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Here is the best femslash featuring any f/f pairings from the Harry Potter fandom that do not include Hermione (she has her own section). Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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'History Fell in the Heart Broke Open' by Sife Laver
PLEASE READ THIS STORY EVEN IF THE PAIRING AROUSES A 'WTF?!' RESPONSE IN YOU. Because my God, this story makes sense. Umbridge as a woman obsessed with Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady--I was nearly shivering and falling over myself with the sheer joy of finding something so true. I felt like I finally understood so many things about Dolores Umbridge, just in the span of this short, powerful fic--please do give it a try, from whichever ship you hail.
Quote: Still, you don't even pretend not to enjoy it when they cringe.

'Hopeless' by Delz
Hot, hurting, dysfunctional. In a time of war, Ginny Weasley first loses and then gains back her humanity. Concise and no-nonsense writing with just an edge of melodrama, but I felt like it today. The sex is gorgeous and rough and so is the angst, and Delz doesn't spare our feelings, no. Nor her characters'.
Quote: Cho has Ginny and Ginny is not comfort. Ginny is cold hands, bony arms and a face pressed against her thin stomach they are all starving here. She is hot kisses and glossy lips and fiery hair and she could care less if she dies outside in the war. She is practically begging for it to happen. Cho has never been more afraid in her life, and Ginny has never been more alive.

'Change Your Taste In Men' by Dulcinea
I dare you not to salivate over Millicent Bulstrode in this. It's not even how she looks here, but rather her attitude--her refusal to conform, and the enormous fun she has throwing gender roles in people's faces. A very tactile, very sexy and very hot work of Slytherlsash.
Quote: "You've got to stop staring at me in class, Pansy," Millicent smirked as they changed for bed one night, pulling on those accursed pants and that damned top just as casually as you please. "They'll be calling you a dyke before you know it. Wouldn't want that, would you?"

'God of the Well-Plowed Field' by Nicolae, RATED NC-17, CHANSLASH, NON-CON, BONDAGE
Twisted and lovely and hot as ruddy HELL. Written for the 'First Time' challenge, and hence focusing on Ginny's perspective as she loses her virginity to a Death Eater with a taste for young things... Oh yes, it's Bellatrix Lestrange, which means that you feel constantly on edge as you read this story, and it only heightens the intensity of the smut when we get to it. HOT, I tell you. Dear God, I think I nearly imploded with lust...
Quote: The knot in Ginny�s stomach grew as Bellatrix pulled her down into her lap. It was almost like sitting in her mother�s lap, except that where Molly Weasley was plump, Bellatrix Lestrange was slender, and her perfume was rich and musky. And then Ginny jumped. There was a hand � it had to be Bellatrix�s hand! � on her breast. She froze with shock, fawn-eyes wide, as the fingers teased her nipple hard and flicked at it. It didn�t quite hurt, but the feeling was intense and strange. �What pretty little breasts,� Bellatrix murmured, and cupped the other one with her free hand.

'Just Like Flying' by Isis, RATED NC-17
You know it's Isis; you know it's going to be good. This is her very first foray into femslash, and it's just beautiful! More broomstick!smut, featuring Luna and Ginny at their best. (That is to say, they're both wonderfully characterized.) Isis contrasts heat and cold beautifully, and you simply won't be able to resist being drawn into Ginny's and Luna's intimate, wind-whipped world.
Quote: "Nonsense." Ginny's voice is brisk, like mountain air, like a swim in the lake which ought to be frozen over but is still magically liquid, even in February. "It's easier than riding a thestral, and you did that all the way to London last year."

'The Promise of Something' by Dulcinea, RATED NC-17, UNDERAGED SEX, INCEST
Lily gives Petunia flying lessons; and more. But will Petunia accept what Lily has to offer? Just gorgeously detailed and sensitive. Not many people care to understand or look into the mind of a young Petunia, but Dulcinea does so with grace and talent, capturing Petunia's bitter yearning perfectly. She keeps her words simple, just as a young Petunia's would be.
Quote: She straddled the broom first, clinging anxiously to the bit of handle protruding out from between her legs, and gasped as Lily�s arms wrapped around her slender waist. Silky tendrils of crimson hair fell over her shoulders, maddening little fingers of hair tickling her exposed skin, and for a moment Petunia could imagine that this was her hair, not the mud-brown strands which hung in her eyes, and that she was actually Lily Evans. She was the witch, the magical daughter, about to soar through the sky on her very own racing broom.

