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This shelf stocks the best Harry/Draco slash I've managed to find during my eons of slashing Harry Potter. Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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'Pop Quiz' by Aja
Beautiful, minimalist, subtle and structured like--you guessed it--a pop quiz. It shows the H/D dynamic flowering gradually, unspokenly, and the slow building of Harry's absorption in Draco Malfoy is just gorgeous.
Quote: Malfoy's pulse is racing under his palm. It skitters next to his fingers, and tickles, and before Harry can quite explore the question of when Malfoy's neck became something he didn't want to squeeze, Crabbe and Goyle are back and Harry is pulling away, defenseless and angry and empty.

'A Fracture of the Mind's Eye' by Rushlight, RATED NC-17, RAPE, BONDAGE, SLAVERY
(Note: H/D is only one of many pairings in this fic. The main pairing is Remus/Harry.) I found that this story really worked for me, precisely because it's a delicious mindfuck that leaves the reader with more questions than answers. Those who know me know that I relish ambiguity more than anything, and that unreliable narrators fascinate me endlessly. The basis is a relatively simple one--Rushlight sets up two parallel realities, one set in a world in which Voldemort is the victor, and the other set in a world where he was defeated. Only one of those realities is 'real', so to speak, but Harry is trapped experiencing both of them.
Quote: Harry was filled with a morbid desire to open the book and see what kind of spells might be in there, to see what a power-hungry Death Eater bent on revenge might have used on him. Exactly how much prurient manipulation could a mind take before it broke under the strain, and started making up escapist fantasies about a comfortable home and an adoring lover to get away from it all?

'Click' by Nope
Fascinatingly structured, visually intense and concise. Harry and Draco in photographs.
Quote: ... the low sun, visible in the gap between their bodies, reduces them almost to silhouettes.

'Stray' by Calico, RATED NC-17
(Note: Also has Draco/Ron.) If you draw back from this story just because it's told in second-person, I'll come over and smack you around a little. (Oh, dear. Some of you mightn't consider that punishment...) But I digress. It's Calico, so you know it's going to be good--and this story services my very real kink for postwar, adult!Ron stories. This Ron knows far too much for my tastes, but he still fits well in the splintered Harry/Draco dynamic. Cheating and infidelity and ill-met lust--all twining beautifully in this story. The writing is shudder-good and exquisite--and I've picked out a quote for you that proves just how exquisite it is.
Quote: "If I really wanted to," he says, soft and sharp as powdered snow, "I could have you, here and now. On your back."

'Arcadia' and 'Gloria' by Abaddon
In Draco's words: 'The world needs a hero and he's taken a leave of fucking absence.' Harry Potter disappears from the wizarding world; Draco is sent to bring him back. This isn't the usual take on the situation, though, and it has a quiet, gut-twisting anxiety to it that is rare enough to treasure. There's a ray of hope somewhere in the gloom, and Abaddon tempers it wonderfully. Harry's obsession with time and mortality is also especially apt. He's angry and lost and fragile all at once, just the way I like him. The storytelling is clever and slightly wry, offsetting the angst just as it should.
Quote: Harry Potter saved the world again at four twenty two p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. It was in retrospect a relatively simple matter; he got dressed up in a slightly tattered old suit, insisting that he had to dress for the occasion, set a much loved tweed trilby on his head, tucked his wand into his pocket and emerged from the rambling building he lived in. He was careful to dislodge as little of the ivy and creeping vines as he could, and left the small cast iron gate swinging in the wind behind him.

'Necromance' by Ferox
This better be updated right quick, because I'm biting my knuckles in anticipation. Most post-OotP H/D stories don't seem to realize just how deep a loss Sirius' death is to Harry, but this one doesn't flinch from the consequences of that death--how it changed Harry, darkened him, made him quieter and harsher and more desperate--to the point where he resorts to necromancy to bring Sirius back, and has no one but Draco Malfoy to understand him. (I've only read three other stories that combine necromancy and Harry: Ferox's 'Paradox', Debchan's 'What He Wants' and Ociwen's 'The Osiris Myth', but I admit that this is developing into something of a plot kink of mine.)
Quote: "I didn't, Potter." Malfoy dropped his arm, shoving his hand into his pocket as if to hide the mark from Harry's gaze. "I didn't want it. I didn't ask for it."

'The Beginning' by Reena
I certainly do hope that this is just a beginning--I'd love to see more of this universe. Draco's state of mind is captured wonderfully--as he watches over a captured and (apparently) incapacitated Harry Potter, and realizes his own weaknesses. His mixture of rage, self-recrimination and self-pity is very in-character, as is his reaction to the idea that his side might have lost the war after all. Pay particular attention to how Reena characterizes Lucius Malfoy even without giving him more than a handful of lines--he is characterized flawlessly through Draco's point of view, which is an unusual enough occurrence to warrant a celebration.
Quote: "So what is it then? A free pardon for the useless sons of dead Death Eaters?" he snarled. Talking wasn't very hard, it seemed. It was almost like the words were ripped from his throat by virtue of Potter's mere presence. He wouldn't surrender to him. Maybe to anyone else, but not to him.

'Salience' by Holographis
This is more gen than slash, but it's so intense and hurtful that I was desperate to rec it in any case. (And it can be seen as pre-slash, yes it can.) Simply written and haunting and utterly brilliant--this story will leave you a little shaky about the knees and just a little bit frightened, if not more. Holographis takes an unnervingly original take on what will happen to Draco in the aftermath of OotP--I won't spoil it for you, but let's just say that it isn't as straightforward as most post-OotP stories make the situation out to be.
Quote: Harry likes red apples and Draco likes green. The two boys are loyal to their houses down to the colour of the food they eat. Draco holds the apple in front of him and studies it. He smiles at it, and Harry watches with interest. He�s never seen anyone spend so much time just contemplating their food, especially not a Slytherin and especially not Draco. Draco twists the stem of the apple around and Harry isn�t quite sure, but he thinks Draco is mouthing the letters of the alphabet as he turns the apple around. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P but the stem snaps off while Harry is still trying to read Draco�s lips. Draco looks up and over at the Gryffindor table � straight at Harry, who looks down at his bowl quickly and pretends to be fascinated by the jam roly-poly.

'Alternate' by Sam Vimes, RATED NC-17
My word, this is one HOT, adrenaline-filled, absorbing novella. Both Harry and Draco are chosen as Seekers to represent Britain in the Junior World Cup, but Draco's merely an 'alternate'. He hates Harry for this, of course--and what follows is an addictive, vicious circle of Quidditch and sex and power games. THE SEX IS HOT. Um. As is the Quidditch. This is somewhat in the tradition of BaronNomaw's 'Seeker to Seeker', but subtler and twisted in less obvious ways.
Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8. Complete. Remember to send feedback to . Usually I don't provide an author's e-mail address, but in this case I had to since the story itself provides no address for feedback.
Quote: "I lost," Draco continued. Harry felt something stir in him, at the words. At the despairing tone. "I lost, I lost."

'Children of the Revolution' by Abaddon
This promises to be my new addiction--I can only hope that Abaddon updates it as regularly as he can manage. Only the Prologue and the first chapter so far, but dear God... The H/D angst is nostalgic and bitter as acid, just the way I like it. And, considering that this is the fourth novella to grace the 'Into the Woods' series, you know that there's ample plot to back up and entwine the angst.
Quote: This Draco Malfoy could be alone in a room full of people, and he didn't trust Harry one bit, didn't even like him, didn't give a fuck about him. All that had defined Draco was gone, and here was this stranger in his place, old and worn before his time. Harry had been the general, his purpose fixed and his destiny set, but Draco had tried possibility after possibility, unsure and uncertain as he changed from peacemaker to apologist to traitor and a thousand things more in between. It showed.

'The Space Between' by Amalin
Read this if you want to feel like you've been mortally wounded. Ouch. Beautifully written and quite, quite fatal. Harry Potter has to make choices. What is remarkable about this particular 'should I or should I not save Draco Malfoy's life' scenario is that it is as ambiguous and hurtful as it should be--and it doesn't shy away from the fact that people never quite understand each other. Too much H/D crosses the gap between these two characters far too easily. Here we see just how wide that gap is--and whether either of them will survive the leap.
Quote: Yes, Harry remembers that--the afternoon sun pouring across their bed, like swimming in light, like flying. He thought he loved Draco, at that moment, when Draco was poised over him and everything was gold. Harry had opened his mouth, unable to stop himself, to confess it. Harry remembers that.

'Homebound' by Maya
Draco's a bastard and he's beautiful and Harry's addicted to him. In a far from constructive way. Maya writes Addict!Harry in a way that makes my heart tangle with something between lust and despair--which is really what Harry feels as well, or what he feels when he doesn't know what he's feeling. I just know it's going to end terribly anyway, with either Harry or Draco broken beyond repair, but I can't help myself. Maya does break things so beautifully.
Quote: Harry sucked idly on Malfoy's jaw and began to count his eyelashes. It was a very simple compulsion, and he kept his breath hushed and quiet so as not to wake him.

'Ocard' by Halrloprillalar
One word: OUCH. Brilliant little drabble that packs a punch like nothing else. I was left rather bow-legged and winded after reading it.

'King Tide' by Blythely
What a strange, lovely, atmospheric puzzle. I'm not sure I'm allowed to give away clues, but I suppose this should be enough: Harry loses his magic. Draco loses his hearing. Life becomes an exercise in waiting.
Quote: Sometimes Harry liked the blurriness. Without his glasses the world was softer, like a gentle drunken kiss. He twisted around and arched each of the curves that felt like sex: his neck, his back, his feet, and his fingers moved of their own accord, sleepily curling and uncurling in the sunshine, beckoning Draco.

'Homesong' by Diana (NOT Diana Williams)
Yet another atmospheric piece. This is a story built entirely on setting, and intriguing because of that. I could do without the last few lines, but I like the premise regardless. Harry and Draco make a home. It says a lot about them.
Quote: In the middle of the house was a hideous lamp from Draco's mother's family, a relic of the Black family smuggled away in a wedding trunk. It dated from some century long ago and was some green, mottled thing that gave an ill glow when nudged with a wand. They left it in a hallway on display, highlighting the ugliness of tradition. In secret, Draco rather liked the color and bathed his dreams in it.

'Four Moments of Mourning' by Kanzeyori
A breathtakingly complex puzzle of pairings--Harry/Draco and Harry/Ron and Ron/Draco all at once. No, this isn't an orgy--it's a death-fic, a very dark, very deep, very satisfying one, and it's quite a neat little gem of a mystery that you, as the reader, have to work your way through. The answer is made plain at the end, but not until your heart's done twenty flip-flops and you've nearly died already with the need to know. :D (No, I won't tell you what's going on, because that'll ruin it.) Suffice to say that Harry and Ron are captured by the Death Eaters. Draco Malfoy, a Death Eater, might be inclined to save one of them. Which one is it, and how will the rescue proceed?
Quote: "You---Malfoy, no." I jerked away, as far as the chains allowed, because he has no right and it's not mine to give.

'Closure' by Juxian Tang, RATED NC-17
Post-war, grim and yet incredibly sexy. Harry loses his sight in the war, but not his pride. He has an unexpected meeting with an old enemy who, although he may no longer hate him, doesn't pity him either.
Quote: Potter grins and settles back in the chair. "Don't worry, I won't see how unbecoming any shade of green makes you. I don't see colors."

'Beware the Fury of a Patient Man' by Breed
WHY HAVE I NOT RECCED THIS BEFORE?! It is inconceivable. I've read it, like, 500 times. It's... it's cute, and yet not fluffily so--I might even go so far as to say it's sharply cute, if that makes any sense. Well. It's cute in the same way Draco Malfoy can be cute. Get it?
Quote: "It's me," Ron bragged. "It's rather obvious, too, if you ask me. It's okay, Harry. I don't mind if you're gay." He quickly ducked the pillow Harry launched at his head.

'Verge' by Zions Starfish
Oooh, spare and elegant and just ever so slightly odd--just the way I like it. Harry Potter celebrates his twenty-first birthday in a most unlikely fashion.
Quote: Draco is dressed in black, despite the lingering heat of the day. Harry thinks that Draco is perpetually cold. Sometimes he likes to think that he could be the one to strike a match against Draco�s hip, or plunge his hands into Draco�s chest to lend him heat. But Harry isn�t sure he has much of his own warmth to share anymore.

'Dream Eater' by Ivy Blossom
Highly disturbing, beautiful, symbolic and utterly creepy. Draco Malfoy discovers a potion.
Quote: "I killed you," Draco says. "I'm sorry."

