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This shelf stocks the best slash I've managed to find featuring Harry Potter and any male character from the fandom who isn't Draco, Severus or Ron (those pairings have their own categories). Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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'The Secret Sharer' by Victoria P.
I have a deep and abiding weakness for Neville!wankfic. I do. Don't bother trying to get me to explain it; I can't. (Except that dormitory wanking reminds me of my own not-so-wayward youth? Hmmm.) In any case--Victoria writes a wonderful character study of Neville, both as one who is ignorant of an important secret and holds another secret of his own. Will Harry and Neville enlighten each other? Wonderful and subtle and surprisingly tender; my squee was melting into a happy sigh even as I approached the last paragraph.
Quote: Neville's mastery of defensive spells has not extended to Silencio, so he relies on the time-honored method of biting down on his pillow to muffle his gasps and moans as he wanks.

Remus/Harry, Severus/Harry, Lucius/Harry, Draco/Harry
'A Fracture of the Mind's Eye' by Rushlight, RATED NC-17, RAPE, BONDAGE, SLAVERY
I found that this story really worked for me, precisely because it's a delicious mindfuck that leaves the reader with more questions than answers. Those who know me know that I relish ambiguity more than anything, and that unreliable narrators fascinate me endlessly. The basis is a relatively simple one--Rushlight sets up two parallel realities, one set in a world in which Voldemort is the victor, and the other set in a world where he was defeated. Only one of those realities is 'real', so to speak, but Harry is trapped experiencing both of them.
Quote: Harry was filled with a morbid desire to open the book and see what kind of spells might be in there, to see what a power-hungry Death Eater bent on revenge might have used on him. Exactly how much prurient manipulation could a mind take before it broke under the strain, and started making up escapist fantasies about a comfortable home and an adoring lover to get away from it all?

'Each to Each' by Azrhiaz, RATED NC-17, THREESOME, INCEST
Holy fuck yes. This is, in my opinion, the hottest goddamn drabble EVER. I want to read it over and over and over until it's burnt into the back of my eyelids. Wonderful detail; extremely tactile. Smut with a glance of poetry.
Quote: Sorry. Any quote would be NC-17.

'Broken Pedestals' by Zahra
Just an exquisite, understated wartime story--so very beautiful that it went straight to my personal favorites. DO NOT AVOID READING THIS BECAUSE OF THE PAIRING. Zahra's writing is wonderfully detailed and subtle as usual, and you'll have a hard time not falling deeply in love with her Neville. Her Harry is also captured perfectly--just as I'd love to see him emerge after the books. Stronger. Clearer. But enough of my drooling. PLEASE READ THIS READ IT NOW NOW NOW.
Quote: Neville doesn�t ask where Ron is. He doesn�t ask why Harry�s back two days late. If Harry wants to talk about it, he will. Neville knows when not to push. Instead he takes a large bit of cotton wool from the silver tray, dips it in a bottle of arnica and begins dabbing at the fresh scars on Harry�s left cheek.

'Circumstance' by Green Apricot
A very subtle, tiny little drabble that says so much without even a word of dialogue being spoken. Remus Lupin and Harry Potter are both creatures of circumstance.

'Winter Companions' by Green Apricot
A wonderfully careful, subtle story. Remus reflects that sometimes less is more.
Quote: "Harry shifts his weight, half turning toward Remus. Hands brush and eyes lock. Suddenly everything shifts to just this side of a tad too intimate..."

Harry/Neville, Neville/Various
'The Charms That Boys Know' by Marks, RATED NC-17
THIS IS NEVILLE. BELIEVE ME. Even if you normally shy away from Neville!fics, let me assure you that this is one of the few stories that becomes a character in a way that feels true to canon. I mean, I can just see Neville doing this in his little warded bed, and I can see the reasons for it. Yes, this is wankfic. But it's deep and psychologically fulfilling wankfic. (Also, the Harry/Neville scene is HOT.)
Quote: Neville hasn't had a lot of opportunity to touch people. Not in that "Oh, give your Aunt Mildred a hug" way, but touch touch. It's not that he doesn't want to, of course. He's a teenager and pretty much the only thing on his mind is sex. Like Herbology, Neville automatically memorises every little thing he's heard about sex, even though the thought terrifies him. Sex is some horrible combination of Herbology and Potions, where he can remember everything, but his knees shake and his stomach lurches.

