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This shelf stocks the best slash I've managed to find featuring Draco Malfoy and any other male character that isn't Harry (Harry/Draco is listed as a separate category, due to the extremely large number of fics devoted to that pairing). Also note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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A wonderfully fucked-up look into the future of Draco Malfoy. This is absolutely vulgar, so much so that you'll find yourself gasping--and Neville's such a shock that... that... oh my God. I'm sorry. I can't even articulate how stunningly unique his characterization is, and yet how oddly suited to him--I can see the sort of trajectory that would lead him to this, and I can see glimpses of Canon!Neville even in the mind of this dysfunctional, abrupt bastard. A half-maniac broken and put together solely for vengeance--a collector of different kinds of vengeance, if you like. God, I love this story. It's one of the few that makes me want to wash my eyes out with soap. And then my mouth. And then my mind. And then come back for more.
Quote: The alley is cold and wet and the cobblestones are murder on the knees; Draco Malfoy is on his third blowjob of the afternoon, and the autumn sun has just barely edged itself below the horizon.

Draco/Ron, Draco/Harry
'Stray' by Calico, RATED NC-17
If you draw back from this story just because it's told in second-person, I'll come over and smack you around a little. (Oh, dear. Some of you mightn't consider that punishment...) But I digress. It's Calico, so you know it's going to be good--and this story services my very real kink for postwar, adult!Ron stories. This Ron knows far too much for my tastes, but he still fits well in the splintered Harry/Draco dynamic. Cheating and infidelity and ill-met lust--all twining beautifully in this story. The writing is shudder-good and exquisite--and I've picked out a quote for you that proves just how exquisite it is.
Quote: "If I really wanted to," he says, soft and sharp as powdered snow, "I could have you, here and now. On your back."

'The Kindly Ones' by A.J. Hall
Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy. In the Greek Islands. I kid you not. In the lively, eccentric and thoroughly rewarding tradition of 'Lust Over Pendle' and 'Dissipation and Despair' (both of which should be read beforehand), and filled with fascinating local details as well as fine wine, afterglow and a certain ex-boyfriend.
Quote: That let loose another flood for Greek from Father Papaskouros. Once again, the translation charm and even Draco's own abilities failed to cope. Draco gave up mid-flood, and glared round the saloon as though his failure to understand idiomatic Greek spat out at a rate of 95 miles per hour was some as-yet unidentified individual's fault, and that when he found him he was going to make him pay.

Ron/Draco, Harry
'Do Better' by Helen
Harry and Ron and Draco being their angry, imperfect selves. Helen writes a ficlet that lays bare their insecurities, their securities, and their violence. Mmmmm. If you don't want to drag Ron into an alcove and shag him silly after this, you're not... well. Able to appreciate the Weasley temper. And the peculiarly selfish altruism behind it.
Quote: "Don't fight with Harry," Ron said, one hand circling Draco's arm just above the elbow, just underneath the edge of his rolled up shirt.

'Buzz' by Zahra
A wonderfully written story that shakes you from the inside out. Draco is traumatized and Neville's there to take care of him--but this is bleak rather than comforting, haunting rather than sweet. I have a massive fetish for war-fics, and Zahra feeds me so well. She manages to introduce a frail, barely glimmering ray of hope, but she never takes the edges off a war. And the effect it has on people.
Quote: He's got scratches all over him. When did he become so thin? When did he get those bruises on his arms? Why is there blood on his hands? Why is he naked in the bath? The war. Right. The War.

'Origins of Myth' by Arsenic, RATED NC-17
A disinherited Draco Malfoy finds an alternative means of surviving. Yes, it's exactly what you think it is. This was a startlingly original take on whore!Draco, however, and I've got such a fetish for HP stories that wander outside of England. (As long as it's not to the United States.) This one goes as far as China. I lapped up the plot hungrily, I lapped up the angst hungrily, and, oh God, I lapped up the Ron/Draco too. It's given a slower build here than one might expect, and I appreciate it. This story could easily have become a catalogue of kinks, but the author saves it from that and turns it into a fascinating character study. I appreciate that too.
Quote: It is not just my English that makes everyone's eyes narrow suspiciously, I am aware. It is my hair and my odd clothing and the way I hold my hand, cut when I fell after being deposited by the Portkey, and rapidly becoming infected. It is the scratchiness of my voice announcing my desperation.