'Happiness Involving a Tea-House' by Nope
An incredibly sweet, tea-crazy tale with a delicious dollop of backstory.
Quote: "Don't be disgusting, Potter; I'd never drink camomile." Draco leant back in his seat, musing. "Give me a green tea, made properly in a proper teapot and served in the traditional way; give me Earl Grey, served hot and strong; give me Darjeeling, in a china cup with just the smallest dashing of milk and a thin slice of lemon--"

'Love for the Strong' by Reena, SEXUALIZED VIOLENCE
This hurts SO much--it was just bloodthirsty and vicious and bitter enough to be to my taste. Harry's as off-centre and half-mad with rage as we want him to be after OotP--and Draco's just as determined to take him down. Love is just an inconvenience. That's all it is. Lucius Malfoy's role in this is brilliantly written, and so, so very canon.
Quote: "I-- I just came to tell you this stops now. I've got better things to do than listen to your pointless canned insults, Malfoy. Give it up. Game over." He sounds like he means it, he really does, and for a second your heart skips a beat, but then you notice the way he's not meeting your eyes. And then there's the way he's not moving from his spot at the other end of the short corridor. He wants a little push, then. He always does.

'Day Before' by Rae
Ah, for all us schmoopy H/D shippers. Only we're capable of suspending belief when it comes to a long-term relationship between Harry and Draco... But Rae writes it beautifully enough to convert the staunchest among us.
Quote: Days blended into each other, dragging by like a film being played in slow-motion, like a cigarette burning in the dark, small ring of fire burning away at the paper. He would watch Harry each night, watch him as he slept, and think Who is this stranger? How did I end up sharing a bed with him?

'Milk' by Lasair, RATED NC-17, INCEST
I've actually read this story numerous times, and have felt myself hurt and twitch beautifully all over it, but HAVE FORGOTTEN TO REC IT BEFORE. Damn it. Obviously, I need one of Neville's Remembralls. This is a most unusual take on Harry/Draco, since most writers, if they have to introduce the influence of an incestuous history into the H/D relationship, do so via Lucius/Draco. But Narcissa/Draco is surely a possibility, isn't it? Lasair works brilliantly with implication, so that Draco's tenuous freedom at the end arrives with all the intensity of a perfectly built climax.

'Acts' by Abaddon, CHARACTER DEATH
Incredibly painful. Among the most canonical, convincing takes on Draco I've seen--I can feel the same sense of frustration here, the same sense of being thwarted, the same desperate need to prove himself. Brilliant. Abaddon also blurs the lines of moral responsibility in a way that makes me shiver--it is only Harry with the 'stain of murder on his soul', after all. Oh, yes. Hurts so good, yes it does.
Quote: Actions speak louder than words. If asked, Draco Malfoy would say that was one of the first things he learnt that made him a man, as opposed to a child. Too long he had told his father he would be good and nothing had happened. Or rather, he'd always had his limelight stolen by Potter or Granger, because while he talked, they did. His father put up with excuses and barely hid his distaste until he finally found a use for his son.

'Ghost Story' by Abaddon, CHARACTER DEATH
I couldn't breathe after reading this fic--and, in a way, I'm really rather angry with Abaddon about it for making me hurt so much. (Translation: I love it.) Draco's years as a prisoner of war--years of waiting, waiting, waiting, for the inevitable. But it's not death. It's...
Quote: Light spilled in from the row of windows, illuminating the grey, bare little room. Prisoners weren't allowed to decorate their cells: a certain aura of sterility, impersonality was intended (if never openly admitted to be so) to wear down each prisoner's own sense of self, reducing them to banal greyness like the room they would occupy for the duration of their sentence.

'Undenied' by Sara, RATED NC-17
Unabashed Quidditch-minded (but not for long) PWP. Sara is the goddess of PWPs, and this proves it. What I love most is how aggressive and manipulative Harry is in this. He is, in many ways, a truer Slytherin...
Quote: "Most of all, remember our team motto. Fight dirty."

'Never Is A Promise' by Zahra
You know how this is going to end, you know it's going to hurt, but you still can't stop. If H/D were canon, this is how it would happen...
Quote: Harry tries not think of Malfoy during the day. Some days it's easier, and he contents himself with pointless paperwork and owls to the friends that have survived. But more often than not, something will remind him of green and silver ties, and Harry will mysteriously vanish from his office with a word to no one.

'Deportment' by Zahra
Cute. Very cute. Harry gets obsessed with Malfoy's arse. But it's not his fault, of course...
Quote: "Potter, are you looking at my arse?"

'When the Darkness Broke In' by Alfirin Kirinki
If you're in the mood for a long, addictive H/D novel, this is for you. It was begun before OotP came out, so it's very much an AU--Sirius is still alive, for example, and Alfirin uses this to build some wonderful Sirius/Remus interaction as well. Now I know that Draco is incredibly out of character here, for the simple reason that he's fallen head over heels in love with Harry and has become somewhat unselfish about it (selfishness has always been a Malfoy trait in my opinion), but you'll learn to enjoy him as he is, and your heart will break for him every time Harry does one of his incredibly stupid things. (Like falling in love with someone else.) Lots of adolescent angst and identity crises and magic gone wrong and quiet conspiracies--a nice, long novel you can tuck yourself into bed with.
Quote: "I don't remember saying there was any logic in it," the Slytherin pointed out coolly. "Sometimes things just are and the only option you have is to work with them or around them; this is one of those things. And I can assure you I gain no pleasure from it whatsoever."

'Trade' by Aja, RATED NC-17
One of the finest and most satisfying works of H/D to surface in the fandom recently, with fascinating takes on both magical theory and how a wizard's emotional state affects their magical make-up. Harry Potter is out of balance and, strangely enough, he must trade with his enemy to restore himself... There are sensual details here that will make you hold your breath in wonder; Aja creates an atmosphere so captivating that it swallows you whole, and you'll emerge from this story feeling a lot like you've emerged from deep water. Beautiful. I prefer Draco a tad more out of control than he is here, but when Aja handles him this way I have no cause to complain.
Quote: Potter had smooth, soft skin, dips and hollows in strange places, and bruises and scrapes in even odder ones. Draco found himself looking forward to each unexpected cut, each moment of roughness, which, in a way, he thought, was what Potter had always done to him.

'A Perfect Little Death' by Aja, CHARACTER DEATH, VIOLENCE
An incredibly shocking, startling story that nonetheless manages to be true to canon--Aja's Draco is perfect in his combination of rage and weakness and pettiness--and her Harry is an even more exacerbated version of the Harry in OotP. This story reminded me somewhat of Aja's other violently shocking piece, 'Atrophy', except that 'Atrophy' was a romance (a most unusual one, yes, but still a romance), and this piece is not. Not in the least. I love how discordant and vicious this is, and it makes such sense to my mind. Rich with irony and acid. Draco Malfoy has a liking for crushing those weaker than him. Harry Potter might not be too different.

'A List of Draco Malfoy's Faults' by Trin
Endearing, utterly endearing! Short and sweet and filled with delicious little punch-lines. Harry contemplates Draco Malfoy's faults.
Quote: And the way he did his hair was incredibly gross. He looked like he had a fishbowl on his head. Or like he grabbed upside-down by the feet and had his head dipped into a vat of fish oil. It was gross. Disgusting. Perverted. --Harry wondered what it would feel like if he touched it.

'There All the Honor Lies' by Abaddon, CHARACTER DEATH
Abaddon writes Draco Malfoy, the unhinged and highly dangerous leader of the Death Eaters, brilliantly--he doesn't let up, he doesn't give anyone mercy, especially not Harry Potter. There is a surreal sense of panic to this story--at least for me--because while I could not have predicted what was coming, I felt it waiting in the wings. Death. For either Draco or Harry. But that's not all--Abaddon writes of death off-handedly, cruelly, and the reader's reaction is only more intense for it. Merciless, absolutely merciless, and brilliant.
Quote: It was hardly an army: at best, perhaps ten wizards and witches. Draco could see a mix of ages and abilities as they came closer, out of the mist, wands already drawn. Their cloaks flapped about them silently as if they were shades, or ghouls, and Draco would do his best to see that they did end up that way. All of them he recognised, whether from Death Eater intelligence or distant memories from his school days. They were outnumbered, they were outclassed, and they were led by Harry Potter.

'Four Letter Words' by Breed, RATED NC-17, VOYEURISM
Possibly the hottest wankfic EVER, hilarious and hot and inescapable. I was chuckling helplessly through certain sentences, and moaning (also helplessly) through others. Dysfunctional, confused, adolescent porn so brilliant it'll leave you aching. (In a good way.) I cannot believe more people haven't read this--it has jumped right into my favorite H/D stories of all time, so suddenly and effortlessly that I cannot catch my breath. I kid you not. Wit and sex and Draco reading porn aloud to a dorm full of boys... what more could you want? Harry's 'pressing down' (you'll see what I mean) is so correct--I mean, that's what I--I mean--never mind--let's just say this feels authentic, in terms of Harry's reactions, and I won't soon forget it. In fact, I'm likely to read this every day. Every. Effing. DAY.
Summary: Draco Malfoy has a pornographic novel. Harry Potter has issues. The dungeons keep a secret.

Trin coats poisoned candy with sugar, she does. The writing of this piece is flawless, as usual, but I advise you not to read it if you're the sort of person who gets creeped out and can't sleep after reading something so dark, so haunting, so utterly, quietly terrifying. This is a nightmare written with a cool, understated sense of distance--a necessary sense of distance--and it manages to traumatize the reader all the more for that. Trin insists that this is a 'visual concept' (and her writing always is overwhelmingly visual), but this is, to me at least, a psychological concept. The ultimate carpe diem.
Quote: First Years dying, one by one. The first night, when a Ravenclaw called Melina Crew falls asleep face-first in her minestrone soup and doesn�t wake up, a voice is heard. It�s singing something foreign, that the Professor of Ancient Runes is appointed to decipher.

'Sleeping With the Enemy' by Cimorene, RATED NC-17
This story launches itself with possibly the most ingenous sentence in the fandom, and doesn't disappoint the reader as it continues. Wryly humorous and chuckle-inducing. Harry Potter works for the side of Light, of course--but that doesn't stop him dabbling with a certain Death Eater. Finally, a story that makes light of the heavy angst and moralizing that goes on in HP.
Quote: Harry had spent rather longer than expected dealing with a basilisk, and was going to miss the televised Quidditch game.

Remarkably few stories make use of the need to hurt in Harry/Draco fics--which is strange, considering that the desire to hurt is possibly the most overwhelming mutual desire the both of them have. The plot might appear to be common at first--Harry discovers Draco on the brink of suicide, and stops him--but this fandom cliche is twisted out of shape, beautifully so, by the author. What begins as a dance of power and pain slowly turns into a deeper need for dependance. One is left pleasantly uncomfortable by this story--the very feeling I look for so often.
Quote: And, later, he wouldn�t let Potter keep the marks left by his mouth, the finger shaped bruises against the pale skin of his hip. He wouldn�t allow reminders of what they had done together in the darkness of his room, eager mouths and inexperienced hands, learning how to balance on the edge of pain where everything was that bit clearer. Falling asleep separately and waking together, curled into each other, anchored.

'Harry Potter and the Magic of Mistletoe' by November Snow
Light-hearted, sweet, hotly flavored Christmas cheer. (What, you think I read angst all the time?) I cringed at the title, but it's forgivably tongue-in-cheek once you see what the plot's about. Someone's given Harry a gift of mistletoe... but what starts out as a power game takes an (un)expected turn.
Quote: Malfoy straightened and gave him a slow, wicked smile. "Didn't think it would be that easy, did you, Potter?"

'Listeners' by Winter Baby
I'm a sucker for understated, war-time angst-fics. This is one such. Harry remembers how he and 'the enemy' became lovers--and ponders on how they persist as lovers, even during the war between their respective sides. This has all the right touches of abstraction--of poetry--and the sex is not so much about the sex as it is about building intimacy--intimacy that is finally shattered, of course. You will hurt very badly at the end, I promise you that. Make sure you have some dark corner to drag yourself off to.
Quote: Malfoy kisses you underneath the Hufflepuff bleachers out on the Quidditch field, pinning you up against a wooden support beam and tugging at your lips with his. He even kisses cruelly, pettily, taking from you what he wants. The two of you are surrounded by darkness, the heavy blue and white curtains letting in the barest amount of light.

'The Way of the World' by Zion Starfish
A lovely, light-hearted, warm Christmas tale. Yes, you heard me. I can rec true romance every now and then. Draco's stuck working as a 'fucking delivery boy', and then, one Christmas, he gets asked to deliver a package for Mr Harry Potter. Don't think this is plain humorous smut, because it isn't. It's sweet but not too sweet, soft but not too soft, just like finely made pudding. (Ha. Maybe that's my Christmas dinner talking.) Give this one a try.
Quote: There's nowhere else to sit but the floor or the white couch. Draco doesn't understand the logic of white couches. Sure, they look nice--there was a room in Malfoy Manor with white couches and of course he was never allowed to sit on them�but they are terribly impractical. He can only assume, therefore, that Weasley and Granger are never planning to have children, and that they will be supremely unimpressed with any dirt he might leave on the couch. Feeling petty, he tucks his feet underneath him, thereby soiling the couch beyond repair.