Remus/Harry, Severus/Harry
'Competitive Assessment' by Lasair
Ah, one of those quiet stories that doesn't explicitly state anything, but manages to work under your skin with sensual little signals. Severus Snape assesses the competition. And loses. I found his characterization incredibly true to canon--his sense of bitter possessiveness, his jealousy, his inferiority issues, his anger, his denial--and, of course, his peculiar sour-grapes syndrome. I was left with a wonderfully bitter, acidic taste in my mouth after reading this--a sure sign of a perfectly characterized Snape.
Summary: It's different with Lupin because Potter trusts him; likes him. Severus has even caught him calling him Remus on occasion, and Lupin, of course, called him Harry from the start. Lupin always had been good at getting students' defences down, Severus thought grimly, as he stirred another cauldron of that dratted Wolfsbane potion.

'Summertime' by Abbadon
The haunting not-sequel to 'A Handful of Dust'. This can be read without the second story, although I recommend you read them both--they are highly original, compelling and bloody frightening character studies. (Of a character who I cannot name, alas, since that would be giving away certain spoilers.) Abbadon skilfully understates the horror of what his character does to those who most trust him--you will not be able to forget these stories easily. I'd provide you with a quote, but any quote would give away the identity of the character in question. Just trust me. Read both these stories.

Dark, neatly packaged and surreal. Brilliant, in fact. I'm a sucker for carefully structured mindfucks, and this cerrtainly qualifies as one. I'd provide you with a quote, but any quote would be spoilery.
Summary: Ten objects on a table. Let's see how Harry's been played with.

'A Handful of Dust' by Abaddon, QUESTIONABLE CONSENT
A truly, delightfully, evilly subversive story. Unfortunately I can't give away the pairing OR the name of the protagonist, but you'll figure it out. Abaddon's characterization is burning and flawless--and perhaps the most unique understanding of [character X] I've yet seen in the fandom.
Quote: His target goes down for the count, knocked unconscious by a sweet-smelling ointment applied liberally to a rag, and held over the nose and mouth until all struggle ceases.

'Europa at the Cusp' by Imochan
Lovely almost-gen (OK, it probably is gen, but I'm in denial here) Harry/Remus. This is one of the few stories in which silence truly is golden... There is not a single word spoken, but Harry's thoughts are done beautifully, and Remus is so fragile and... Yes. Just. Yes.
Quote: Harry doesn't look at him. He examines the box of chocolates at the beside-table instead, and picks up the card, pressing the waxy paper against his fingertips, turning it over and wondering if Lupin even still wants to eat chocolate. Harry wouldn't, he thinks, if he looked as sick as Lupin does.

Harry/Colin, Harry/?
'Painterman' by Trin, CHARACTER DEATH
By the time you realize what's happening it's too late, too late. This is one of those claustrophobic, breathless stories--Colin's obsession is painted beautifully, and literally. This is such a devious twisted little tale--and if you don't read it simply because of the pairing, you won't know what you're missing. Wonderful, atmospheric writing, deceptively light considering the sheer darkness of its subject matter. I will forever, forever be in love with checkered slippers.
Quote: When you photograph things, they stay neatly encapsulated within their frames. They can move, but they don�t have residual energy spilling out around the edges, like he does. From a corner of a photograph, just continuously looking back and forth, a blurry face, he can somehow dominate the entire photo. You don�t know how, people call it presence, but then they don�t know about magic.