Harry/Draco, Ron/Draco, Ron/Harry
'Four Moments of Mourning' by Kanzeyori
A breathtakingly complex puzzle of pairings--Harry/Draco and Harry/Ron and Ron/Draco all at once. No, this isn't an orgy--it's a death-fic, a very dark, very deep, very satisfying one, and it's quite a neat little gem of a mystery that you, as the reader, have to work your way through. The answer is made plain at the end, but not until your heart's done twenty flip-flops and you've nearly died already with the need to know. :D (No, I won't tell you what's going on, because that'll ruin it.) Suffice to say that Harry and Ron are captured by the Death Eaters. Draco Malfoy, a Death Eater, might be inclined to save one of them. Which one is it, and how will the rescue proceed?
Quote: "You---Malfoy, no." I jerked away, as far as the chains allowed, because he has no right and it's not mine to give.

'If You Want' by Bec, RATED NC-17
Seamus is a mouthy little whore. Ron is in denial. Draco almost gets what he wants. This is SO GODDAMN HOT I tell you. SO. GODDAMN. HOT. And dysfunctional. And I wish this would go on forever.
Quote: For a moment he didn't know whether Draco was going to stomp out of the room naked or punch him or maybe just curse his descendants to the seventh generation, and then Ron realized that Draco was just sitting there pouting. Admittedly, his lower lip was made for it. "Take off your trousers, then," Draco said.

'Grow Old Along With Me' by Lasair
A creepy, haunting little fic, beautifully written.
Quote: But that was before Tom. Draco�s artful lover, pressed like lavender in a dry book, his scent captured for the decades until it was freed - slightly old, slightly perverse, but without a hint of staleness to mar his youthful body.

'Teamwork' by SQ
A pleasant, Ravenclaw-minded interlude in the library--except that a certain Slytherin adds a note of mischief to it, and certain books lead to kisses. Just lovely.
Quote: "Vector's a fool," Draco murmured, almost conversationally, tapping the nib end of his quill over and over on the words in front of him.

'Blind Faith' by Berne
Draco Malfoy is in his sixth year and things are taking a turn for the worse. Decisions have to be made; ones that he had hoped would fade with time. Fate seems to be making up for the relatively peaceful year that was his fifth at Hogwarts. Herein lies: arranged marriages, the ongoing feud with Harry Potter, Quidditch and the dangers of blind faith. An excellent, Slytherin-minded novel with one of my favorite characterizations of Draco, as well as StrangelyGay!Blaise and Post-OotP!Harry.
Quote: Harry slammed into the compartment with so much force that Malfoy actually stopped talking. "How'd your dad worm his way out of prison, Malfoy? Blackmail? Threats? Voldemort?"

'Zen Taxi' by Icarus, RATED NC-17, VOYEURISM
If you balk at this pairing, let me assure you that Icarus is at work, and that you are hence in safe hands. I do believe that there is a scarcely a person in this fandom that doesn't have a thing for taxi-cab!smut, but there are few writers (apart from N. Malfoy) who can do it justice. Icarus captures perfectly the claustrophobic, almost stifling sexuality of a car being driven at night, and the scent of sex and the strangely cool feel of car upholstery under feverishly burning skin... oh, yes. Lucius Malfoy has his wayward son followed by one of his most loyal employees--Percy Weasley. The problems start when Draco tries to bribe Percy into silence--but Percy can't be bought so easily, of course...
Quote: "Gryffindors," Draco snorted. "If you have such 'moral considerations' why are you spying on me in the first place?" The fabric of his coat whispered as he leaned back against the car door and studied Percy under half-lidded eyes.

Ron/Draco, Harry/Ron, Harry/Draco
'Corridors and Stairs' by Penelope Zach
A companion piece to the Harry/Ron story 'His Belongings', and utterly beautiful.
Quote: It�s been thirty-nine days since you saw Harry kissing that creep, Malfoy. He knows that you know and he knows that you won�t tell. Because this is the only connection you have left, the dark threat of the secret binding the two of you against the rest of the world.