The Delacour sisters, snuff, pornography and death. One of the most beautiful and unsettling works of femslash I've ever read--laced with imagery as delicate as poison. This is so lyrical, so haunting, so smothering, so sensual. I will never look at Fleur the same way again.
Quote: They say that no magic can bring back the dead, but that is, like so many things in the wizarding world, only a half-truth.

'Dissipate' by Pogrebin, INCEST
Just beautiful, and so atmospheric. If you've ever been to India you'll be able to breathe in what it feels like, just from reading this story--jasmine, smoke, traffic--everything that makes India what it is, condensed so beautifully and so quietly. There are far too few stories that actually consider how witches and wizards in other countries treat magic (and magical politics), but this story achieves that verisimilitude with ease.
Quote: "There�s a war to be fought," Parvati says, the words feeling strangely empty in her mouth.

Pansy/Ginny, Harry/Draco implied
'The Golden Rules' by Reena, RATED NC-17
One of my favorite takes on Pansy/Ginny--and I can't get over my delight at the fact that Reena, she of the hotness, has written femslash. Pansy Parkinson knows all the rules. That doesn't stop her from breaking them.
Quote : Poor, lost little Weasley. Pansy knew vulnerability when she saw it. Could almost taste it, almost smell it like some sort of fine perfume. Little Ginny Weasley was between boyfriends, and all bets were off. Pansy Parkinson never thought the boys should be allowed to have all the fun.

Fleur/Cho, Cedric/Cho
'How It Feels to Face a Dragon' by Bow
Elegant, measured and painful. There are few stories that can make me sympathize with Cho (or rather, want to sympathize with her) after OotP, but stories like this steal my breath away, and then some. Cho learns that not letting go of the past can ruin the future. Quietly, beautifully heart-breaking.
Quote : She pressed the bones in her body up against mine, and just like that, another bit of him shifted out of me.

'Sunbeam' by Dulcinea
An incredibly beautiful, acidic, heart-breaking look into Pansy Parkinson's mind after the war. Narcissa is as cold-blooded and merciless as I've ever imagined her, and Pansy is helpless to her charms. Absolutely brilliant--an excellent exploration of how destructive love can be in a place where it is neither appropriate nor welcomed--in a place where Malfoys can use it for their own purposes.
Quote: Pansy did not want to speak of love. She knew it was a curse word in the Malfoy home, a mere liability; Lucius did not really love Narcissa, nor did she love him, and Draco would not love Pansy when they were married; theirs were bonds of convenience, of power. But Narcissa touched her like a lover, tender and delicate, and the word always seemed to rest on the tip of Pansy�s tongue as Narcissa brought her to completion.

'Get Back' by Abbadon
One of my favorite characterizations of Luna ever, random and eccentric as ever--and quite without reservations when it comes to discussing sex. Just a lovely, carefully worded story, with smiles and sun galore.
Quote: "I like to watch, you know," she told Ginny, "I take after my father in that."

Padma/Pansy, Padma/Parvati
This is so wrong it's right; it's beautiful, painfully so. I only rarely come across female characters in fanfiction who are capable of such emotional and physical violence--which is a pity, because in real life it's individuals rather than genders that partake of violent impulses. Padma seeks the darkness within another, but finds it within herself... (Padma's POV.) Katie combines existentialist angst with porn of the highest quality, and the result is a fic that will take your breath away.
Quote:: You think that if you can fuck her hard enough, you'll scourge something out of her, that dark, burning part of her that becomes almost tangible at times like this, when the castle is dark and you're in one of the dungeons, her against the wall and you with your fingers shoving into her, as though you'll reach that darkness from the outside in.

'Woman' by Dulcinea, RATED NC-17
This is, in my opinion, the best take on Madam Hooch in fanfiction. Dulcinea manages to combine lyricism with eroticism in a way that makes my thighs clench and my pulse race. The writing is liquid and luminous, and Hooch's private fantasies are brought to light in the most fascinating way. I can't say much more, but it's for you to discover. As it should be.
Quote: Not even Rolonda anymore--simply Hooch, hard and angular, jagged as the silvery peaks atop her head. The 'Madam' Albus has appended to her name is little more than a formality, a joke really.

'Years' by Orphne, RATED NC-17
One of the most stylistically and emotionally perfect works of femslash ever. Minerva McGonagall's voice is so exact and so true that it echoes in your mind long after you've stopped reading--and the strange mixture of grief, tenderness, anger and desperate hope with which she approaches Sybill is... beautiful. Just beautiful. Quote: She thinks of Sibyll's predictions, her arm-waving and her histrionics. She wants to ask her who will die, who will win, how much longer this will last--the lies would comfort her for a night at least.