'Of Royal Blood' by Rube, RATED NC-17
Perhaps my favorite work of Rube's, because it manages to link Lucius and Harry in the most original way I've yet seen in the fandom. Harry is proclaimed Voldemort's heir, and is captured by the Death Eaters. He is forced into Lucius Malfoy's custody, in order to be taught to follow in Voldemort's footsteps--but is he truly capable of joining the other side? Is Lucius Malfoy capable of 'turning' him, or will Malfoy surrender to his own hungers? You are left wondering, at the end, exactly how much was planned by Voldemort and exactly how much was Lucius Malfoy's initiative--either way, the story is delicious. (This story requires a password to read; join in order to obtain it.)
Quote: "Did I touch a nerve?" Malfoy half-teased, drumming his long fingers on the tablecloth. "I assure you, I didn't mean to sound impertinent in the least." He took a breath and shot Harry a rather peculiar look from the corner of his eye. "What was I supposed to tell the Ministry?"

'If You're Breathing' by Sanj
Remember to breathe. Exquisitely understated Harry/Neville pre-slash, post-OotP and wonderful. I wish canon would develop this way, but it is unlikely...
Summary: If you're breathing, keep fighting, was Harry's rule. If you're conscious, keep thinking. If you can move, keep running.

'What Boys Do Together' by Natt, RATED NC-17, EXTREME CHANSLASH
Read this. Trust me. Just read this. It's one of the most brilliant works of chan ever written, and the psychology is flawless. (As is the hotness. But anyway.) Now: I know that many of you will run away once you see that this is Harry/Dudley, but DON'T, oh God, because you won't know what you're missing out on. I can't recommend this enough, and would re-post my complete review here if I didn't think it would give away too much. This story deserves to be read widely, and appreciated both for its sheer perverse sexiness and the marvel that is its author. Boys and pre-pubescent confusion and wanking and... dirty bath water. Yes.

'There Were Nights of Endless Pleasure' by Amanuensis, CHARACTER DEATH, IMPLIED CHANSLASH
Ah, eroticism and grief! My heart doth ache... This is a tiny little drabble, as potent as a bullet or a shot of poison. After Sirius' death, Harry refuses to admit his loss... I cannot offer a summary or a quote, since the drabble is so small, but I can only hope you will read it regardless. Please do. And make sure to beg Amanuensis for a sequel. Or a prequel. Or both.

'Something Wicked This Way... Comes' by Brodie, THREESOME, VOYEURISM
Surrender yourself to the intelligent and helplessly sexy hilarity that is this fic. Brodie takes a scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet and completely smuttifies it, shamelessly roping Severus into a most interesting position--that of a voyeur. I hadn't thought it was possible to combine sex and humor so effectively in a threesome, but Brodie more than succeeds.

Possibly one of the most disturbing stories in the fandom. In a tactical move, Dumbledore willingly hands Harry over to the mercies--or rather, the cruelties--of Lucius Malfoy. Malfoy takes to abusing Harry on a regular basis. What makes the story most unnerving, however, is how dependent Harry becomes on his rapist, and how he deliberately harms himself in order to attract Malfoy's attention. Not a straightforward take on Stockholm in the least, and not at all that usual, horrible idea of a slave's tender devotion--no. Harry is angry and remains, but he is also broken. I love how he contradicts himself.

Whoa. I shivered and shuddered and loved my way through this fic, so cruel and wonderful was it. Harry's at Grimmauld Place again, and nobody ever visits... But it isn't as if he's alone, after all. He has Sirius Black with him... (I wish I could crawl inside Te's brain and see what makes her tick--what makes her think like this. Her writing is so quietly vicious, I'd sell my wand for it. This is the best Sirius/Harry. Like. EVER.)
Quote: "Come here," he says, and Sirius smiles. His even, white teeth are the brightest thing in the room, in the whole house, and Harry hates it, he hates it, but it was the only place Sirius -- this Sirius -- would stay.

'Kitchen Light' by Sloane, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH
Heart-ache and lust combine in this post-OotP smutlet. Harry mourns Sirius in his own quiet, sullen fashion, and Remus is quite incapable of playing the parental substitute. Perhaps he can offer Harry another sort of comfort instead?
Quote: Remus swam with guilt. This was not the place, not the time, it would never be the time, because he was all Harry had left, and he should stop this right now and make Harry eat something and go back to bed.