Lucius/Draco, Severus/Draco
'Walk Softly; Carry a Big Stick' (broken link; still looking!) by Slytherlynx, RATED NC-17, INCEST, REFERENCES TO BDSM
I don't think I could breathe for the duration of this fic, and it's probably good that it wasn't too long, or I might not have survived it. Slytherlynx paints a picture of thwarted passion, and of a boy caught between the twin hungers of two not-so-different wizards: Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy. What begins as a dance of territory only deepens Lucius' obsession with his son--he takes whores to distract himself, but cannot pull away, cannot. The ending is both a cliffhanger and a flawless conclusion--I don't know whether to beg Slytherlynx for more, or to let her leave it as it is. (Hell--who am I kidding? I'll beg for more. You know it.) The little details--how how Draco 'only does this to annoy him', as well as the stink and the filth of Lucius' unlikely surrounds--all of this, all, is carefully judged and perfect for this story. Go forth, read, and be educated. This is what games of power are like.
Quote: The room is dark and close and smells of filth: someone has been bringing Muggle whores. You pull open the draperies and smile to see how the sun sets Draco�s hair alight. He looks around the room with a bored expression, and keeps his hands in his pockets. He knows that he isn't allowed to touch anything.

'Shackle Poisoning' (broken link; still looking!) by Slytherlynx, RATED NC-17, INCEST, RAPE, AMBIGUOUS CONSENT, MUTILATION, DARK ARTS
Few people can make me shiver and shudder and cry like Slytherlynx can--this is heartbreaking, heartbreaking, and sickening even as it is absolutely undeniable. Lucius makes Draco the target of his own twisted ideas of power and control--Draco, half-willing after a lifetime of coercion, is eventually bent out of shape. The slow destruction of Draco's identity is remorseless here, as is his sense of shame and claustrophobia. My God. You can't read too many of Slytherlynx's stories at once--you have to wait, you have to let them work their way out of your system. Much like Lucius' darker curses.
Quote: Draco�s skin is pale and fine and spelled scarless, but every day he feels filthier, as if the shadows that gather along the lines of his collarbone and the creases in his palm leave a dirtiness behind that cannot be washed out.

Lucius/Draco, Severus/Draco
'Summer Holiday' (broken link; still looking!) by Slytherlynx, INCEST
A languid, subversive tale that is dark in its intention, even if its writing is as warm and luminous as summer. Draco returns home for the summer holidays, and Lucius makes an unwelcome discovery... Lucius' absorption in Draco's body, in everything about Draco, is so powerful that it eventually envelops the reader as well. There is a sensuality to this story that is impossible to escape...
Quote: Lucius has no illusions that it�s his son and not himself that he sees; he knows it every time he feels the whorl of those fingerprints - irrevocably, irremediably Draco - pressed against his father�s hand, his eyelids, between his thighs. His son: not his possession, but a gift trusted over to his care. All for him and no one else.

'Varlet' by Nicolae, CHARACTER DEATH
Not as good or haunting as 'But A Sword', but a far sight above most writing in the fandom. Tom has to escape--and the only way he can do so is by using Draco Malfoy. Poor Draco, who does not know that love is blind...

'Consider Them Strong' by SQ, INCEST
There is a plethora of poorly-written Lucius/Draco out there, but SQ is one of the authors who not only redeems this pairing, but renders me simply incapable of imagining any other pairing after she's written this one. 'Consider Them Strong' is... quietly horrifying, sinister and sickening and sexual and elegant in a way that just seems so Malfoy. Draco's slow bending into something twisted by his parents is depicted perfectly. I'm not sure who frightens me more, Narcissa or Lucius... I'm so, so glad to have my homely, warm and utterly clueless parents. May I never be reborn as a Malfoy.
Quote: One lick, and he recoils, stumbles backwards. The aborted attempted at emesis leaves the sour bile on the back of his tongue and hot down his throat, but there's no mistaking the sensation before that. His father's skin tastes of rot, of fetid flesh. His father's skin is flawless and pale around the black outline.

'Dissipation and Despair' by A.J. Hall
I hadn't thought it was possible to outdo the glittering brilliance of 'Lust Over Pendle', but Hall has proved herself a master capable of improving her art. 'Despair and Dissipation' continues this romance of the Golden Age, in a long, filling, scrumptious novel packed with perfectly weighed dialogue, sparkling adventure and feather-light humor. It will take you very, very long to finish reading, but it will leave you sated and glowing at the end. Every minor character is drawn to perfection, and the romance between the major characters is richer than it was in the prequel (or so I think). I loved this. Perhaps I shall write a more detailed review in a few weeks, when I've gathered myself...