'Valley Girl' by Trin
A perfect glimpse at Gay!Draco. He's young, inexperienced, not half as confused as he should be, and sleeps through his Sex Ed class. I was biting my lip to stifle my laughter as I read this--ah, the good old days of discovering that you're queer and realizing that you cannot, absolutely cannot, stop ogling the same sex, and just knowing that you'll get caught at it one day. Especially when you can't stop ogling your worst enemy. Draco's limp-wristed--no pun intended--reactions to girls are spot-on, as are his hormonal dreams and his alarmingly more-than-hormonal reactions to Harry Potter.
Quote: Why did girls wear bras anyway? Draco had nipples too, so what? And frankly, Crabbe probably had bigger breasts than any girl in Slytherin, although admittedly most of it was fat and wobbled a lot more than girls�. If Draco wanted to grab something firm and rounded, he�d go grab a pudding.

'Blue Water' by Slytherlynx
A strange and compelling insight into Draco's mind, and into his obsession with Harry Potter. Slytherlynx combines images of death with an unsettling, erotic intimacy--just as Draco combines his knowledge of the daytime Potter, tired and unelegant and rough-edged, with the smooth phantom of Draco's dreams. There is enough twisted psychology in this one to keep a reader decoding for a long while--which is why I like it.
Quote: The stairs don't creak. Draco knows where to go. Weasel sleeps in the bed next to the window, moonlight sprawled upon him, while Potter's curtains are spelled tightly shut. No matter. Draco can pull them open, and Potter's neck is pale and thin, his Adam's apple clumsy against it. His hair falls against his forehead, glasses still imprinted in the dents on each side of his nose. Potter's eyelashes are still, but his hands clench against the covers as if he knows who is here, what is coming.

'Waterworld' by Rhoddlet
(NOTE: Also contains Harry/Ron.) Possibly the most perfect friendship-fic ever written--I'd never thought the second-person POV would suit Ron, until now. A quiet ache of longing pervades this story from beginning to end, and only Rhoddlet can make the reader yearn so. I'll say nothing more, but suffice it to say that your heart will break when Draco enters the picture. That last line will echo through my head for days to come.
Quote: It is, as Ron has discovered, almost unmentionably nasty being in love with your best friend. Especially if you�re not sure if you�re really in love. Or what love is.

'Ops' by Slightlights
The War continues to drag on; and, in a down-at-the-heels pub, a Ministry operative waits for a field agent who's long overdue. This is the kind of story I've been waiting a long time to find; alas, it's a WiP. I loved the seedy atmosphere of the Muggle pub at which Harry and Draco meet... And the fact that Harry does realize, despite the requisite and not-quite-accidental groping, that they aren't quite on the same side.
Quote: "Do you, now," flirtation edging into Malfoy's tone; he shook back his hair, crimson against pale, pale skin--or, mostly pale; Harry was irritated to find himself wondering whether the smudges beneath those silver eyes were genuine--"Well, you'll have to let me stop, if you want me to pull out my... pencil. And pay up."

'Remember' by Slightlights
A strange, lovely, rather breathless take on obsession. Harry isn't supposed to remember anything, he's not, but there's no telling that Draco's mind hasn't been played with as well. This story unfolds like a gorgeous puzzle, and requires attentive reading to understand. But oh, it's worth it. Really worth it.
Quote: Gently, so gently, he ran his fingers along the roughened jaw whose stubble had, a moment and a lifetime before, burnt a different sort of knowledge into his hand, his cheek, his groin. A brief sleeping charm enabled him to retrieve his cloak--tucking the other close against the cold--and an aversion spell on the door ensured none would wish to enter after he'd gone.

'The Sound of Wings' by Reena, RATED NC-17
This isn't as tight or spare as most of Reena's work, but it's relentlessly hot nonetheless. Reena makes sex gritty, and erotic, and I doubt there's many slashers out there capable of reading this story without the requisite need to wank. Existentialist porn, oh my.
Quote: Potter hadn't even struggled that much. Potter hadn't struggled at all.

'' by Abby Cadabra, RATED NC-17
Lightning strikes Hogwarts, in more ways than one. Harry finds his hide-out invaded by his enemy. A vicious fist-fight ensues, in which both boys nearly kill each other before they are discovered. Abby takes this somewhat standard plot--a disastrous fight followed by joint detentions to force some sort of ceasefire--and makes it shine. I prefer violence to fluff any day, and a dose of heat and fire and blood is exactly what I need to make my pulse race. There are some startling insights into Harry's character, as well as Draco's particular vulnerabilities. At first I thought this would be an average H/D PWP, but it got better and more complex as it progressed, and by the end of it I was smarting with heat. Not perfect, no, but very nearly so. [NOTE: You'll have to join in order to access this story.]
Quote: The question seems innocent enough, but Potter has this way about him that most people don't see. It's a malicious streak hidden just beneath Potter's golden boy veneer, and it peaks through in the smirking corners of his mouth and the angry glint in his eyes, and Draco sees it's there even when no one else can. Two alike, his father would have said.

'Hook and Eye' by Tradescant
This story strikes up a gorgeous, sensual rhythm as it develops--Harry's narrative voice picks up the pace beautifully, matching the haste and the passion of his encounters with Draco. The ending is what changes this piece from merely a pretty exploration of sexual addiction--it is dark, much darker than expected, and wonderfully ambiguous. You'll love it.
Quote: We've separated our bodies, cleanly and quickly, with a minimum of talk.

'Rites of Passage' by Antenora, MUTILATION, CHARACTER DEATH
Get out your box of tissues and make sure it's well-supplied--because you'll be crying by the time this fic is done. It's not perfect, it's not cut glass, but it has a sort of inexorable despair that wrenches one's heart. The tender lovemaking only adds to it, which is a sign of mastery... Draco Malfoy becomes a man. Harry Potter does not survive.
Quote: And when it was over, his father drew the knife from his chest and seemed to smile at his handiwork. "There now. That wasn't so bad, was it? Just a little pain and it's all over."

'Untitled Post-OotP Ficlet' by Durendal
The brilliant, dry and quietly understated genius of Durendal strikes again. This is a short story that'll have your mouth quirking in delight, and you'll realize that this is just right, this is Harry at his most charmingly apathetic, and Draco at his most charmingly not-really-evil. The last line still leaves me breathless.
Quote: "You make revenge rather difficult," Malfoy said tightly. His lip curled disdainfully.

'Tickle Me Pink' by Durendal, RATED NC-17, CROSS-DRESSING
A perversely insane sexual fantasy that makes little sense, but is simultaneously one of the hottest things around. I enjoyed this beyond my capacity to express--Malfoy in a dress, crossing his legs in a Sharon Stone-ish fashion and drawing Harry's gaze to his pale, strong thighs. GUH. And how these two managed to snipe and insult each other into orgasm. This could partly be explained away by the fact that Draco is on drugs in this story (as is the author, thank heavens for that!), but Harry isn't exactly very sane either. I love this. More canon characters need to get high in this fandom, particularly if it'll get them laid.
Quote: "You're such a prat," Harry hissed, then he slipped his hand up Malfoy's dress.

'The Goodness of Their Hearts' by Taratext
I've made it something of a policy to avoid any stories that have the word 'heart' in their titles--they often turn out to be incredibly waffy stories that horrify me more than anything else. But Taratext has written a fascinating, complex future-fic in which Harry Potter's life appears to be functional on the surface even though he's completely lost his bearings, and an unabashedly gay Draco Malfoy finds himself in charge of this Quidditch star's security. (Draco Malfoy, who long ago defected from Voldemort's side, has set up a successful security agency. He's also just been handed the case of a certain Harry Potter, who is receiving death threats from a stalker but doesn't seem to be particularly concerned about them.) If this sounds like a wizarding version of 'The Bodyguard', that's because it is--only it's slash, of course, and much cleverer. And the author updates regularly--joy! (NOTE: This novel is updated more frequently on than it is anywhere else.
Quote: It turned out that Potter's ultimate destination was a pub that Draco hadn't been dragged to before. The rather dingy entrance was almost hidden by the flashier fronts of the surrounding restaurants. Inside, the wooden floors creaked under their feet and the unending bar snaked through a labyrinth of small rooms. It was not shiny and stylish. It was not, in fact, dank or dirty. It was comfortable, and it felt like a secret of the good kind.

'Cicadas' by Rhoddlet, RATED NC-17
Rhoddlet makes things so powerfully present, skin and touch and noise and heat, and this was one of those few stories that managed to arouse and horrify me at once--both in equal measures, and more intensely than a story should normally be capable of. can't actually say much more (unless I want to give away the plot, which I don't), but the following summary should suffice: Draco comes back to Harry one summer. And manages to keep his secret until it's too late.
Quote: That's how living with Draco is. Silence. Afternoons. Cicadas and rationing out the water because he has to make one person's supply of water last for two, and then this feverish lovemaking on the kitchen floor.

'Deep As You Go' by Shallott, RATED NC-17, AMBIGUOUS CONSENT
At first I thought this was a simple PWP, destined to get me off as soon as possible. Well--it did--but it grew and changed as it gathered momentum, until it became a gorgeous (if somewhat inconsistent) study of the art of revenge. Harry Potter rapes Draco Malfoy--but Draco Malfoy isn't going to the authorities. Oh, no. Malfoy is taking the law--or rather, vengeance--into his own hands.
Quote: "And what if I don't want to send you to prison?" Malfoy said softly, and his eyes were alive again, burning, glittering, dangerous. "What if I want something else?"

'Scenes From a War-Zone' by Abaddon, RATED NC-17
Good war-time fics, particularly when they're drenched with rain, angst and sexual tension, make me moan like you wouldn't believe. Abaddon more than fulfills my quota for war-time smut and psychology, with blisteringly hot H/D dialogue--in a sense, even hotter than the sex--and enough unresolved issues to make you ache longingly at the end. Harry and Draco keep meeting in the midst of the war, but they start doing what enemies shouldn't--they start saving each other.
Quote: �You should probably be going now, Harry,� Draco told him calmly, and Harry was so enraged by Draco�s calm that he decked him one more time before fleeing into the wet night.

If you thought, upon reading the title, that you were in for a nice bit of H/D fluff--my God, you were wrong. This fic is claustrophobic in its paranoia, in its quiet horror, and is possibly one of the most brilliant mindfucks ever written. Power corrupts--and Harry, who has a surplus of it, is corrupted absolutely. I could barely stand to read this story, it was so merciless, so cruel, so flawless--but if you're ready to have your stomach curdled, your heart torn, this is the tale to read. Harry Potter defeats Voldemort, but he cannot, ever, defeat himself...
Quote: Harry thought, I could put him in a cage and make him like it.

'BDSM: A Love Story' by Sara, RATED NC-17
SHEER HOTNESS. So erotic and surprising that I felt little shivers of heat running through me even as I read it. I avoided this series for so long, simply because of the title (which I thought was more than a bit tawdry), but I finally gave in after thinking to myself, for the umpteenth time: 'But it's Sara...' And boy am I glad I chose to read this! Sara's characteristically strong writing and grasp of erotic situations (how does she manage to turn me on so quickly?) make this an unforgettable and utterly gripping read. There were moments of suspense so intense that it took me several minutes to realize that I was chewing my knuckles rather painfully. Harry is characterized wonderfully as the boy-hero gone paranoid, who decides to follow Draco Malfoy and uncover him as a Death Eater... But it is Malfoy, in the end, who 'uncovers' Harry Potter. Heh. I'm pretty sure I melted into a mere soup of lust at various points in this story. There is no actual BDSM, alas, but I don't feel up to complaining.
Quote: �Harry Potter, breaking and entering. What a new and delightful hobby you have there, Potter. Though perhaps you could have chosen a room that wasn�t enchanted against unexpected visitors. Rather shoddy planning on your part.� Harry winced at that piece of information as Malfoy stared at him, his eyes glittering. Malfoy�s cheeks were red and flushed from the exertion, his hair slightly tousled. The loosened tie dangled in front of him, brushing the bedspread as he leaned forward to look more closely at Harry. �But of course this wasn�t a random choice, was it? You had some reason for being here. Enlighten me, Potter.�

'Useless Variations' by Blue
The sort of story that requires a lot of stamina to read--because it's that good, and it doesn't go easy on your heart. Draco Malfoy waits for Harry Potter. Blue explores almost every possible nuance of this pending reunion, which the reader isn't sure will ever happen--there's pain, of course, and joy, and grief, and tenderness, and rage, and everything else one might feel for an absent lover. Excellent. Draco's fantasies are at times strange, at times unnerving, at times tender--but that's why I loved this.
Quote: Harry will come back. Eventually. Draco knows it. And he waits.

'Visited' by Halrloprillalar, RATED NC-17
Short, condensed, and one of the hottest things ever written. Halrloprillalar wastes not a word, and manages to infuse sheer animalistic yearning into every single turn of phrase. I was whimpering helplessly by the end of it, literally hurting with pleasure.
Quote: Every night for a week, then nothing for three months. Once on a Wednesday morning, when Harry was already late for work, and Harry had to owl in sick, because Harry couldn't leave the bedroom when Draco was in it. Once when Harry had a girl in bed, a Muggle even. Draco pushed her out into the hall without so much as a memory charm and made Harry come three times before dawn.