'Hunger is a Fickle Thing' by George Pushdragon
Finally, the sort of gastronomic delight that combines wine, food and dark-intentioned smut. The ending in particular is sharp and angry and wonderful, and I can just imagine Harry getting his own back on the Ministry this way. Freedom, freedom: such a difficult thing, isn't it? The writing is slightly too wordy at times, but ultimately exquisite--this has to be one of the must unique takes on Lucius/Harry I've read. Lucius is dining at Billington's, where Harry happens to have been invited by the Ministry...
Quote (Harry's POV): He isn't confined to that one corner of the room. He is everywhere. The precise silver glint of the teaspoon reflects his eyes in anger. Every time I look at the fine handle of my cup, I imagine his finger threading through it, the right index finger which he makes me take into my mouth before he impales me on it. I even think I catch his scent � that blank mix of mint and new paper. He thinks it covers the animal smell which comes from under his skin, and maybe, to those who only see him when his lips are dry and arranged in a controlled smirk, it does.

Severus/Harry, Sirius/Harry, Remus/Harry
Disturbing, peculiarly amusing, inventive smut. It's pure porn, the kind you'd expect from an anthology of unadulterated erotica, and deeply convincing. You'll be shocked at nearly every turn--little Harry is quite the precocious (and promiscuous) child. At thirteen years old, Harry Potter is plagued by the oddest fantasies... The only mistake he makes, though, is to write them down.

Death Eaters/Harry, Death Eaters/Ron, Death Eaters/Hermione
I believe the title sums it up nicely. It's Amanuensis, it's smutty, it's pairing-rich fic with almost every kink you can think of; it's psychologically flawless, beautifully characterized, angry and sexy and vicious and tender and ooooh. It hurts to read it, it's so gorgeous. So sensually exact. Harry is trapped in a world of eternal punishment after Voldemort's victory, and there seems no end in sight... I couldn't stop reading this, this sweet nightmare, this dark heaven, and my fingers were chewed to bloody stumps by the end of it. Ah, such pain is joy.

Severus/Harry, Remus/Harry
'The Proud Man's Contumely' by Apathy's Priestess
This story is remarkably canon in tone and structure--it's got that sense of lurking darkness that lingered around every chapter of OotP, and everyone is so in-character it's delightful. Snape in particular took my breath away--nasty and gloriously greasy as usual, but not without an inkling of forbidden feelings towards Harry (who is as angry and bitter as he was in OotP, and every inch the adolescent unaware of his charms). The plot is gripping, with some truly tantalizing mysteries holding the dialogue together. It reads wonderfully like a slashy take on OotP, and I nearly wept with joy when Harry's Occlumency lessons were resumed. (Yes! Snape! Harry! Snarking!) And then there's Remus, of course, who's become Harry's guardian in lieu of Sirius' death. If only he could stop having these irksomely lustful thoughts about his ward...

'Between the Dead and the Sleeping' by Kenna Hijja
Oh my God. I could barely see through my tear-filled eyes. This was brilliant--so unnerving, so tragic--and despair permeates Hijja's crystalline prose just like Harry's dreams permeate his prison. I can't quite believe the beauty of this. The horror of it. What Lucius has gone through... oh God. And Harry. An eternity of captivity. And Dumbledore's devious, sickening treachery...
Quote: 'You burned my son to death.' The only words Lucius ever speaks to him, and each time he does the reply sparks in Harry's mind, and dies on his lips.

'Night Over Azkaban' by Kenna Hijja, RATED NC-17
You know you want this. Yes you do. Sex magic in the dungeons, with a motley group of Dementors standing watch... Hot, rough and impeccable, with Lucius and Harry caught between mind-games and temptation. It's strange how quickly enemies become allies in the quest for survival... but do they go back to being enemies again? Read and find out.
Quote: He throws a nervous look at the Dementors, shudders, and complies. The creatures have assembled in a loose ring around the circle, but haven't dared to close in yet. But as we have seen, bare wards won't hold them at bay for long. It's time to infuse them with something more than basic magic.