'The Golden Age' by lifeinwords, RATED NC-17, BDSM
Here Oliver is the way few people have the guts to write him--angry, bitter, and sadistic. I absolutely adore it when talented authors take canon characters and twist them around their divine little thumbs... Dark-edged smut of the highest quality, and wordplay to make my heart throb. Draco Malfoy needs to be taken down a few pegs, and Oliver Wood's just the man to do it...
Quote: His eyes are wet, a pleasant surprise. Oliver takes a moment to enjoy the sight: Malfoy hasn�t stopped struggling since they began, and his wrists are chafed nearly raw. Mouth all open and ready and not nearly red enough.

The first part of one of my favorite series in the fandom. Icarus is remarkable for blending dark comedy with darker angst, and humorous smut with erotic metaphor. Her Draco is unbelievably edible, and impudent, and irritating, and if you don't want to jump him now, you will by the time Icarus is done. Ron is a wonderful combination of moral strength and weakness, emotional depth and light humor--and yes, you'll probably want to jump him too. I remember discussing the high kink factor of this series with Icarus, and I remember telling her how much I enjoyed it--this peculiar romance which is somehow so much more genuine than most other relationships in fanfic, despite (or because of!) the wonderful kinky sex. (Yes: bathtubs, strawberries, cross-dressing...) The first part is the only one that has explicit non-con activity, and you'll be pleased to know that Ron and Draco are on more amiable terms in subsequent parts.
Summary: Ron tells the story of just exactly how he wound up working for the Death Eaters.

'Impertinent' by Green Apricot
Ha. Fun, short, sharp, impertinent. What I love about this pairing is the exquisitely deceptive power-play, and Green Apricot exploits it wonderfully. For those of you with a sword fetish, this is a fic from heaven, and rather reminiscent of Aspen's gorgeous 'Quicksilver'.

'Alles muss in Ordnung sein' by Green Apricot
I love seeing Draco Malfoy unnerved--and not just unnerved. Unseated. Who better to do it than a fellow Slytherin, wily and ambiguous as they come? (And that is, after all, a pun--this is a ridiculously hot PWP with run-on sentences that leave you breathless. And there's Draco. And Blaise. Yes. Well.)

'Of Humidity and Hatred' by Green Apricot
Holy God yesyesyes. This is my favorite Draco/Blaise fic of Green Apricot's, because it's hot, it's angry, and oh God, wonderfully realized. I've been losing my mind over which paragraph to quote, since the entire story itself is quote-worthy. Nevertheless. Here we go:
Quote: Draco hates the predatory looks that Blaise flashes at him during tea, when their mothers aren�t watching, and the way he grinsneers, flashing teeth and running his tongue over his lips, and the fact that it sends shivers of warmth seeping up his spine like hot oil running against gravity, until he can feel the beat of his own pulse in his wrists as they rest against the arms of his chair. Draco hates the sounds that he can�t keep from escaping his mouth when Blaise runs his tongue along his collar bone, from his nipple to his navel, within precious few mindnumbing inches of his cock, and down his inner thigh. He hates the way Blaise gets under his skin and into his mind and that when he lies on his bed at night, the room somewhere between total blackness and just barely enough light to see, and everything looks black and white, every shadowmovement is Blaise.

Lucius/Draco, Others
'Psychobabble: A Fanon Love Story' by Tradescant, RATED NC-17, AUSTIN POWERS PARODY, INCEST, THREESOME, VARIOUS KINKS
As if I didn't already want to have Tradescant's babies (not that I'm capable of it!) she had to go and write this. A heartlessly brilliant, beautiful, insane little parody, this had me biting my fist and salivating over Lucius Malfoy's... cane. Oh, God. Read this. Now. Ohyespleasemore.
Quote (Draco Malfoy): I wanted to buy a penthouse apartment and make crepes with Harry Potter! I wanted to spend my weekends gazing into his cut-emerald eyes and letting him spank me!

'Unbecoming' by Cinnamon
A promising WiP by one of the most widely-read H/D authors in the fandom, and I can't say how happy I am to see her writing Draco/Ron. This is a much-neglected pairing with loads of potential chemistry, and Cinnamon certainly has that in this story. Gently humorous and sexy, this makes for wonderful reading--an alcoholic Ron and a half-nude Draco Malfoy feature in the memorable first chapter.