'Centered' by Kate Bolin, RATED NC-17, PIERCING
Incredibly hot little piece, potent as a shot of vodka, and infinitely sexy. Deliciously, almost viciously erotic. I'd like to give a plot summary, but this has no plot, thankfully enough, nor should it. Lovely, gratuitous porn, written by a writer who can truly set her voice free, who can cross-pollinate images like flowers. All I can say is: Kate. More. Please.

'Beautiful Child' by Paranoid Kitten, CHANSLASH
Oh my God. I've such a fetish for femslash chan, really, and there simply isn't enough of it in this fandom. (Or any fandom, alas.) Tonks and Ginny have played a role in many of my fantasies, but few of those could live up to the painful tenderness of this piece. Paranoid Kitten strikes again, with a flawlessly yearning Tonks-voice.
Quote: Beautiful child. Just a child, though, because she�s barely fourteen the first time you see her, and even though you remember being fourteen and how fourteen-year-olds hate being thought of as children, you can�t help but think no, no, Tonks, she�s too young, too young for you, it doesn�t matter if you still can�t take yourself seriously as a grown-up, she�s still too young for anything more than friendship.

'My Invitation' by Dulcinea, RATED NC-17
So good to see a femslash series. Penelope finds out that her husband's been cheating on her the same day that she discovers an old school friend. Penny's reaction to Percy's betrayal and Cho's timely arrival is just gorgeous, and Dulcinea manages to capture a strange, lovely, sensual tenderness when she puts Penny and Cho together. The first part isn't explicit, but the sequel is, and it's just gorgeous and hot and left me breathless.
Quote: It was well past midnight, long after Percy had fallen asleep by her side, when Penelope found herself walking the deserted corridor to Cho�s door. She raised her hand, paused for what seemed an eternity, then curled it into a small fist and rapped lightly.

'The Smell Of' by Magdalen
Pansy. Luna. Wand. Skirt. Corridor. Intimidation. Prefect. Detention. Oh. My. God. Have patience until the third part of this story, because that's when the cavalry--ah, the smut--arrives. What a peculiar little story, almost as peculiar as Lovegood herself, and an unclassifiable mixture of black humor, Slytherin power-play and--if you can stand the idea of it--Slytherin innocence. I've never been a bully myself, but Pansy's precarious power over Luna is one of the most convincing aphrodisiacs ever, and I cheered each strange, dotty comment Luna made to upstage Pansy (even as I wanted Pansy to utterly dominate Luna towards the end). I won't tell you how it works out, but it's hot and it's morally questionable, and it's just the sort of thing I like. Pansy is incredibly complex here--villain or curious adolescent? Or both? She turns out to be just as innocent as Luna in some ways, if not more. One thought, in particular, made me smile:
Quote: Pansy told herself she was doing this with Luna Lovegood because Luna Lovegood didn't really want her to and this was punishment.

Dolores/Ginny, Ginny/Luna
This is one of the most remarkable femslash stories I've ever read--incendiary, horrific and powerful. So spare and carefully, almost painfully written. Everybody thinks they understand Ginny Weasley--but the only one who could have understood her is gone.
Quote: Ron doesn't understand when Ginny starts having detentions with Professor Umbridge every night.

'Strange Victory' by Nest Freemark, RATED NC-17
A drabble that combines sex, rain and post-war nihilism. There is a bittersweet comfort at the end, and perhaps not everything is lost for Penelope and Ginny after all... Percy's erstwhile lover finds comfort in his younger sister.

'Dressing Coffins' by Lilith Morgana, RATED NC-17
If it's ever possible to find smut so hot it hurts, this is it. Before you run away at the pairing, let me assure you that it's perfect, and once you've read this story you'll be hard put to stop imagining Lily with Minerva. Impeccably structured, with each episode having a sharp, sensual clarity, Lilith manages to weave a spell of sexual longing, heat and grief into a story that tastes like the monsoon. Like sweat. I loved this, loved this, loved this. The ending will make you cry--but before that, you'll be willing to sell anything to be Minerva McGonagall.

'Relaxation' by Trakkie, RATED NC-17
Penelope Clearwater finds something unexpected in the Prefects' Bathroom. Just how far will Cho go to get out of trouble? Wonderful, engaging smut.