'Go Gentle' by Kenna Hijja
Remarkable, haunting and unsettling. A last meeting between two enemies... but who will come out of it alive? Harry's POV is a steady flame to guide you by--but the truth he sees is ever-shifting.
Quote: You smiled coldly, and I could picture your role in those conversations, encouraging, sympathetic, prompting. I could almost pity Draco Malfoy. He never stood a chance against you. Use and be used. Slytherins all. Although that was not really fair, was it? I had been used like that myself, and not by Salazar's house.

'Scars' by Isis, RATED NC-17
Sirius appears to be trapped in his Animagus form--but is it willingly, or unwillingly? Remus and Harry come together out of concern for him, but end up growing far closer than they had expected. Wonderfully detailed, charting the progress of Harry's relationship with Remus Lupin carefully and completely.
Quote: The change had been tiring as usual, despite the Wolfsbane. And when he had been playing with Sirius, all the while he was thinking: Harry. I kissed Harry. I want Harry. Sirius is going to kill me. Then he'd gone back inside, and curled up in the nest of blankets he'd taken care to leave at the foot of his bed. The pain of the change back to his human body had woken him up. As he tried to fall asleep again, he thought for the first time: and what does Harry want?

'The Trouble with Harry Potter' by Zahra
Finally. The penultimate Neville/Harry fic, post-OotP and gloriously characterized. And it's Zahra. Of course.
Quote: The trouble with fancying Harry Potter, as Neville saw it, was that everybody fancied Harry Potter. Small children, old hags, Slytherins (if Seamus were to be believed), even Trevor spent a large portion of his amphibian time hiding under Harry�s bed when he wasn�t trying to escape from Gryffindor tower. Everyone and everything fancied Harry, and Harry, top man that he was, did nothing to discourage them. Harry graciously accepted valentines from younger years, had yet to hex Dennis Creevey for stalking him, and had the decency to look bashful when Justin Finch-Fletchley tried to invite him to the Yule Ball in their sixth year. Harry didn�t call Justin a flaming poof like Malfoy probably would have. He never said he didn�t find Justin attractive; he simply said that he was planning to go alone for personal reasons, and he hoped that Justin didn�t mind.

'The Anti-Midas' by Libertine
Glorious, contrary mind-fuck, slow and sensual and overwhelming. An ending unlike any other, that will leave you gasping as if you've surfaced from deep water. Beautiful.
Quote: "We're so alike. In dignity." Riddle's lips, and Riddle's breath, which felt a little like the sun. "If I was you, and you were me, I wouldn't let you go, either. I'd use you as an example. I'd hold you down, Harry. In front of everyone. I'd hold you down with your hands over your head. I'd sit on your chest and I'd look into your eyes, and I'd say, Tom Riddle..."

'' by Amanuensis, CHANSLASH
Because you need smut. Quiet, grief-filled, lovely, only-ever-really-implied smut, with a godfather and an underaged godson who's yet to start shaving. Because you need to cry. Sweet little drabble-in-letter form. (Post-OotP.)

Severus/Sirius, Lucius/Harry
'' by Amanuensis, RATED NC-17, MPREG
No. No. Don't run away just because of the 'MPREG' label. This fic will break you. Rebuild you. You absolutely MUST read it, regardless of your usual tastes. I tend to avoid MPREG, but well-written fiction is well-written fiction, and--fuck, with Amanuensis it isn't just fiction anymore. It's LIFE. While the premise is hard to believe for various reasons (Sirius, Harry and Hermione captured by Voldemort, and experimented upon to breed for the Death Eaters), the characterization is flawless, the lovemaking erotic, and the dialogue heartbreaking. Amanuensis plays the game of moral ambiguity with skill--a game very difficult for most writers to survive, but she does so with flying colors. Give this fic a try.

'Skinny Dipping' by Icarus, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH
Lakeside sex and moonlit confessions... This is beautiful, warm, gentle and erotically smooth writing, in which you'll fall in love with Percy and want to take him home with you. Er. If Harry'd let you, that is...

'The Detention Rimming with Guilt' by Ociwen, RATED NC-17
Now that you're done staring at the title, you might venture on to the story and stare at that instead. Yes, people. Angst. Occlumency. Extendable Ears. Rimming. And the hottest, most goshdarned manipulative smut EVER. I love how angry Harry is in this--he honestly scares me in the first half.