'Unfinished Business' by Dee, RATED NC-17
I have an absolute kink for politics and sex combined--I love the power-play, the questions of trust, the implicit betrayals. Dee creates a fascinating, if flawed, future-fic in which Draco Malfoy withdraws from the wizarding world, and only returns in order to take care of unfinished business... Business that has to do with Harry Potter. There are bits and pieces I wasn't too fond of--particularly the 'Lord' system, which made me want to grit my teeth. ('Lord Potter'? I think not.) But there are moments of true hotness, interspersed with intrigue and just a pinch of espionage--and hot sex, of course.
Quote: "I put the fear of Malfoy into them." Draco finished the rest of his drink in one swallow, and set the glass precisely back on the bar. He stepped off the stool, taking up his cane and saluting Ginny with it, the way his father used to when he was feeling particularly genial. Draco wasn't smiling. "Thanks for the drink."

Oh yes, hot angry Drarry with twisted psychology and hatesex. I love it. Dee does a wonderful job on a manipulative Draco, who discovers that Harry Potter wants him, and decides to use it to his advantage. Harry's desire, however, isn't quite so easy to tame...
Quote: "You want this," Potter said. He made a fist around Draco's wrist and clamped his hand to the front of his trousers, pushed hard against the heel of Draco's palm. Blood coloured the edges of his teeth. "You want this," he said.

'The Outing' by Natt
Now you have to admit that if you're a fan of H/D, there's a teensy weensy part of you that's partial to a truly bitchy, superficial, annoyingly charming (or is it charmingly annoying?) Draco Malfoy. Come on. Admit it. If you think you like your Malfoys deep and conflicted, try this lovely fic on for size. Draco's stuck on an unpleasant camping trip, getting bit by mosquitoes and teased by Weasleys, and it's all he can do not to scratch his own skin off. If it sounds revolting, it is. (Sometimes.) It's also a hell of a lot of fun.
Quote: "You've emptied your little pail out all over my priceless suede duffel bag!"

'Tempting Fate' by Ivy Blossom, RATED NC-17, THREESOME
(NOTE: Also contains Harry/Ron and Draco/Harry/Ron.) Oh, this hurt so much. Anyone familiar with the burn of unrequited love will ache for Ron, oh God, poor Ron... Draco seems to think that a threesome will solve the problem--but it doesn't, of course, and things only get worse. Harry and Ron are left to pick up the pieces...
Quote: "Is that what you want?" Ron asks. It's a loaded question. Ron has that hurt look in his eyes, and there's an emphasis on the word you. It wasn't a test at all. Harry realizes suddenly that he was wrong from the start. It wasn't a test to see what Ron wanted for himself, a test to see how he felt about Harry, a test to confirm who he really was, to define his irrational jealousy. It was an offer to Harry, to find out what he wants. It was a request for Harry to make a decision, and the easy intimacy of a lazy morning, Draco in Harry's arms, had given Ron Harry's answer.

'Friend Like Me' by Lady Vader, RATED NC-17
A tad too wordy at times, but still sexy and bitter enough to warrant a recommendation. Intense and almost frighteningly hot, I absolutely adore the detail Vader goes into. I have an especial weakness for second-person Slytherin POVs, and Vader's Draco more than fulfills my desires in that department. His fantasy involving an alternate life--one in which Harry did accept his hand of friendship--sounds not only real, but inevitable, as though that's what really happened--and not perfect, not perfect at all, but as painful their true enmity is. This is what makes the story unique--there are too many plots out there that trace Harry's being in 'Slytherin' as being the perfect AU solution to H/D, but it isn't, because these two boys are destined to cause pain to each other, whether as friends or as enemies. Vader does an excellent job of depicting this, with deep imagery and heart-rending dialogue and inescapably hot sex. Oh yes.
Quote: You step as close as you can bear, sneering as if it pains you to step so close but then, in truth, it does. You clench your fists and feel the smooth cobbles of your knuckles brush some warm part of his hand but cannot allow yourself to look and see where. You're so close you can taste the tang of his breath as it spreads through the air and for one awful yet rapture inspiring moment, you consider telling him precisely where you think you'd be.

'Ice Cream Quickie' by Kick Flaw, RATED NC-17
I thought I'd rec a light-hearted smutlet for a change; a story that gets you off and makes you smile at the same time. (Laughter and pr0n: the best medicines.) Kick Flaw summarizes the story quite effectively: Wherein a Pureblood enjoys Muggle music in the middle of the night whilst snacking on ice cream, and his over-sexed boyfriend gets ideas.
Quote: �They should have a warning on that ice cream.� Draco said, exhausted. �Beware: Proven to be a strong aphrodisiac. Do not consume around horny, over-sexed or otherwise hormonal persons.

'A Gash of Color' by Kick Flaw
Don't let the sheer wordiness of the beginning put you off. There's a startling intensity to the encounter that follows--Harry, following Draco in his Invisibility Cloak, angry and wanting answers. Draco's just received the Dark Mark. Harry wants to know why. There are moments of startlingly sensual imagery, enriching the grief that makes this story taste like ash. In a good way.
Quote: The scent of the other boy�s skin was smoky, like a campsite after fire. No, it did not beget the sense of flame, but the sense of everything left when the flame had died.

'Take It And Like It' by Sara, RATED NC-17
Holy Gods yes. This fandom has a rather illustrious history of PWPs, but few, I believe, can match up to this one--shakingly gorgeous, alternately funny and unnerving, and always, always hot. There's the couch scene, and the slickly seductive shower scene, and the strip scene, and the... Oh God. Don't even ask about the library scene. Sara takes us into Harry's mind as he suffers from what appears to be a curse of some sort. A curse that results in the strangest dreams about Draco Malfoy... Don't think this is the stereotypical dreamsex set-up, though. My only advice is not to read this in the workplace, unless you want to burn to a delighted crisp in front of your computer. Ah, finally. Porn that isn't afraid to make light of itself.
Quote: Black leather. That was the first thing he noticed. It only took a moment for his field of vision to widen: the black leather was a couch. It widened further. The couch was in a large room. There was a fireplace to his left. Draco Malfoy was sitting on the couch.

'Happily Ever After' by November Snowflake
Every once in a while, you discover a story that fills exactly the shape of the hunger you have. I wanted hot, tight, angry H/D that didn't end happily--lo, I have found it. Be warned that this contains het, if that sort of thing squicks you--but it's luminous and painful and lovely, and you'll be fools to be turned away by it. Both Harry and Ginny are characterized so perfectly that it hurts to read them, to see how they both try to banish their memories in each other. (Ginny of Tom; Harry of Draco.) I only wish such lightning-sharp, undeniably real fiction was written more often.

'Tomorrow' by November Snowflake
If I don't get a sequel to this I think I might die. Just beautiful, and so subtle and gentle and angry all at once. Draco is more in-character here than he is in most H/D, and the tight, fragile tension that builds between him and Harry is so compelling that one can barely breathe. What starts as an alliance of solitude eventually grows into a need for togetherness... But it isn't harmonious at all, and with Harry and Draco one should never expect it to be.
Quote: Malfoy dropped his armload of ingredients, and the contents smashed to the floor as he pressed his hands to the cupboards on either side of Harry�s head. �Didn�t anyone ever tell you, Potter,� he hissed, �never to make promises like that?� He leaned in, his face millimeters from Harry�s. �For all we know, there may not even be a tomorrow.� He glared at Harry for a few silent moments, then stepped back and thrust his wand at the broken vials. �Reparo,� he spat, then swept them up and stormed off.

'Dancing Queen' by Maya
Ha! Lovely, snarky, glittery, gay, and simply, utterly wonderful. Harry Potter is eventually convinced to abandon the staid path of heterosexuality; Draco Malfoy in glitter helps along. (As does Dudley. Don't ask.) Only Maya can make me hot and bothered with truly beautiful descriptions of kisses one minute, and have me giggling madly the next.
Quote: Harry had a vision of this � this stupid playboy Malfoy toying with people, maybe writing in his diary �La la la, kissed Harry Potter, la la la, went off for an orgy with cream cheese� and while one part of him stood aside and said �My God, what is in those Bacardi Breezers?� most of him just pushed Malfoy up against the wall.

'Vicarious' by SQ
Harry's on the prowl, as per usual, but he in turn becomes prey to circumstance and to a certain Draco Malfoy... Hot, strange and wonderful, this is something between a mindfuck and a fuck of more literal proportions--quite what you need on a darksome night. I loved the pivotal nature of the het here as well, and the intermittent urges I had to jump Hermione before I managed to remind myself that I was here for the Harry/Draco action. Huh. There is that gorgeous, slightly ridiculous and always sexy sense of distance that comes with voyeurism, and Harry's POV is perfectly written. It is a measure of SQ's skill that she makes the evolution of Draco/Hermione into Harry/Draco into Harry/Hermione work so well that it seems practically inevitable.
Quote: The thing about invisibility cloaks, they give you the freedom to be anywhere, see and hear everything.

'The Curious Vengeance of Draco Malfoy' by Halrloprillalar
(NOTE: Also contains Draco/Cho.) Halrloprillalar, she of the impossible name, strikes again. This is a beautifully aching fic, bitter and strangely amusing and inexplicable and just so Drarry. Harry breaks off his relationship--if it could be called that--with Draco rather suddenly, and Draco is left without that which he most desires: revenge. Only a Slytherin could make revenge so slow, so gentle.
Quote: Draco made himself think of Cho as he tried to get to sleep. But it wasn't that hard to do. She laughed and poked him in the ribs and told him he was finally getting smart about this.

'Something Fishy' by November Snowflake, REFERENCES TO BESTIALITY
The sort of story that leaves you grinning helplessly, even as you feel slightly unnerved. (Everyone knew Draco Malfoy was a kinky boy, but the latest rumors really took the cake.) This story will leave you in no doubt, however, that in the kink department Potter wins hands down.
Quote: Harry had the entirely inappropriate thought that Draco Malfoy had really powerful shoulders. The realization made him clench his fists. And when Draco hopped out of the boat and tugged it the rest of the way to shore, Harry steadfastly refused to allow himself to think about Malfoy�s backside. Some things were just too unholy to contemplate.

'A Slytherin Scarf' by Umbralin
I do have a weakness for balcony scenes, and this one is more tender, more tentative, than most. (Why yes, that melted puddle on the floor is me.) Draco Malfoy returns after a long absence, and brings an unexpected gift. Will Harry Potter accept it?
Quote: Harry looked down at Draco�s left hand that had settled on his shoulder. He didn�t want to look Draco in the eyes. He didn�t think he could stand seeing that let�s-keep-Harry-safe-so-he-can-fight-Voldemort look. Not on Draco�s face. He was used to it from anybody else. Had accepted it, even. But not from Draco.

'Azkaban' by Silvia Kundera
Fast and cruel and disjointed--a look into Draco Malfoy's mind. This was hurtful and strong, and angry in that peculiarly cold way one would expect from a Malfoy, tenderness and bitterness inseparable. He will get out. He will. Silvia has perhaps the most flawless control of the word 'and' I've ever seen--she makes it flow, and her sentences run like sinew. The only complaint I have with this piece (if any!) is that it's a bit too American--but that's just a little thing, and I'm hardly knowledgeable about British things myself, so I should probably just keep quiet.
Quote: We're all in the same boat, and a lot of us are dying.

'Smile, And That Will Mean I May' by Aspen
A hilarious, grope-happy parody of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, edged with fluff and snark and just a little bit of smut. It's quite insane and quite a lot of fun, and I just can't get Snape out of my mind! Not to mention Draco in a little pink dress... Will Harry be able to escape the advances of various and sundry, and propose to his boyfriend before the night is up?
Quote: For the second time that night, Harry was backed up against the wall with someone in drag thrusting gently against him, and his earlier words rang in his head like a wedding bell. But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane...

'Eclipse' by PhoenixSong
A gripping and psychologically fascinating series, even if it does slip into cliche on occasion. At the end of their fifth year, Draco made a promise to Harry Potter. "I'm going to make you pay..." Now, Draco's revenge and his chance for greatness come when he captures Harry for Voldemort. Given the honour of guarding Potter until Voldemort is ready to make use of him, Draco soon finds that this honour is becoming more and more of an ethical trial. The characterization is a bit stereotypical, as is some of the dialogue, but the underlying themes fascinate me. I'm not so unsure about which side Draco will choose to take, but I am eager to see exactly how he'll choose it.