'After the Match' by Fuschia
For those of you who saw Ginny/Luna subtext during OotP, this is perfect--a flawlessly characterized, odd little drabble as eccentric as Lovegood herself.
Quote: Ginny is not surprised to learn that Luna Lovegood kisses in the same manner that she does everything else.

'Thumbscrew' by Mallory, RATED NC-17, VIOLENCE
A perfect edge of angst and madness--and sex, of course. This is so thin & sharp--the writing is perfect, and Bellatrix is characterized so flawlessly that you'll be shrinking away from the screen even as you watch in fascination. The beginning of the end of Alice Longbottom... and the damnation of Bellatrix Lestrange.
Quote: Rodolphus helps her die a little. He�s a year ahead of her, and he likes to hurt her. He gives her black eyes and uses his pocketknife to cut patterns into her flesh and even when they�re kissing or fucking he�s always biting too hard or scratching too much. But Bella is quickly discovering that she likes pain, and she thinks she might be in love with him.

'Peer Pressure' by Anna Maria, RATED NC-17
Ah, I can just see this happening! Perfectly written first-time smut--with both girls making bumbling mistakes, and eventually having to give up... Written for the First Time Bad Sex Challenge, this is a remarkably perceptive piece of work. I especially loved the ending, which made me squirm and yearn and catch my breath. That odd sort of not-completeness, but in a good way. You'll know what I mean.

'Under Wraps' by Dulcinea, RATED NC-17
A sweet romance set in the snow, as one girl lures her lover out to watch a Quidditch match. Perhaps it pays to co-operate after all, hmm? It's time to watch the Hufflepuffs beat the Slytherins... if you can take your eyes away from the smut, that is.

'The Diviner' by Kallirhoe, INCEST
A carefully built series of episodes in which Andromeda has strange dreams, and Bella acts even stranger. Manages to be both lush and spare, and Andromeda's characterization is so beautiful it hurts. Bella's impending insanity is also hinted at gently, even as her sister's love for her refuses to wane.

'Tears' by Avluela , RATED NC-17, INCEST
Moving, heart-breaking, lovely. Avluela traces the timeline of love, betrayal and pain between sisters.

'Our Lady of Pain' by Pogrebin
Ah. Ah. Swinburne. Swinburne and femslash and Pogrebin, oh my. How could I ever survive that? Her writing is viciously beautiful, as always, and so wonderfully condensed. (A series of episodes from the strange and thorny relationship that Minerva and Dolores Umbridge develop in the course of OotP, and afterwards. Dark and daring--kudos to Pog for both the structure and the intensity of this fic.)

'Oral History' by Acadine
I shamefully confess to seeing visions of tongue-rich smut when I clicked the link to this story--and while I didn't get what I expected, I certainly wasn't disappointed. Acadine writes a wonderfully Ravenclaw story, well-read and minimalist, with social commentary encased in prism-like writing. Padma and Cho trace their respective histories...

'Radiate' by Vende
A POV piece both angsty and fulfilling. 'Millcent, you don't understand. Love your hate.' A Slytherin romance of the loveliest variety.

Bellatrix/Narcissa, Various
'Toujours Pur' by Pogrebin, INCEST
Lovely, dark-edged Blackcest. ('You don't really want to escape the house that screams.')

'Walls' by CapitalFlash, RATED NC-17
Wonderfully descriptive smut, with both femslash and het involving rarely used (and thus intriguing) canon characters. Angelina watches, waits, sometimes takes, and sometimes gives...

Lily/Narcissa, Implied Lucius/James
'Sweet' by Cedar
I find it hard to be coherent when it comes to writing of this power, but I will try to be... I've nearly been scorched to a cinder by the slow, delicious heat, the aching bitterness of this fic. In parallel to Cedar's 'Like the Finest Gold', Lily discovers where James has really been spending his nights. Narcissa Warrington, soon to be Malfoy, has a suggestion... And Lily discovers that revenge is, indeed, sweet.

'Straight' by Mieko, RATED NC-17
Incredibly written, absorbing, arousing, thoughtful erotica. Mieko's gift for sensual description makes this one of the hottest PWPs I've ever read, and I was moved emotionally as well. (Percy doesn't understand that there's nothing straight about Penelope... Nothing straight at all.)

'Flickerflare' by Aspen, RATED NC-17
Decorative, atmospheric porn. The Girl Who Likes Harry Potter and the Girl Who Harry Potter Likes, together in a greenhouse in the middle of the night...

'Only' by KatieBec
The complications of having a twin and discovering one's desires. Sensually, deliciously written.