Harry/Ron/Hermione, Harry/Colin, Severus/Harry, Harry/Draco
'' by Amanuensis, RATED NC-17
I inched into this story cautiously, because Amanuensis warned her readers that Shakespeare purists (not that I'm a purist) would 'just freak' upon reading it--but no, I didn't freak, I LOVED it, and I'm still squeeing at the thorough smuttiness of her take on 'Henry V'! And regardless of the smut, the beginning of the story was so very much in the spirit of Shakespeare's text that I was biting my lip with joy. Politics and Slytherins and threatening missives--all in a good day's work.

I thought I'd recced this before--I was positive--but I just looked through my recs list and, alas, could not find it. (The absent-minded webmaster strikes again.) Do not read this unless you are a fan of hardcore chan--but if you are, this story is a real treasure--evil in an irresistible way, and erotic as only Mistress Xandria can make it. It is an alternative scene from CoS, in which Lucius Malfoy corners young Harry for a little research of his own... Perfect, perfect characterization of Lucius here. He's such a pureblooded bastard, with leather glove and Slytherin cane. Oh, God. Can you tell how much I love him?

'Harry Potter and the Jealous Husband' by Lady K. d'Azrael
Absolutely insane, almost criminally cute romance. Yes. Cute. Romance. Harry/Voldemort. It's jaw-droppingly, knuckle-bitingly funny, and I still burst into giggles at random moments throughout the day, just thinking about it.
Quote: 'The Dark Lord had had a bit of magical cosmetic surgery done since gaining his latest body. He now had a nose, which was long and aristocratic. His hair had grown back, black and glossy like Harry�s, with only a hint of grey at his temples. He also had heavy, expressive eyebrows. He looked sort of handsome, and distinguished, Harry fancied, like a professor of some arcane subject.'

Lucius/Harry, Severus/Harry, Sirius/Harry, Voldemort/Harry, Lucius/Draco, Harry/Draco, Harry/Various
'A Year and a Day' by Nimori, HARDCORE NC-17, SLAVERY, BDSM, INCEST
Horrifying, moving, chilling work. I was nearly shaking with the shock of it. Harry is given to Voldemort's Death Eaters for a year and a day of service, before he is given to Voldemort himself. The sharp, serrated images Nimori uses are utterly heart-breaking in their intensity, and the ending has such a brilliant twist that it will leave you no time to catch your breath. This is NOT the usual take on slavery, believe me. Everyone over 17 should read this--it is a very enlightening, surreal, cruel work of art.

'Je Te Plumerais' by Nimori
A caged bird will sing, if only to conserve his spirit. Searing, beautiful work. Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy and the consequences of captivity.

'Kings of the Wheel' by Kenna Hijja
'He wondered whether Potter was asleep. He doubted it. You didn't sleep on your last night on earth.'
Summary: Lucius Malfoy commands the siege to destroy Hogwarts, but one night he receives an unexpected visitor.
Review: Aching, careful, darkly edged work. So quietly heart-breaking... I absolutely loved the minimalist, almost dry tone of Hijja's writing--but beneath this apparent stoicism burns an incredible depth of emotion. Rarely have I felt grief when I read a story--but oh, I cried in this one. I did. Lucius' painful self-discovery is beautifully written, as is the discovery of his feelings for Potter. An admirably perceptive exploration of grief, even if it is not grief in any conventional sense... Also fascinating is Hijja's insight into the moral subjectivity of war. This is definitely one of the most original takes on psychologically rich slash that I've ever read. If you don't ache when you read this, you're not human.

'No Happy Memories' by Amanuensis, RATED NC-17
I cried--I wept horribly, for bloody HOURS, after I read this fic... It is the most heart-wrenching, beautifully written tragedy I've read this year. I mean it. This is the first time I actually felt ANGRY towards the author for writing so well--because it broke my heart, and while I was grateful I was also filled with such agony... My God, I'd do anything to change the ending... (Summary: Can you get it all said and done in the last 24 hours of your life?)

