises, practises, and murmurs incantations in her sleep. There�s no room for anything else, and that�s the way she likes it, because then she doesn�t have to think about dark-haired fairy tale princesses that haunt her late at night.

I shuddered and lovedandshudderedandlovedand... this is hot, hot, hot--in that utterly forbidden way, when you know you shouldn't find something like this arousing, but you do. The sheer hatred between these two ignites the very ink, and combined with their sexual addiction to each other, it makes for a psychologically (and erotically) compelling read. Oh my. YesGod. I only wish we got to see more viciousness like this in femslash--it's the sort of thing that makes my day (don't stare, it's not polite)--and slash seems to have a monopoly on sex between enemies. I wish it weren't so. Oh yes, I do.

'eyes big love crumbs' by Isilya
If the pairing (would it count as such?) hasn't intrigued you enough, the time-shifts will. Ever wonder how Hermione manages to keep organized with all the work she has to do? Well, she does have that time-turner... But it may result in more complications than usual. This is incredibly hot, superbly successful smut, with characterization so spotless that you'll become Hermione. And, trust me, in this fic you wouldn't want to be anybody else... I gave this story a star because it's brilliant, it's beautiful, and it's overwhelmingly original. I only wish my mind could work like this. (And that I had a time-turner!)

'Coming Out' by Paranoid Kitten
Eight gorgeous little drabbles from different points of view, of what various students think of Hermione and Ginny 'coming out' as a couple. Alternately cute, funny and uplifting, this is a polished little gem.

'Spun' by Amatia, RATED NC-17
Wonderful, hot, affectionate romance. The pairing might seem unlikely, but I can just see this happening--it's got that visceral quality to it, when fine writing escapes from the page and becomes reality.
Quote: "I'm rather nervous as well," Hermione confesses, then finds Alicia's mouth with hers. The heat between her thighs is back. She arches up against the pressure of Alicia's leg, remembers that one fumbling day with Viktor way out in his yard when he tried to get her off with his hand. This will no doubt work better than that, Hermione thinks, and nuzzles Alicia's neck.

'A Little Night Music' by Icarus
Hee! Wonderful and witty and ever so slightly mad. It's hot and Hermione decides decides to cool off a bit. Things don't exactly... hmmm. Work out. I only wish I had a view.

'The View' by Auror Borealis, RATED NC-17, VOYEURISM
This. Is. Porn. Unadulterated, superb, hilarious porn. If it wasn't so glorious I wouldn't rec it, since most porn is so unoriginal and, quite simply, repetitive. Not so in this case. Auror Borealis comes up with an amusing--and yet very, very hot--take on the Hermione/Ginny dynamic--with Harry Potter as a quiet spectator. Can he stay hidden long enough? I certainly hope so!

'Curiouser and Curiouser' by Blythely
A delightful, peculiar little crossover with 'Alice in Wonderland'. Very sharp and spare and beautifully characterized; written with an expertly light touch.

'Like A Good Book' by Kyra Cullinan, RATED NC-17
So many PWPs are based on joy, on happy discovery. Or even on violence, where the characters still manage to find each other. But of course, life isn't always that perfect--what if the sex doesn't work--what if it only distances two people instead of uniting them? This is an utterly brilliant, unique story, remarkable for its perceptiveness and its refusal to gloss over the less successful aspects of sex. A must-read.

'Answered in Your Gestures' by Mieko, RATED NC-17
Absolutely gorgeous PWP. '...providence and alchemy answered in your gestures. But god and gold will never rival the way your fingers curl. They hold my breath's arrival like a rare and undiscovered pearl.'

'Misdirection' by Paranoid Kitten
Sweet. Warm. A nostalgic, simply written little ficlet, post-OotP...

'Mirrors' by Celeria
Lovely, subtle, aching, adolescent. One of the most realistic and convincing takes on Ginny I've ever read, accompanied by gentle, perfectly toned dialogue and striking imagery. Set right after that infamous (for femslash fans, anyway) scene in GoF, when Ginny says Hermione turned her down for the dance...

'Confessions of a Perfect Prefect' by Beth825, RATED NC-17
(Hermione's in love with a Weasley, but it isn't Ron.) This is a frankly sexual, satisfying take on the Hr/G dynamic. The angsting is tempered with an edge of realism, and the writing style is clean, emotional and stoic.

'Angels Will Fall' by Alexandra Lynch, RATED NC-17
Few writers capture that uncomfortable, falling-apart feeling that often (not always, but often) accompanies adolescence. Lynch does that, and more. Ginny is genuinely and lovingly characterized, and her tentative approaches to Hermione are wonderfully done. (NOTE: This is the first part of a long series of Hermione/Ginny stories, so I am linking to 'The Angels Series' page, instead of the story itself.)

'Chrome' by Keri
Excellent, violent, angry, sexy. Somehow almost cruel, in the sharpness of its words... 'Now I'm butcher, now you're bone.'

'Sight For Sore Eyes' by Nope
Yes, you read right. Professor Trelawney. And Hermione. Who'd ever have thought? *smirks* This is a giggle-inspiring, pleasantly frivolous little tale of seduction... All glitter and perfume and tightly fitting clothes.