'A Bedroom, During Summer Months' by P. W. Potter, RATED NC-17, BREATHPLAY, BDSM, BESTIALITY, VOYEURISM
Oh my GOD. The sheer, gorgeous perversity of this is overwhelming. It's so wrong it's right: snakes and Draco and handcuffs and vengeance and voyeurism and pain and yesyesyes. It is, in a sense, one of those strange sexual fantasies that will never be realized (more's the pity), but it's the sort of guest you entertain in your mind every now and then. Harry has a visitor during the summer months, but it's the last person he expected...
Quote: "But this," he finishes in a voice that sends quiescent shivers across your exposed skin, "is for putting my father in Azkaban." The rough underside of hard leather presses against your throat, constricting your airway just enough to make your lungs struggle, and those girlish fingers snap a latch in the back of your collar.

(NOTE: Harry/Draco is only one of many pairings here.) I believe the title sums it up nicely. It's Amanuensis, it's smutty, it's pairing-rich fic with almost every kink you can think of; it's psychologically flawless, beautifully characterized, angry and sexy and vicious and tender and ooooh. It hurts to read it, it's so gorgeous. So sensually exact. Harry is trapped in a world of eternal punishment after Voldemort's victory, and there seems no end in sight... I couldn't stop reading this, this sweet nightmare, this dark heaven, and my fingers were chewed to bloody stumps by the end of it. Ah, such pain is joy.

'Casting Lots' by Verdant
A new H/D series that promises to be addictive. The beginning is a bit abrupt, but the plot soon picks up beautifully. After OotP, the Ministry is taken over and the Death Eaters go on a rampage not only against Muggles and Mudbloods, but also against those of their own kind who pose a threat to them. Lucius Malfoy, erstwhile prisoner, dies--and his only son is forced to escape England in order to survive. The fast-paced and suspenseful plot is balanced with some wonderful, dark introspection on Draco's part, both guiding the story and offering us insight into his mind. Harry Potter is the first one to recognize the disguised and wounded Draco, and offers unexpected help. But what are his motivations, given their apparent enmity? And what on earth is Percy Weasley doing? [Part Two can be found here.]
Quote: 'In the chaos of war there is the perfect opportunity for old grievances to be settled,' his mother had said, and, though it seemed impossible, he knew that death was the only thing his father's name entitled him to now.

'An Obscene Obsession' by Jitterbug, RATED NC-17
Draco is in denial and has an oral fixation. A very, very bad oral fixation. If you've ever dreamed of porn that's long and involved and potent as hot candy, this is it. I was at first discouraged at the grammar that dithers a bit in the first two paragraphs, but the writing soon improves and, oh God, the smut is undeniable. And funny. And helplessly arousing. And yes.
Quote: He has stopped trying to gain his father�s approval, but Snape�s unsettling walking stick story is more than enough proof that Draco will not be the first Malfoy to seek pleasure with his own sex.

'Potion Six' by Sloane
Finally completed! (Parts one, two, three, four and five.) Snape assigns Harry as Draco's... er... 'errand boy'--a most sadistic detention. Draco uses Harry to assist his potions research. And no, don't look at me like that--Harry's a helper, not a guinea pig. (Well...) You'll love this--it's hilarious, and ridiculous, and increasingly sexy.
Quote: Draco held up the pestle and pointed it at Harry. 'I will not be passed off to some kind of fumbling underling! This is delicate business!'

'As Good As He Got' by Reena, RATED NC-17, RAPE, VIOLENCE
Few people can write (or comprehend) H/D non-con, but that's ridiculous considering that it's more canonical than H/D fluff. (Well; after that punch-up in OotP, anyway...) Reena spots this, and does an excellent job of horrifying the living Hell out of her reader, with non-consensual smut that some might find disturbingly arousing, and others just plain disturbing. The reader is suspended in a sharply broken, fragmented POV, just as fragmented as Harry's own mind. It is this characterization of Harry that is going to stick with me for a long time, as is that lingering feeling of horror I had as I neared the conclusion. You know you want it. Yes you do.

'Just a Little Bit More' by Sara, RATED NC-17, ABUSE, VIOLENCE
Sharp, hot, succinct, psychologically rich porn. After that disastrous Quidditch match in OotP, Draco discovers an unnerving propensity for submission. And that's it, people--one boy, one twisted mind, and an unbelievably glorious wanking session. You'll love it.
Quote: 'You�ll always be beneath me, Malfoy,' Potter would whisper, 'because you love it there.'

'Double Dare' by Silvia Kundera
A gorgeously funny, grin-inspiring bit of romance, with possibly the sweetest kiss ever written. (Draco is a self-satisfied little bastard. Harry is ridiculously tolerant and an awful judge of character. Boys are stubborn. It's just like the books, except much shorter and gayer!)
Quote: Draco studied him, speculative. "I suppose there should be more snogging, but you're profoundly irritating. You don't appreciate my stunning conversation skills."

'Chances Are' by Reena, RATED NC-17
Lovely, vicious, cathartic smut rich with sexual tension. Harry and Draco sizzle as the enemies cooped up together on what might be Draco's last day alive--but if you expected an outpouring of angst, this is not it. It's angry, it's gorgeous, and most of all, it's smutty. And both of them are in-character, which is always rare in H/D porn...

'Contingency' by Dorrie
Draco beats Harry at Quidditch and his universe implodes. While the plot is standard (there's not much one can do with a school-based H/D fic), the characterization is thorough, the angst pleasantly understated and the romance not without a dark edge of heartache. Draco is, perhaps, out of character--but so very much the charmingly confused adolescent that you'll be tugged along regardless. The plot does thicken, with Death Eaters and prophecies eventually gathering around what initially seemed to be a tale of teenaged romance. There are also moments of tongue-in-cheek humor, when Draco contradicts himself in the most adorable of ways--the following quote, for example, shows how he starts to feel protective of Harry even before he can tolerate calling the boy by his first name. Hmm.
Quote: He looked at the parchment again. He didn't understand why Potter was the target and not Dumbledore. He figured it had something to do with this prophecy he'd been hearing about, but it didn't make sense to him. Truth be told, he was feeling rather resentful towards Dumbledore for placing Potter in this kind of danger. What kind of great wizard sends a student to his doom while sitting back in his office twiddling his thumbs? Sure, Potter had gotten lucky in the past, and maybe even had some unique talent for foiling Voldemort... throwing him off his game and whatnot, but shouldn't Hogwarts be concerned with its students' safety above all? Draco felt a complaint was in order. He'd be sure to get around to it as soon as he was finished dying a horrible death at the hands of his own father.

'The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' by Zahra
Lovely; carefully humorous. A death-fic that isn't really a death-fic, and a romance that isn't really a romance... This is a superb, odd little gem by one of my favorite authors. Such originality is rare to find. The only thing this story lacks, if anything, is a sequel.
Quote: Potter was standing behind him in the kitchen, surrounded by strange white bags, and illuminated by a light that clearly showed Draco that nighttime had settled in. Potter looked the same as always, albeit a bit more haggard. He was easily the oldest twenty-three year old Draco had ever seen, and could have benefited greatly from several holidays and a good moisturising cream.

'Idle Flights of Fancy' by Sara
Harry Potter develops a most inconvenient crush, and decides to pretend it doesn't exist--until, of course, the object of it corners him in a lonely corridor. Short and sweet, this is a little something to munch for tea.

'Static' by Sqeakyclean
So beautiful, so strange, so painful. Broken and mute, Draco is an unlikely victim of the war against Voldemort. Which side was he truly on? Harry thinks he needs to know, but the answers aren't easy to find.
Quote: They found him by the side of a road, after the war. He was broken beyond repair.

'Porcelain' by Missi
This will scare the living daylights out of you, it's so wonderful and creepy and yesyesyes. Harry Potter dreams--except, of course, when he doesn't.

'Afterwards' by Sloane
(Parts one, two, three, four and five.) Wonderfully wistful, minimalist work. There is a yearning even to the ending, which is sweet and relieving despite the tragedy that precedes it. Yes, this is a wartime fic. And yes, it's beautiful.
Quote: But the graves kept coming, and after a few months there were no graves. When someone was taken by the Mark, their companion killed them and left the ashes for the wind to scatter. It was the only way anyone could make it back from a battle, ever.

'The Boy Who' by Libertine
Chocolate, tunnels (no pun intended), licking, Harry, Draco and... oh, it's all so cute. Draco is wonderfully bitchy (what is it about Libertine and lovely, bitchy Malfoys?), and I couldn't stop giggling all the way through.

'Haeddu' by Amatia
Breathtakingly original, with a plot involving the war on Voldemort, Hermione Granger's research and various references to Goblin magic. Draco Malfoy defects to the side of Light--well, not quite--but certainly enough to put himself in the Dark Lord's not-so-little black book. Harry Potter, intrepid Auror and ex-lover of George Weasley, is made Draco's unwilling protector... That is, if he can keep from hexing Malfoy himself. [NOTE: The link to this story is unstable. It works most of the time, but...]

'The Cicatrix Cycle' by Ivy Blossom
I can scarcely believe that I forgot to rec this remarkable, novel-length series, despite the fact that I've re-read it nearly countless times in the past months. 'Origins' (the first part) is probably my favorite, with Draco's POV so flawless and vulnerable that I was mewling with delight... And yes, Draco can be vulnerable and vicious at once--just look at what he does to Pansy. (OK, OK, I'd better stop now, before I give away the plot!) Suffice it to say (as Ivy does): 'Draco falls in love with Harry.' Ahem. And don't miss the sword-fighting, either.

'A Plague of Legends' by Ishuca
Gripping, absorbing novel-in-progress--and yet another story that I can't believe I forgot to recommend before. (This is the thing: the more often I read a story, the less likely I am to remember to recommend it, since it becomes a part of my daily ritual. Wake up, switch on the computer, check for updates, go back to sleep.) Recently updated with the 18th and 19th chapters of the story, 'A Plague of Legends' is a unique take on the H/D dynamic, in which Harry and Draco become lovers long before they cease to be enemies--no, not enemies, perhaps--but not outright allies either. Draco finds himself gaining unexpected comfort from what had begun as a mere conquest. And what devious plan is Lucius Malfoy hatching for his son?

'Triptych' by Ivy Blossom, RATED NC-17
A three-part study in dysfunction. Ivy's summary is minimalistic, and cannot possibly convey the heart-wrenching intensity of this work: 'Harry and Draco are in an abusive relationship which ends; Draco repents.' It's not, of course, quite that simple... Ivy has a rare gift for writing despair and spiritual ruin, while still grounding it in sordid urban realities. She manages to juxtapose images as ephemeral as rain and roses with a sense of grit, of harshness, that lingers long after the first reading. I've read this story at least three times, and still feel the need to return to it regularly...

'Sodomite' by Ivy Blossom, RATED NC-17, THREESOME
Ivy's work is always intense, and while I nearly didn't read this story because of the mere presence of Cho (what can I say, post-OotP blues), I'm glad I finally took the leap. This is erotic, angsty smut, and Harry's dissatisfaction makes for a wonderful tension when coupled with Draco's hunger. Cho is Harry's supposed lover, until her taste for sexual experimentation backfires...

'Inscription' by Aja, RATED NC-17
Hot, hard, heartbreaking. Harry Potter uses Draco Malfoy--and then, quite unexpectedly, Harry Potter discovers Draco Malfoy. (Post-OotP.)

'Lather, Rinse, Repeat' by AMonthOfSundays
Humor, with a sweet, light touch. (Draco's obsession with shampoo isn't necessarily a bad thing. Even though it may eventually become eclipsed by his obsession with Harry Potter...)

'Was Will Is' by Blythely
Makes me squirm, it's so lovely. Draco tries to ignore Harry Potter--but Harry Potter, of course, is not so easy to ignore.

'And I Get By' by Silvia Kundera
It is a law of the universe(s) that anything written by Silvia is invariably rec-worthy--no--more than that. This H/D gem is no exception. It is officially classified as a 'friendship fic', but I couldn't resist looking at it with my slashy eye...

'Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow' by November Snow
In the war-torn world after Hogwarts, one man has no knowledge of his yesterdays. (Yes. Amnesia--but don't run away at 'yet another amnesia-fic'. November Snow makes me hunger for more, and her take on this plot is unforgettable.)

'Twisted' by Ivy Blossom, RATED NC-17
Y'all know I love Ivy, right? This settles it--I could LIVE on her smut. Her summary is more succinct than mine, so here goes: 'Harry is needy. Draco is power hungry. Add water, and ta da!' (Yes. Well. 'Ta da' would be an understatement. This is gorgeous work.)

'Love at First Sight' by Abaddon
Adorable, mischievous post-war romance. This proves it: journalism is an exercise in futility.

'Freedom in the Fall' by Melissa, RATED NC-17
I always knew those Quidditch posts were giant phallic symbols. Inspired, glorious smut by one of the best H/D writers out there.

'Git' by Zahra
This is why it pays to loiter in hallways on the Hogwarts Express. There is often, nay, ALWAYS, a snog or a hex in progress. Not to mention that Zahra is the first writer to hit upon the one word that fully summarizes the H/D dynamic. Git. (The word, not her.)

'Something Impossible' by Cassandra Claire
This fic makes me want to marry Goyle. 'Nuff said.
Quote: "What? Why are you leaving?" Draco said. "I thought you liked me. Here I am, offering you my Adonis-like body, and you reject me. Your behavior is inexplicable."