Lucius/Harry, Severus/Harry
'A Spell to Turn Tigers to Butter' by Amanuensis, HARDCORE NC-17, NON-CON, CHANSLASH, HEAVY BDSM
Oh my, what a devious, dark, wicked little fic. Well. Not little really. Harry is captured by Voldemort, and as the ultimate humiliation, he is offered as 'shared meat' to two of the Dark Lord's fiercest tigers--Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy. Only things don't go quite  as planned, and perhaps the little slave isn't as powerless as he appears... This story is almost legendary in its cleverness, its shifting, black humor, its horror and its moments of cruel tenderness. Not a light fic, people.  Stay away if you're not into the heavy stuff, or are incapable of smirking evilly (as I did, at various points in this fic). Perhaps there is a way to destroy Voldemort's ranks from the inside, hmm?

'Softcore Twinkies, Hardcore Relations' by Fiendling and Arianne, RATED NC-17, FOOD-PLAY, HUMOR
I had thought I had discovered the frontiers of Squickland eons ago, but I have been proved wrong yet again. This is a MASTERPIECE of gastronomic hilarity, in which Dudley and Harry make wild, frantic, Dionysian love in the midst of squashed meringues and marble cakes. My brain nearly exploded at various points in this story, and by the end of it I could scarcely manage to say 'nnnngarblegarblennnn' around my mouthful of chocolate. If you ever wanted to see Dudley sodomize Harry with a candy cane, this fic is for you...

'Lesson Learned' by Jai Marie, RATED NC-17
One of the most sensitive, sweetly written, intimate works of slash I've ever read. Mere hours before the Third Task, Harry and Cedric become better acquainted... (Written for the First Time Bad Sex Challenge--because losing one's virginity doesn't often go as planned, and life is always a learning experience.)
Quote: "Why so many questions?" Harry anguished. He always imagined sex to be a rather carnal and abandoned act, and this was more like one of Professor Snape's pop quizzes.

'Just Add Water' by Cybele, RATED NC-17
Cybele is a wonderful writer--legendary, even. Here she creates a beautifully vulnerable story, angry and innocent and arousing by turns. Seamus Finnigan finally makes a much-desired discovery, but it's Harry Potter and Bill Weasley who reap the rewards... 

Harry/Voldemort (Yes, that's right)
'Harry Potter and the Mai Tai of Doom' by Sushi
Brilliance--sheer brilliance--hot and humorous and utterly, utterly inescapable. This is the most charming humor-fic I've ever read, absolutely deliciously insane and yet so genuine, filled with the kind of random nuttiness that only geniuses can spawn. Sushi certainly is one. READ THIS FIC!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! It'll leave you, against all odds, chuckling and warm-hearted, and wistfully waiting for the next holiday Harry Potter and Voldemort spend together... Oh, Merlin. Read this. You can't ever have read work like this before.

'The Taste of Life' by Northern Light
Has to be one of the most brilliantly written, ambiguous, memorable stories I've ever read. I do love this, love this, love this... Beyond compare. Harry wants to 'practice' kissing on someone, and Neville volunteers...

'Sweetums' by Aspen
*chuckles* One those fics that make you feel all warm inside. And yes, that is possible in this pairing. This is so incredibly beautiful... *sighs*

'In The Mood' by Marvolo, RATED NC-17
'If you listened carefully, you could hear so many things in his voice; the scratch of quill on parchment, the opaque glint of a saxophone note, the rasp of a spell flying from a wand, the slithering of snakes through wet grass. You took it all in with wide eyes, and he trusted you, trusted you more than anyone.'
This quote itself should be enough of a seduction. GO READ IT. NOW.

'Virgin' by Sloane, RATED NC-17
A delightful little slice of heaven, threesome porn with humor. Remus, Sirius and Harry are a *very* happy family...

'Please Understand' by Telanu, WARNING: CHAN, A STRONG R
Heartbreaking, disturbing and... just... unforgettable. An AU in which James and Lily are alive, and when Sirius comes to visit them and a fifteen-year-old Harry, he discovers an unexpected Ganymede... A tale of thwarted lust, bitterness and longing ensues.