'Speak, Desire' by Audrey Thurston Hirsch
Quote: 'And Hermione was saying, �... please let�s not have a scene about this right now, Ginny, you need to calm down, you just need to calm down.� And sometimes you just want everything to stop, to freeze, to not get one bit worse than it already has. I wanted to reach out and grab Hermione�s long stupid curls in my fist and pull until she was on her knees and begging for my forgiveness.'

Hermione/Parvati, Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Cho, Hermione/Fleur
'Come Shots' by Kate Bolin, RATED NC-17
Absolutely delicious, hardcore smut of the finest quality.

'excuse me but' by Silvia
Part of 'The First Kiss Project'. Very short, very sweet, very memorable. And achingly well-written.

'Girl' by Silvia
There's that one girl, the one you can't forget.

'Left Handed' by Ivy Blossom, RATED NC-17
There are few stories out there, femslash or not, that can match this one for sheer intensity. You don't know what you're missing if you don't read this!
Quote: 'You are writing something true and real and right and no one�s elbow or glare or exasperated sigh can stop you. At the end of every day your left hand, from your little finger down to your wrist, is coated with ink. Quills were never designed for the left handed.'

'Art' by Mieko Belle
When beauty transcends its own boundaries, it becomes art and has to be immortalised on paper. Hermione sketches Padma, and can't think why her friend's looks suddenly affect her so much. (My review: Makes me itch for pencil and paper. Erotic enough to be a fire hazard, and yet rated a lovely PG. The author is that gifted.)

'A Suitable Distraction' by Kick Flaw
Hermione is stressed, depressed and bordering on obsessed when along comes just the distraction she needs... Lovely, lovely smutty femslash. I love this piece because it's rough... Not gentle and not coy. I love rough femslash. *sigh* And anyway, Kick's work is always flawless.

'Wind Up Toys' by Marvolo
Ginny loves Hermione and Percy equally. Unfortunately, they seem to be in love with one another.

Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Ron
'Sundress' by Rhoddlet
Hermione comes to visit, wears a sundress, and steals Weasley hearts. This is EXCELLENTLY written, people! Drool!

Hermione/Ginny, Fleur/Hermione
'Debutante' by minx
A delightfully written work of art--tender, balanced, immaculate and perceptive. This is *so* beautiful... *sighs* I dreadfully wanted to quote an absolutely gorgeous descriptive passage here, as advertising, but I had to control myself because it gave away the plot. Oh well.
Summary: First there was her crush on Harry, now Ginny's got it bad for Hermione - will she ever escape the pain of unrequiiiiiitted love? And how can she compete with Fleur 'I am a very stylish girl' Delacour, who also seems smitten with Hermione?

'Silence' by Plumeria
The perils of unrequited and silenced love. So subtly and beautifully written.

'We All Fall Down' by Bec
Very dark, very intelligent--with merciless and heart-breaking insight into the minds of Hermione and Ginny. Surviving imprisonment... surviving despair.

Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Harry/Ginny
'Replacement' by Kate Bolin
Grief, comfort and desperation, one summer at the Burrow... Excellently written.

'... addicted to...' by Mieko
Slytherin. Whore. Teenage Death Eater. Lesbian? Label Pansy Parkinson any way you like. She doesn't care any more. Pansy/Lucius, Pansy/Hermione. This is Mieko Belle, people, a femslash writer whom I worship as a goddess. READ HER WORK.

'Freckles' by November Snowflake
Absolutely lovely, a glowing feather of a story. 'She told you once that she had a weakness for redheads...'

'Love in Excess' by minx
'Katie's room at home was littered with copies of the Quidditch Gazette and various weeklies updating her on news in the sport. Decorative touches such as frilly pink curtains and matching bed canopy, provided by Mrs Bell in an effort to jump-start her daughter's femininity, looked incongruous against Katie's posters of the Irish Chaser Moran, or Bulgarian Seeker Krum. Katie knew her mother worried over the fact that she showed so little interest in more girlish pursuits like clothes, hair, and boys. "After all," Mrs Bell had pointed out on many an occasion, "boys don't like girls who are faster than they are on brooms." So while her mother might have been pleased to learn her daughter had a crush on a boy, Katie knew she�d find no support for an announcement that she actually liked another girl.'

Cho/Hermione, Hermione/Minerva (sort of)
'Hermione's Heart' by minx
Hermione moons over McGonagall, Cho chases Hermione. A classic and a must-read.

'Constellography' by Anna Maria
Sometimes, getting what you thought you wanted isn�t quite enough. A Ginny-centred story.

'Scarred' by Keiran Shea a.k.a. RandomSlytherin
Pansy obssesses over something new, and her target is completely unawares.

'Handful of Hollow' by MissMona
A character-driven romance, revolving around an extremely uncommon pairing. Millicent Bulstrode and Hermione Granger star in this slow-moving tale of their sixth year at Hogwarts...

Hermione/Ginny, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Ron
'If I were you and you were me' by Rhoddlet
There's something about Ginny.

'Miracles' by Moojja
'Love wrought these miracles.'

'Books' by ParanoidKitten
A lovely little ficlet, a reflection on bookworms and the joys they share--as well as the loneliness. Irma Pince begins to look forward to a certain student visiting the library...