'How to Disappear' by Cassandra Claire, RATED NC-17, NON-CON
A work-in-progress that I can't wait to get my mouth around. Harry is vicious and angsty with post-OotP goodness, and he can't help but take advantage of Draco--or is it vengeance?--when Draco asks Harry to save Lucius Malfoy. All things come with a price, as they say...

'The More Things Change' by Deche
Draco Malfoy has an epiphany, aided by those more perceptive than he--Dumbledore, for one, and Erised. Much ecstatic fighting, hatred, desire and misbegotten tenderness. Things no H/D fan can do without.
Quote: They were a blur of bodies, blending colours of skin and hair and clothing, like paint smeared over canvas. Fights, it seemed, happened so quickly that those who watched them felt they were over before they had even begun, but when you were part of them, things moved differently.

'In Dialogia' by Ivy Blossom and Libertine
Possibly the only serious work of fan poetry that I'd recommend with my heart and soul. A dialogue between Harry and Draco, imagistic, rich and heartbreaking.

'Winter' by Kai
Grief and snow. A beautifully descriptive little story. Draco Malfoy has joined Snape's game of playing a double-agent... but what happens when he loses? Harry is left alone, in winter, with nothing but rage and loss to keep him company...
Quote: 'He hadn't cared much for "overt displays of sentiment" anyway, unless accompanied by a pack or two of unfiltered cigarettes. "Filthy habit, I agree," Draco would say, taking a long, eloquent drag. "But damned necessary." And Harry, who understood necessary things, had never complained about the smoke or the dark taste on Draco's fingertips, lips, and tongue.'

'Very Midsummer Madness' by George Pushdragon
Soft, soft! My heart beats apace... This is, without a doubt, the most delightful work of fanfiction I've ever read--I'll scream its name from the rooftops, perform perverted sexual favors for the author--aye, that and more--just for another update. I LOVE THIS, beyond the capacity to express in any way deserving enough of this story. The writing is lush, exquisite and witty, with such a delicate touch that it makes me ache, yes, and makes me smart at the same time, with jealousy. If I could write like this I'd... I'd... oh God, I don't know, propose marriage to myself!
This is an AU adaptation of the Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night', and just beautifully done. Harry finds himself shipwrecked, in codpiece and doublet, and very, very confused. The world of Hogwarts does not exist in this strange new land, which goes by the name of Illyria. Here Harry meets many characters--the love-sick Duchess Virginia Orsino, her maid McGonagall, and a silent, mysterious minstrel who looks just like Albus Dumbledore. Disguised as a girl and in the employ of the Duchess Orsino, Harry is tasked with delivering Ginny's lovelorn messages to the Duke Olivier (also known as Draco Malfoy). The Duke, however, is less interested in the originator of those messages than he is in the messenger herself... (Or, as Harry must eventually reveal, 'himself'.)
The author's gift is her almost achingly clever, glittering dialogue--interspersed with imagery so luscious and startling that one is left breathless. Her characterizations are flawless, and her Snape, as the malicious Malvolio, is just superb. Ron is wonderful as Toby Belch and Percy is almost ridiculously sweet as Sir Aguecheek. Draco is described so beautifully (all silk and haughtiness and flirtatious wiles) that one is hard-put not to throw him down and ravish him immediately, on the plush, manicured grass of his lawn. Oh, oh! I need more of this!
NOTE: If you haven't read 'Twelfth Night', you might not understand the subtleties of this story. You're advised to read up on it, or at least on a few 'study notes', before you attempt this fic.

Possibly the most unique take on Draco I've yet read--Aja deserves congratulations on her courage to portray him this way, which seems somehow more scarily in-character than so many other fics I've read. (I won't say how--won't spoil the surprise, but you'll see when you read it.) It is possibly a measure of my depravity that I find come-spattered coffins ineffably arousing, and this fic has that and more--coarse fabric, gasps, death, rain, dark humor, romance and sex. To say that I love this story would be an understatement. Atmosphere, people! Sweat, skin, blood, come, cloth... I love this. Love this. I couldn't look at the H/D dynamic the same way again, after reading this perversely sweet romance...

'Sides' by Halrloprillalar
So spare, so gaunt and so painful that it arches like a spine. A marvelous study of moral subjectivity in times of war. (Draco Malfoy must choose sides...)

'What Love Is' by Novembersnow
In the tradition of abandoned storerooms, antique sofas and snowball fights, this is a lovely, evenly paced romance of high quality. With a rich, sensual atmosphere, it is remarkable for somehow making the reader intuitively know what both boys are feeling, even though so much goes unsaid in their relationship (at least, in this interpretation of their relationship). Truly memorable, minimalist work.

'' by Cinnamon
A spectacularly silly, hilarious adventure in transfiguration. Beanbag chairs and closets and living mops and whiskey and kissing...

'The Cage' by Sara
A heart-breaking, understated, quiet little piece. Harry, Draco, and the Stockholm Syndrome. [NOTE: This story will eventually be up on the PSA, which is why I've linked to PSA's new site.]

'Vigil' by Zahra
Lovely, odd, lyrical work that just makes you ache... Perhaps there are happy endings after all.

'Transfigurations' by Resonant, RATED NC-17
Gorgeous, novella-length H/D of the highest quality. I'm still licking my lips. An original plot and smartingly good characterization, coupled with a surprising mix of magical theory, action and romance. Resonant's interpretation of a future Draco is almost frighteningly convincing (and by that I mean I had to take a break before being able to believe anyone else's interpretation of him). Her Harry is likewise in-character, a superb combination of resentment, vulnerability, mulishness and angst. Can you tell how jealous I am? If I could write opening paragraphs like the ones Resonant manages here, I'd die happy. You're glued from the first sentence in.
Summary: Five years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry returns to England to help re-open Hogwarts.

'Control' by Sara, RATED NC-17, FIGHTSEX
So hot that my knees melted into little puddles by the time I'd finished reading it. Come on, admit it: If you like H/D, you've got a hidden (or, in my case, very public) fetish for fightsex. Make 'em bleed, make 'em hurt... And Sara celebrates that glorious love/hate tradition beautifully, with ecstatic, orgiastic, violent smut. It's a bit of a staple, I suppose, the fight-turning-into-rampant-sex that we H/D shippers are used to seeing, but few can make it so HOT. Read this, and drool.

'Monsoon Weather' by lifeinwords
Lovely, strange, PWP-ish and poetic. Both dreamlike and incandescent. You'll see what I mean. (A freak bout of monsoon weather hits Hogwarts... And there's too much rain to care about much of anything.)

'Through a Shattered Mirror' by Rushlight, RATED NC-17, SLAVERY, THREESOME
(Not only an H/D fic. Various pairings: Severus/Harry, Draco/Harry, Severus/Harry/Draco.) This is lush eroticism, bursting with angst and exquisitely painful insight into what it means to be a slave. Before you run away, let me assure you that the concept of 'slave' is far from pedestrian here, and Harry's reaction to being captured and forced into servitude is almost frightening in its reality. Trust me on this. (Oh, and there's the hot sex...)

'Thicker than Blood' by Corvette Claire
An excellent, gripping new series--already with ten chapters up! Very few people have discovered it thus far, but oh, it is worth discovering. Takes the classic 'magic link' plotline and deals with it in a refreshing way. This story has one of the most in-character Harrys produced by fanon--his reactions are exactly what I'd expect from a canon Harry. Draco is wonderfully detailed as well--thorny with a vulnerable core. But it is with the minor characters that this author's characterization truly shines. Few authors bother to shade their minor characters so delicately--yet in Corvette's hands, they aren't minor anymore--they're real--and even slices of dialogue reveal so much about their personalities. It's a joy to read. Albus, Crabbe, Minerva, Snape, Hermione... Oh, Albus! Not many people have the courage to write him as both cold-blooded and noble, scathingly perceptive and softly humorous. I was biting my lip with delight at Corvette's take on him. The writing is simple and clean--nothing decorative or overtly literary, but it is satisfying as freshly baked bread is. Simple, yes, but nourishing, and quietly elegant.
(Summary: Death Eaters have attacked and nearly devastated Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy is caught between a magical summons from his father and the wards that stop anyone from crossing out of or into Hogwarts in this time of crisis. The summons is a form of powerful Dark magic, which threatens to destroy him because he cannot fulfill it. Harry becomes caught up in a battle for Draco's loyalty, and perhaps his heart, as Draco yearns to return to his parents.)

'6 Months' by Tosca
Aching, gorgeous work. Draco mourns the loss of his father... Harry waits, and watches. Second-person, Draco's POV.
'You told Harry you forgave him, and it's true, you did. You have. You told him you forgave him because you love him, and that was the lie. You forgave him because he doesn't have a father - so he can't understand the whys and wherefores of your pain. That's the reason you forgave him.'

'The Beginning' by El Erzulie
Very artistic, tenderly written fic. I love this characterization of Draco, even though it is OOC. I absolutely adored the imagery here, and the quiet, deep-running emotions that wove through it like light. Exquisite. As I said, Draco is more than a little OOC, very much a creation of fanon here. But gorgeous. His silent obsession with Harry--both artisitically and personally speaking, is wonderfully done. The author says that this fic revolves around 'two lovely boys and an art project'. Why don't you read it and find out if she's right? Purely for... artistic... purposes, of course. ;)

'Et Ne Nos Inducas in Tentationem' by Kenna Hijja
Title translates as 'Lead us not into temptation'. Another excellent story by Kenna, although I prefer her 'Dead Before Dawn'. Here we finally witness the breaking of Harry Potter, at the hands of one Draco Malfoy.

'Blood and Hair' by Te
Don't read this if you're squeamish. A quietly horrifying, brilliant fic--an unnerving look into a possible future. Torture, interrogation and denied pasts. (Harry's always on stage...)

'Lavender' by Iris
Wistful, beautiful, heart-breaking... Oh, pull out your tissues for this one. I think I'm falling in love with Iris.

'The Spirit Room' by Gypsy Silverleaf
This is a strange, haunting, wonderfully written WIP. It is deliciously dark--gothic without being melodramatic, and morally relativistic without being didactic. Harry is suddenly captured by a group of people who may or may not work for Voldemort, and who, bizarrely enough, want to force him into becoming more powerful. His instructors are both cold and empathic, cruel and kind... Until the one begins to blur into the other, and Harry begins to lose his emotional bearings in this strange new world. Among his instructors is the ambiguous Draco Malfoy. Do read this story--it's positively addictive, sensual, absorbing and challenging. Each new chapter improves until the story works itself into your blood, a most beautiful poison. Egads, READ IT! I've been reading it for months, keeping track of updates, but for some idiotic reason I haven't recced it before...

'Forget' by Ash Jay
Oh my God, this is the hottest smut I've read in ages--builds to its climax so rough and true that... wow. Wow. It feels real, like so little porn does these days... It's beautiful--a perfect mix of adolescent lack of control and erotic stream of consciousness. Captures Harry's voice so flawlessly that it renders the reader breathless. There are few stories out there that one can actually wank off to--this is one of them. Yep. The smut's THAT good.

'A Sea of Waking Dreams' by Iris
Harry dreams of the ocean. A surreal, sea-green tale.

'Disciplinary Authority' by Seeker, HARDCORE NC-17, BDSM, VOYEURISM, HEAVY KINK
This is one of the most jaw-droppingly thorough BDSM fics I've read--glorious, orgiastic and utterly, bloody, unforgivably brilliant. All my joints felt dislocated by the end of this one, it was so intense. One of those 'historical' PWPs; i.e., one of those you will never, ever, not in a million years, forget.

'A Brief Interval Before the Resumption of Play' by Audrey
Arguably one of the most excellent, hottest H/D stories in existence. I cannot express how much I adore Audrey's work, how it sends hot shivers along my spine...
Quote: 'I will lie back staring blindly at the canopy, playing and replaying those scenes. His lips on mine. His hands� They are like an abrasion that hasn�t healed, a wound that can�t be touched by light or air. And I keep touching it. It hurts, and night after night, my fingers are drawn to it again. I had waited. I waited from the very darkest core of night until the sky was so light a shade of gray that it was practically white. He hadn�t come back.'

'Just a Little Bit of Spice' by Iris
An adorable study of domestic bliss and torment. Harry throws a hissy fit, and Draco follows him to make amends... This gorgeous little story left me feeling all gooey and quietly delighted at the end. Ah, this is how H/D should be! Pasta, bad cooking and fluff...
Quote: 'He�d been half hard since he�d walked into the kitchen � there was just something about an infuriated Harry shaking a wooden spoon at him, no matter how angry he was...'

'Les Go�ts et les Couleurs' by Charli J
One of the most memorable H/D fics I've ever read, with moments of glorious, ecstatic imagery in between periods of wry humor. I was smiling quietly at the end, hand pressed to my heart. It's like Hermione said: Nothing good can come of this. But ah, perhaps something does.
Quote: �Are you always this morbid?� Draco asks, stopping to lean against the wall and watch Harry, faintly amused. �I always thought you liked boys, but honestly. Are you obsessed with death, too?�

'Heat' by starbuckle
What the title says. This is one HOT. Smutty. Drabble.