'Bittersweet' by Aspen
Followed by: 'Close Kept'
Followed by: 'Other than in Dreams'
This is a series of stories. Just lovely. Read them in the given order...

'Visiting Hours' by Slytherlynx
'Not his secret, but Tom�s now: Tom, who surrenders so beautifully, who lifts Harry�s arm to lick the scars across his hand, to tongue the gap where one finger once was, who hisses something like Parseltongue but safer, softer, something just between the two of them. Until Harry�s eyes are swamped in blue and Tom�s brighten into green, until the magic in the room chokes him, Tom�s laughter the last sound he hears, and Harry doesn�t know if he came when he wakes up, back in the tent, the leather cover of the diary sticky against his hand and a bitemark on the inside of his wrist.'

Oliver/Harry, Draco/Harry
'Before I Fall' by Fearne
Harry returns to Hogwarts in his Fifth Year, and tries to find stability among familiarity and routine. Over the coming weeks, he finds himself being pulled into three completely different directions to seek solitude and towards three completely different people who could help take the pain away. Features mild slash.

'Recollection' by Silvia Kundera
A much older Harry is still haunted by Tom Riddle. But there's one complication. Riddle's in love with him. Excellent writing.

'Beyond This Point Lie Monsters' by Kenna Hijja
A very unique story, sensual and dark and compelling. Tom Riddle is resurrected thanks to his most loyal of Death Eaters... But does that Death Eater plan to keep Harry alive for purely selfless reasons?

'The Sun Sets Twice Again' by Proserpina
Tom Riddle is resurrected, in the strangest of ways... And retains no memory of being Voldemort. He returns to Hogwarts, to face a boy who hates him unequivocally--Harry Potter. But it is true that the two have more in common than meets the eye, and Harry is drawn inexplicably closer to the enigma that is Tom Riddle...

'Patterns' by Bonibaru
A strange, tender study of pain and loss--and of comfort.

'Yes' by November Snowflake
This has to be one of the hottest one-shots on TDA. I won't spoil it for you... But Harry's having strange dreams about the Chamber... And when he wakes up, Ron tells him he's been whispering in Parseltongue... But what Ron *doesn't* know, of course, is that Harry was whispering 'Yes'... Over, and over, and over again.

'Disillusion' by acidic mindlink
This is arguably the best Tom/Harry novel-in-progress out there--so incredibly complex, so rewarding, emotionally and intellectually. It is both an erotic and philosophic challenge to read... Harry begins hearing Tom's voice in his head--is he going mad, or is he simply the target of a part of Voldemort that refuses to acknowledge the monster it has spawned?

'Want' by Aja
I've decided that Tom/Harry is one of my favorite pairings, after seeing various authors do such wonderfully hot work with them. *shivers* Harry finally submits to Tom...

'Written' by Penelope-Z
Tom likes snakes and fills his ink bottle with blood. A young Harry's body is his parchment...

'Together Alone' by Zahra
Narcissism at its most erotic. You won't want to miss this one. Has a surprising little twist...

Gilderoy/Harry, Implied Severus/Harry
'Breathe Bloom' by Calliopiea
A very, very strange story... Extremely perceptive and subtle, and rather lovely. Harry visits the amnesiac Gilderoy Lockhart at St Mungo's for his sixth-year Community Service... But he ends up confiding his own feelings and, for a while, forgetting the grief he feels over Severus' death.

'Bound' by Calliopiea
The first Tom/Harry fic I ever read, waaaay back... Has a healthy 24 chapters and even a sequel ('From the Rose, Comes the Thorn'). Harry Potter finds out that he's been bound to someone for life...

Voldemort/Harry, Severus/Harry, Various/Harry
'Szajha' by Calliopiea
I stumbled across this story by sheer chance--and God, what chance it was--what fortune! This is such an exquisitely crafted, ORIGINAL story... Serpentine and glittering in its grace. Calliopiea's use of words is sheer brilliance--an intellectual aphrodisiac if there ever was one. I have fallen sincerely and deeply in love with this novel... I cannot express to you how deeply, how helplessly...