'Pansy Parkinson and the Perfectly Prudish Prefect' by Makishef, RATED NC-17
Random, alliteration-crazy, gorgeous PWP. A certain (apparently prudish) prefect catches a Slytherin's eye...

'Sugar and Spice (And Everything Nice)' by Makishef
A lovely, surreal, PWP-ish sort of drabble, a sensually written study of longing.

'Blonde' by Kanna Ophelia
The past is not so easy to forget...

Mrs Lestrange/Lily
'Full of Grace' by Liz Barr
Quote: 'They�d remember me if I�d killed her. It would all be the same in the end, except that the Dark Lord would still be among us. She�d still be dead. Her child would still live, except that he�d be mine, now.'

'Ma Belle Menteuse' by Mieko Belle
'She said she didn't sleep with him...' Fleur/Cho, set during and just after GoF. Brilliant, brilliant work. With a healthy dose of French.
'Straight' by Mieko Belle, RATED NC-17
Quote: 'Straight in, straight out had been Percy's way. In. Out. In. Out. Whether it was his fingers or his tongue or his cock, it was always the same. No change, no imagination. No clue. No pleasure. In fact, one could say it was a STRAIGHT line of consistent nothingness.'

Hannah Abbott/Susan Bones
'That Summer' by Mallory
'Because everybody needs their summer of sexual awakening.' This is just... incredibly written. The dialogue is spare and sensual, the characters have just the right twist of adolescent angst.

Various Pairings/Ginny-centric
'Constellography' by Anna Maria
Sometimes, getting what you thought you wanted isn�t quite enough. A Ginny-centred story.

'On Knowing' by Elektra
Parvati on life, love, and just about everything in between. Sweet and slightly femslashy.

Mrs Lestrange/Lily
'Icicle' by Anna Maria
Ooh, very nice, very erotic. A story divided neatly into time-slots, where each interval is as clearcut as a foeglass reflection, and has a rainy, claustrophobic kind of sensuality. A very rare pairing!

'The Edge' by regret
Very dark, very short, very angsty fic.

'For Play' by Anisky
Very sweet, very genuine fic, about two girls overcoming awkwardness in the search for love. I said it was sweet--I DIDN'T mean fluffy. It's far too textured for that. Give it a read!

'Firelight' by cattail prophetess
Quote: 'Ah,' she says, grinning. 'Your other love. Going to leave me for the fire, Ginny, are you?'

'Elaborate Lives' by Kanna-Ophelia
Excellent work, with a truly deep, unsettling and moving look into the young Narcissa's mind, and how she is drawn to a woman who is her opposite in every way...

Draco/Harry, Fleur/Cho
'Veela Magic' by Lasair
Captivating work, with a truly suspenseful and brilliantly orchestrated plot. I don't want to spoil it for you, but let's just say that Voldemort gains a new supporter in Cho Chang, who begins to pursue the hapless Harry to fulfill a well-hidden desire for revenge... Leaving Draco Malfoy, the proverbial snarky bastard, jealous and aching and not really understanding what he feels--and trying to foil Chang's advances. (There's a lot more here--incredibly strong, well-written female characters--with both Fleur and Cho absolutely drool-worthy. I was unfortunate enough not to have a small bucket under my desk, so... yes. Let's just say I won't read the next chapter without one--you'll need one too, for all that drool! Damn these Veelas!)

'Real Methods of Divination' by Bitchwillow
Slow-moving, sweet romance. The flowering of a friendship, as two young witches find each other...

'Dreaming and the Lifted Veil' by Tess
This is my all-time favorite fem pairing... and so deliciously carried off here. 'Love in a hut, with water and a crust, Is--Love, forgive us!--cinders, ashes, dust; Love in a palace is perhaps at last More grievous torment than a hermit's fast... '

'Sina Qua Non' by ChainedDove
Lavender Brown remembers. Femmeslash, suicidal tendencies, and deeply sexual undertones. Angsty goodness...

'About the Dance' by Kanna-Ophelia
Quote: 'Cho put an arm around Ginny's shoulders. "Ginny has done me the honour of agreeing to be my date for the dance." There was no defiance in her voice, only her usual perfect self-possession, but she did arch a delicate eyebrow. "Any problems?" '
Summary: Ginny finds herself with a rather unexpected date for the next Hogwarts social event. Entertaining and slightly fluffy.

'Just a Little Question of Research' by Kanna-Ophelia
Ginny and Cho have a little discussion on where to spend Christmas. Fluffy, sweet, and quite delicious.