'Snitch!' by Alex Malfoy
Muggle London. Gangsters. Slash. Draco and Harry in a series of wild (and well-dressed) escapades. Yes, this is one of those 'quintessential' H/D stories, that everyone in the fandom has read at some point in time--or should have, anyway, in order to count themselves anything of an H/D fan. In the unlikely event that you haven't read it... GO READ IT! NOW!

'Tale of the Shining Prince' by Olympia
Yet another story that everyone (should have) read, but after being reminded by various people to add it to my recs anyway, here it is! 'Tale' and its sequels glitter with gorgeous dialogue, psychological puzzles and oddly, beautifully serrated images--changing settings like revolving doors, providing glimpses into different worlds (the Malfoy family portraits, Draco's bed, Severus' room, Lucius Malfoy's office). Draco Malfoy has had a happy childhood, but with the onset sexual maturity, things become more complicated... Olympia's subjective, ambiguous take on moral concerns in particular makes this story remarkable. Not many authors have the courage to understand that in some families, 'prejudice' is a way of life, and cruelty commonplace. Overlapping myth, memory and the present, this is one the most unique H/D epics on the internet.

'Beyond Most Fevered Hopes' by Charli J
Feck, I felt somewhere between crying and making love and dying when I read this fic. Based on the gorgeous, unsettling drabble 'Monsoon' by Tilney (this fic is linked to at the given page, don't worry), 'Beyond Most Fevered Hopes' is a strange, hurting, lush retelling of water, grief and sensuality.

'No Rest for the Wicked' by Tzigane, RATED NC-17
Beware, this is a Nasty!Harry fic! It's gorgeous, PWP-ish, and dirtily pleasing. A game of sex and power... Weird and funny and nasty by turns. There is also Severus/Draco here, albeit not as the major focus.

'Three Sisters' by ZionStarfish
Heart-breaking drabble.

'Matter of Interest' by Charli J
A quirky, quietly humorous fic about the science of indifference. Harry decides he's sick of Malfoy, sick of reacting helplessly to all the insults, all the casual cruelties. He decides to be indifferent--but, as usual, nothing in Harry's life turns out as planned.

'Destruction' by Ana Mirza
Sharp, beautiful, painful angst. Perhaps the most cruel of things is the betrayal of hope--the crushing of something just coming to flower.
This story is exquisite--a ruthless study of tenderness and suffering, of despair and desire. I cannot recommend it enough. Go. Read. It. (NOTE: The beginning is actually the end, in this story--the rest of it is essentially a flashback.)

'One Thousand Instances Left This' by Charli J
Three scenes in the life of (enmity). 'His hands curl around Draco's throat, and Harry can feel the erratic thrum of his pulse against his palm...'

'Coercion is Underrated' by SassyInkPen, RATED NC-17, THREESOME
Unabashed, completely unreasonable and TOTALLY HOT PWP. Harry finds Severus and Draco together, and 'gets drafted'...

'For A Time in Silence' by Charli J
A gorgeous, unashamed and psychologically rich PWP of the best kind.
Quote: 'Whoever has control, Draco thinks. Things couldn't be too far-gone if whatever happens is still about power.'

'Negative Image' by Tenshi
A BRILLIANT, dangerous, unnerving tale of reflections and control. 'I�m your reflection. I�m your negative. I'm you, Harry Potter.' This story will prickle under your skin and make you flinch when you look in the mirror. Believe me. Also has glorious accompanying art.

'Three Little Pigs' by Nope
A twisted, hilarious little tale of what certain green drinks can do to you. An R for innuendo.

'The Semantics of Statues' by Sloane
This story will shatter you--it is both ambiguous and merciless, like life itself. I'm still stinging with the power of it... Repressed grief and desire. AU fic. What if Draco was nobody special, and Harry held his hand out first?

'Even Better Raw' by Narcissa Malfoy, R to NC-17
Quote: 'Sushi is one of the finest things in life, and you�d have to be a waddling, unwashed, knuckle-dragging beast to pass it up the chance to at least try it.'
I cannot express how much I love this fic. It's fun, it's urban, and very, very hot. Draco introduces Harry to the wonders of sushi, among... other things... (If you've ever wanted to read a fic where these two shared a hotel room... Yes. Well. *cough* I'm not actually sure if this is an R or an NC-17, since it's not explicit. Not that explicit, anyway.)

'Open Your Eyes' by blue
Holy Hell. This story has freaked me out--dragged claws through me--and I'm shivering--and I can't give away a single damn plot detail because this is TOO GORGEOUS and TOO STRANGE and TERRIFYING and BEAUTIFUL like you've never seen! Seriously. There's a major twist in the plot here and I can't give details... But READ IT. (Official summary: Draco Malfoy acts surreal. Harry Potter just wishes he were real.)

'Cadence' by John
John is a wonderful writer, whose other work on The Dark Arts also bears checking out. This is a wonderful piece, infused with nostalgia and music. Religion and Draco make a surprising combination...
Summary: One man is searching for his identity -- for his soul -- several years after the end of the war. His search has led him to a choir singing in a chapel, and it is there he has an epiphany of hope, fear, resolution and love.

'Tissue of Silver' by Fearlessdiva
Absolutely goddamn brilliant, and if I had the ability to steal this author's Muse, I would. Has an understated, minimalist grace with gorgeous, well-rounded dialogue. A future-fic in which Draco's life is in danger after he informs on the Death Eaters, and Harry's an Auror in charge of protecting him... The dynamic between them here is just so in-character, and delightful, that I kept sighing with bliss every paragraph or so. Also has some lovely Snape-written letters.

'Catharsis' by Phoenix Whitebirch
A sweet, gently angsty tale consisting of piano music, night-time trysts, gorgeous kisses and surreptitious arse-grabbing. If you're in the mood for romance, this is your catharsis...
Summary: Set in the Sixth Year of our heroes� adventures at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy transferred to Durmstrang during their fifth year. So what�s he doing back at Hogwarts? Voldemort has gone underground and Harry dreams of violence, blood and death. Draco decides it�s time to find his freedom, and the two boys find they have more in common than they ever suspected.

'Simple Love with a Complex Touch' by Psychodelic Barfly, RATED NC-17
Excellent analysis of a mutually violent, happy relationship. It's a PWP with style, with humor, and a dose of loving squicky-ness. Love it.

'The Contract Series' by Zahra, RATED NC-17
Slightly humorous, slightly angsty, and very, very sexy. 'Alone, in an empty classroom, with nothing but time and each other to kill...'

'Cocaine Music' by Penelope-Z
Wrenching. Gorgeous. Undeniable. And a VERY strong R. The end of the war. Draco doesn't remember. Harry doesn't know. The nightingale won't sing for you. It won't, my love, it won't.

'Desire what is Understood' by Ivy Blossom
Incomparable. Just... wow. So elegant, and so very Draco, really, that it's irresistable--tender and complicated and deep, and aesthetic beyond the ability to tolerate without getting high. Perceptive and exquisite. Really. Read it. NOW.
Quote: 'Potions, sixth year: Potter�s calf flush up against Draco�s under the table, and neither of them moved. The corridor between the Great Hall and Dumbledore�s office, seventh year: they wrestled and Draco felt Potter�s erection under his hand and knew that Potter felt his as well. They swore in each other�s faces and Draco got a black eye. Later that evening all Draco could think about was corduroy and flannel, and the smell of moth balls and peaches and sweat. Nothing unhealthy in thinking about it, is there?'

'Now or Never' by Ivy Blossom
I would not be too far gone to admit my undying love for Ivy. This story is yet another example of insurpassable emotional honesty, mature and blooming and perfect. A moving parable of loss and yearning... Years after his lover's death, Harry has a surprising encounter.

'Wildfire' by Melissa
Fierce, beautiful, unbelievably intense work--lyrical and with imagery so powerful and gripping that... oh God... This is writing that will wring your heart painfully, and tears were pricking my eyes by the end of it--something that rarely, if ever, happens to me. I cannot summarize this. Read it. Read it. READ. IT. NOW.

'Glue' by Chiya
Very sweet, gently humorous and addictive. Harry doesn't understand why Draco seems to be following him around all the time, almost as if they were stuck with glue...

'Touch' by Chiya
A lovely, sensual series of vignettes that will leave you breathless, moved and aroused.

'Lustre' by Julad and Calico
Hypnotic, absorbing, thrilling work. So gloriously Slytherin in its politics that I was hissing and shivering with delight--and yet, interestingly enough, manages to stay Slytherin despite the warm-hearted snuggling that comes later on. Between... oh, hell. Read the pairing labelled above. What makes this fascinating is that you don't know what's going to happen--the plot keeps you hanging on every word, pulse racing, gibbering helplessly. Good stuff. I got happily high on this tale for a good two or three hours.

'' by Amanuensis, RATED NC-17
A chronicle of the days of the Malfoy/Potter marriage, and its (dys)functional aftershocks. A funny, delightful read. Draco and Harry get forced into marriage with each other, but are they really as unwilling as they pretend?

'Je n�en Connais Pas la Fin' by Zahra (Part I, Part II and Part III)
Lovely, lovely writing. Summaries would be unfair to it. Make sure to read all three parts of this remarkable triptych.
Quote: 'In the mornings Draco makes the tea. The bedsprings squeak as he shifts and swings his feet off the left side of the bed. His shoulders roll forward as he sits up and scratches at his chest. His eyes are barely open as his feet scrabble along the floor seeking out his slippers, one green and one red, a Christmas gift and a concessionary house alliance.'

'Veela Magic' by Lasair
Captivating work, with a truly suspenseful and brilliantly orchestrated plot. I don't want to spoil it for you, but let's just say that Voldemort gains a new supporter in Cho Chang, who begins to pursue the hapless Harry to fulfill a well-hidden desire for revenge... Leaving Draco Malfoy, the proverbial snarky bastard, jealous and aching and not really understanding what he feels...

'The Crush Trilogy' by Zahra
Quote: 'When Harry leaned over and licked the corner of Malfoy�s mouth he wasn�t expecting it to taste of anything other than jam. Unfortunately Malfoy also tasted of cinnamon and dirt and Lemon Zingers. Harry happened to really like Lemon Zingers. So when his tongue was back where it belonged, and Malfoy had put his eyes back in his head and stopped clutching at his chair in apoplectic shock, Harry stood up and prepared to leave. Possibly to procure some Lemon Zingers.'
Review: Wonderfully written, expressive and absorbing. Harry's first two crushes were Oliver Wood and Viktor Krum. Draco Malfoy, of course, is the third. '...in Harry�s favour was the fact that at least he was consistent. Harry Potter liked boys who could handle their brooms.' *chuckle* What's wrong with that?

'Reads' by Nope, RATED NC-17
'You've got it all backwards. It's a love story.' Heart-rending, beautiful, sexually charged. This is a tale worth breaking yourself for.

'Drawing Circles' by Elysian
Years after Hogwarts, on the final frontiers of war, Draco Malfoy the Death Eater is captured. But his appearance stirs painful memories for Harry Potter...

'Dead Before Dawn' by Kenna Hijja
Summary: In the night before the final battle of Light and Dark, two mortal enemies meet at the Shrieking Shack for one last time. Harry. Draco. A hint of slash. A lot of hatred. An extreme resolution.
Review: Possibly the most erotic hate-fic I've ever read, and one that I still go back and read regularly. It never loses its power--its sheer searing heat, that sense of perpetual danger. Hijja's Draco Malfoy is one of the most coldly wrathful, brilliantly cruel, secretly wounded and sexualized versions of him I've come across. I revelled in him, in the hate/loss/bitterness that stretches taut as a tightrope between him and Harry.

'Resolution' by Frances Potter
A fun-filled, ecstatic, well-dressed work of slash. One of the most famous novels of H/D around--if you haven't read it, you absolutely must do so NOW!

'Underwater Light' by Maya
This is one of the most addictive, fulfilling, scrumptious works of fanfiction on the Net. I've been hopelessly hooked to this one ever since it was first put out--it's so gorgeous, replete with sensual images and sparking dialogue, and chemistry, people... Chemistry like you'v never seen it. H/D fans would be hard-put not to hyper-ventilate.

'Rondo' by Cedar
Violent, angsty, truly satisfying slash. 'For years I have loved you and cursed your existence...' A deadly game controls generations of Malfoys and Potters.

'Red' by breed
Brilliant. Bloody. Brilliant. I only wish that's what really happened in POA. Snogs in underground hallways... Quidditch eroticism... Who says I'm complaining? *smirk*

'Almost Perfect' by Augustus
A strong R. This is a frightening, frightening story--possibly the most disconcerting one I've ever read... Ginny discovers a way to make her dreams come true. (WARNING: Evil!Harry. I'm still shuddering, still extremely impressed, and still very jumpy.)

'Branded' by Augustus
"Love�s a big ask, Potter." Draco�s eyes were challenging. "Are you sure I�m up to the task?" He lifted a hand to gently trace the line of Harry�s jaw with one fingertip, his thumb darting out to brush against the softness of his lips. "Are you sure that you are?"

'Draco In Darkness' by Plumeria
This is my favorite H/D novel on the Net right now. It is that rare jewel that does not overdo the angst, and allows just the right quality of tenderness into the dealings between our two boys. Following an accident in his seventh year, Draco loses his eyesight. At first he
completely withdraws, avoiding any hint of pity, as well as any assistance; he is determined to succeed on his own. But after Harry elbows his way into Draco's dark world, both boys find themselves in a strange new friendship, and they each learn new ways to see each other� and themselves.

'The Lodger' by Mad Martha
Finally, a happy ending for Draco and Harry that feels so movingly real--they are both so deeply and lovingly realized in this story that I... I'm still catching my breath. The moments of aching and painful intimacy, lit also with the light of hope... This is a novella-sized, PERFECT masterpiece. Harry is living alone, but when he advertises for a lodger the most unexpected person of all arrives...

'Without Question' by Tien Riu
A Work In Progress that promises to be astounding. (It already is, actually.) Draco discovers that he has strange abilities with fire... A dragon true to his name. In the midst of the destruction he causes, Draco forgets what it is like to be touched by another human being... And there is only one person, one other, who is powerful enough to touch him without being burnt. And that is Harry Potter.

'For the Birds' by Blythely
Click for PART I
Click for PART II
This is the most charming, sweet and hilarious H/D I've ever read. It's so surprising... *chuckles*... I don't want to spoil the plot for you too much, but let's just say that...
Hedwig is pregnant. And guess who's elegant owl has... interfered... with her? *walks off laughing*

'Beneath You' by Cinnamon
Draco and Harry find each other... but is it only to lose each other again?

'Before I Fall' by Fearne
Harry returns to Hogwarts in his Fifth Year, and tries to find stability among familiarity and routine. Over the coming weeks, he finds himself being pulled into three completely different directions to seek solitude and towards three completely different people who could help take the pain away. Features mild slash.

'Sins of The Father' by Ali Wildgoose
In his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry returns to a half-empty school full of strange whispers of a dangerous future. In a time of uncertainty, of shifting alliances and unexpected foes, Harry finds himself turning to the one person who seems to want nothing to do with him.

'Bad Faith' by Epicurean
Draco, forsaken and abandoned, brings back Tom Riddle. Spinning into an unstoppable spiral, the events are more than Draco could�ve ever hoped for. Slash, Tom/Draco and Harry/Draco. Based on the book Fight Club. (DON'T run away, people! It captures that atmosphere of repressed violence perfectly!)

'Love Under Will' by VanityFair (a.k.a. the indomitable Aja)
'Malfoy's pale amber-gray eyes flickered with intensity, and he drummed his fingers noiselessly against the arm of the chair. However. Things had changed. No; things had never changed. He had just only now awakened to what had always been.'

'Irresistable Poison' by Rhysenn
Feel a bit silly posting this, because I know everyone's read it... Still, this story is the quintessential H/D fic. If you haven't read it, you haven't read H/D. Love is the most irresistable poison of all...

'Unthinkable Thoughts' by Aidan Lynch
Yes, another classic. Am digging these out from my collection of FF.net reviews...

'Seekers Play Rough' by Fluffhead
Ignore the author, who calls this a bad fic. It isn't. Far from it. Harry and Draco have to compete to play in a professional Quidditch team, and competition is sublimated by lust...

'Commencement' by Aja, RATED NC-17
Arguably the most beautiful PWP on the Net. (At least I think so.) Features brandy, Argus Filch, and a very drunk pair of seventh-year graduates. Graduates by the names of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. This is such an exquisitely detailed and emotional work of art that I hesitate to call it anything less than poetry. This is the only PWP that ever made me cry. NOTE: RS.org doesn't allow direct-linking, so you might have to navigate a bit to find this fic.

'DaisyChain!Draco' by Aspen, RATED NC-17
One of the legendary PWPs of Harry Potter fandom. Features explicit chanslash, kink and... frills? And daisies, of course. Little Draco's
been a naughty, naughty boy...

'Quicksilver' by Aspen, RATED NC-17
One of the hottest frottage fics in existence. OK, THE hottest. Harry, Draco, and the Sword of Gryffindor... (Godric must be turning in his grave. Oh well.)

'Space Oddity' by Dale Edmonds
In the words of one of (the many) reviewers of this fic: a 'lyrical and chilling' glimpse into the nature of tragedy and the consequences of war. Truly beautiful.

'Artful Facade' by Sky Sorceress
One of the best H/D novels on the net. It gets better as it progresses--electrifying and disturbing. Dark!Harry and Breaking!Draco. Very original, very violent. Harry is deceiving himself, and only Draco can bring him the truth... Be prepared for a delicious mindfuck.

'Second of our Reign' by Wax Jism
A harrowing story, where sexuality and grief are inseparable. Where ugliness is beautiful, and... hatred is sublimated. Into something much more. Very long, this one. Make sure you have time to read it.

'Blue Vase' by Ivy Blossom
An unexpectedly sweet story. Harry loses his memory, and Draco finds himself lying...

'A Season In Hell' by Cassandra Claire, RATED NC-17
A claustrophobic, horrifying, erotic story. Writing so intense it can hurt you. A Death Eater siege leaves everyone trapped at Hogwarts, slowly going mad with terror and a stifling despair... as Harry and Draco find each other. Or rather, Harry finds Draco. And Draco loses Harry.

'After The Flood' by Cassandra Claire, RATED NC-17
Sequel to 'A Season In Hell'. You know you want it. Much more infused with irony and a light humor.

'Luminary' by Elfee
Lovely, lovely angst. The imagery of sunset and changing light was exquisite... The wonderful, painful unreasonableness of everything that has to do with the human heart. Very well done.

'Theme and Variation' by L.C.
I cannot summarize this fic. Summaries would belittle it. Poetry or prose? You decide... Intensity on a firespin. Not for the faint-hearted.

'two lost souls' by Amalin
Quote: 'Dampness has soaked through my socks and into the chilled flesh of my toes, the snow clustering in melting clumps on the edges of my robes and dusting across my face like the coldest kind of kisses. No, I take that back - Dementors kiss colder. And sometimes, so does Potter.'

'The Beginning' by El
Short, lovely, soft, and not at all fluffy. Yes, that combination is indeed possible. Draco's POV... Two lonely boys and an art project.

'A Scrap of Humanity' by NearlyCoherent
Draco is called back to Hogwarts in the future... But what is Harry Potter still doing there, and what could he need Draco for?

'Broken Bones' by Julad
The final battle, and both sides are losing... But Draco Malfoy manages to betray his cause for his heart. Temporarily. Incredible writing.

'Your Darkest Voice' by Ivy Blossom, RATED NC-17
I first read this fic on the 'veelainc' ML, and was blown away by the visceral, sexual violence of this series. Wrenching, horrifying, and utterly magnificent, this series deserves to be re-read. Parts of it are NC-17--so instead of linking directly, I'm providing the link to Ivy's general site. You can scroll down to see 'Your Darkest Voice' if you're over 17, as well as the many other brilliant fics Ivy writes. I wish you many nights of pleasure. *bows*

'Falling' by Chiya
A soft, simply told romance--not many complications, not much angsting, but the sort of reassuring, comforting love-story we all need from time to time. Think of it as a bit of sweet hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff, in between all the strong black coffee of angst that we tend to read in this pairing. Don't read it, though, if plot twists and politics and grief are on your menu. For that I'd suggest my other recs for this pairing. This is just good old, romantic luuurve.

'Draco Malfoy and the Heart of Slytherin' by Saber
*gasp* Merlin, this is actually PG-rated--how long since I've read a good slash novel with that rating? *ponders* Anyhow, this is a well-written and absorbing tale--uniquely and slowly building the bonds of trust between the two boys--rare because the trust actually exists alongside hatred. Or at least, it appears to. Minimalist excellence of the finest kind. Tight and wonderful with tension--trust and hate, tenderness and enmity. Also features one of the most fascinating Quidditch matches in history. Rrrowrr!
Summary: Draco Malfoy hates Harry Potter. Nothing can change that--not even a summer with the Dursleys, Midnight Quidditch, and a true magical partnership. ...Can it?
Quote: 'Draco had known instinctively that Harry didn't wish conversation, just companionship. Sometimes, being alone made the silence scream.'

'Malfoy P.I.' by Nancy
'I'm Draco Malfoy, private investigator. I've seen a lot--I mean a lot, and I'm like sweet seventeen a lot. I thought I'd seen it all, until a pair of green eyes stepped into my office.'
A noir AU set in L.A. where passion and magic collide. Slashy, sexy and intricate. (If you've ever read Chandler's 'The Big Sleep'--that noir classic--this is incredibly similar to that in style. I mean: Wowness. And get this--Draco's got a cat named Marlowe here! I was both thrilled and amused.--Marlowe was the P.I. in Chandler's work, by the way. Draco certainly seems to be modelled after the alcoholic wit of Marlowe, although he isn't *quite* that hard-boiled. You can get high on the literary refs in this jewel...)

'I Found You' by Vinagrette
Currently a one-shot... Will hopefully turn into a series. A game of hide-and-seek, a rooftop at midnight... An unexpected meeting of souls. Could something make Draco hate Harry more than he already does?

'Together Alone' by Vinagrette
Manages to be both warm and heartbreaking... A very rare combination. Much to his delight, Draco Malfoy comes across the means to blackmail Harry Potter...but he ends up getting back way more than he expected.

'Perfect Imperfect' by Vinagrette
Quote: 'Perfect of course. How could it be anything else? Two people can really be made for one another. Made to fight, to hate, to lust, to love, to fit. And we did. We did it all.'
Review: But what happens when it's Harry, not Draco, who's unfaithful? Who will destroy the other? The first chapter stumbles--but the story becomes ever more gripping and scarily perceptive as it advances. Do read this! Enough angst to make an ordinary human catatonic... *sigh*

'Who Loves the Rain' by Aja
Read the author's name. This fic needs no further recommendation. Heart-thudding slash from the goddess' pen... Harry and Draco caught in a storm... of both weather and emotions.

'Dizzy' by Rube
A fun, sarcastic and playfully nasty take on Draco's Death Eater days and the peculiar position he is put in... as a double agent under Harry Potter's jurisdiction.

'The Untold Want' by Penelope-Z
Quote: �What do you think love is Potter? Watching the sunrise together, raindrops on roses, butterflies in your stomach? You need to get over all those romance novels you�ve been reading recently. It�s an old scar that doesn�t leave no matter how hard you rub the skin, it�s cold wind blowing from an open window making your hair rise and your skin prickle. I don�t want to hold your hand, I don�t want to be your friend, I don�t give a damn if you are happy. I want you.�

'The Way Of The Beast' by Obake
Truly an unsettling and yet convincing look at what trauma could do to Draco Malfoy...

'Dragonweed' by Penguin
The mind can create a Heaven of Hell and a Hell of Heaven. Draco and Harry had definitely not planned to fall in love, but their love is stronger than either of them expected.

'Pure of Heart' by SophieB
Harry wanders the halls thinking up a plan for his revenge, when who should step out of the shadows but Draco Malfoy himself... An odd confrontation ensues and Harry finds himself in a predicament.

'Best Enemies' by Augustus
An excellently written series. Since Augustus has posted them as separate stories, rather than a chaptered story, I am providing a link to Augustus' author profile. Just scroll down a bit for 'Best Enemies 1'. The series goes all the way up to 'Best Enemies 9'.

'Love Ridden' by Romie
'Is it perverse of me to want him to be scarred? For my mark to blaze across his countenance as surely as the Dark Lord's? For people to gasp as he passes, the change profound as a cloudburst, obvious as a missing limb? I have lost so much, and gotten so little in return. Harry left his pattern on me last night, but I've hardly touched him. Same as always.'

'Of Snow and Dark Water' by Penguin
Elegant and sensual, as is all of Penguin's work--studded with imagery. In their final year at Hogwarts, Harry and Draco have to make difficult decisions about their future. And the part they will play in each other's lives and choices is something they would never have expected.

'All Torn Down' by Obake
Oh Merlin. This is one of *the* immortal H/D fics, and I can't believe I didn't rec it before... I've just gone back and read it now, so you'll forgive me if I'm too far gone and trembly to summarize it properly. Suffice it to say: Go read it. NOW.

'The Marks We Bear' by Marysia
Draco has been cutting himself... And Harry finds out. (Yes, angst, angst, angst. Never said I didn't love it. )

'It All Started With a Potion Gone Wrong' by Lunarennui
Telepathy and fluff. When you're in need of a quick fix, or need your heart warmed, give this one a try.

'The Art of War' by breed
Short, intense one-shot.