'Eight Days a Week' by Aspen
Thanks to Aspen, this is my new OTP. A gentle, sullen, sardonic sort of romance blooms in the Ministry's offices. Draco is there to spy, apparently, and to give Arthur Weasley trouble. But Arthur knows better than to let Draco get to him... doesn't he? (If you like Bitchy!Draco, you'll love this fic. Very much in-character, and dastardly as only he can be.) I can't wait for a sequel.

Severus/Harry, Severus/Draco, Draco/Harry, Others
'Minor Arcana' by Isolde (PART I: 'Declaro', PART II: 'Pervinco')
A fascinating, absorbing series. One of the most sexually rich reads in the fandom, filled with politics and deceit and power-play and oh, wonderful, wonderful dialogue. Isolde has a gift for sensitizing the reader to the story's surroundings, and for shifting points of view flawlessly, so that you are both in and out of various characters' heads by the time a single chapter is done. Few people can characterize as skilfully as she does, or imbue such eroticism into hidden glances and carefully spoken words. (Summary: A wizarding tradition is revived in Harry's seventh year, but things get swiftly out of hand as Harry, Snape and Draco get caught up in a game of negotiations, seduction and opportunity cost.)

'Filios' by Keieru, INCEST, CHANSLASH
Short, powerful and merciless. Malfoys are taught many things, and Draco excels at his lessons...

A horrifying, absolutely disturbing and yet so deeply genuine take on incestuous abuse. I've rarely ever cried for Draco, but I did when I read this... God, this is... A harrowing exploration of how insidious abuse can be, particularly in the long term, and how a child's dependancy can be exploited in the most cruel of ways. Do NOT, and I repeat do NOT, read this without looking at the warnings.

'Lust Over Pendle' by A.J. Hall
I don't care who you are, and what your OTP is, but after this story you simply won't be able to get enough of Draco/Neville. Armed with exquisitely light humor, golden turns of phrase and fizzing dialogue, this is one of the few true immortal works of slash on the Net. The author's summary is much better than mine, so here it is:
'Lust Over Pendle begins when a Daily Prophet paparazzo manages to take a sneak photograph on the beach at an exclusive Indian Ocean hideaway resort, and the families of both Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy find themselves Very Startled Indeed. But is it only family ructions that are set off by the shockwaves resulting, or could it be that the entire Western European wizarding world is in jeopardy?'

'Surfacing' by Kay Taylor
AU fic set after Voldemort's defeat. The wizarding world is piecing itself together after a long and bloody war, and two very unlikely characters find their losses bringing them together.

'Second Best' by Maki
A healthy little dose of hot office-sex, set in the near future. Oliver comes to the Ministry seeking employment, but finds his application handed to the worst person possible... Draco Malfoy.

'Desire's Substitute' by Cairnsy
What happens when a prefect decides to punish a recalcitrant Slytherin... in unusual ways?

'Trouble' by Ice
Detention scrubbing floors. A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. A grassroots Irishman and an aristocratic brat. Spells trouble, doesn't it?

'Keepsake' by Aspen
I love the rich sexuality of this fic, inseparable from the innocence of a very young Draco. It's chan, and precest, so be warned--but utterly beautiful, subtle work.

'Cue' by Elle
This has to be one of the sweetest, loveliest first-kiss stories ever written. Be open-minded--so what if it's Crabbe and Malfoy? It's just lovely here...

'Eclipse' by Zahra, RATED NC-17
Poetry and porn--who could want more? There is that undefinable element (that mysterious thing called 'great writing') which makes this semi-PWP-ish tale extremely hot. A mixture of psychology and sex. (The first-person POV jars a bit at times, esp. when Seamus describes himself, but overall this is an excellent fic.)

'Tie Me To The Length Of That' (broken link; still looking!) by Slytherlynx
An almost frighteningly intense story, so dangerous and so beautiful that it is more like a knife, really, than anything else. Ambiguous and powerful and morally suspect, like the best of literature. A must-read. What makes this story even more unique is that it is the perpetrator's point of view, not the victim's.
    'It�s good that Draco isn�t a girl. Girls are too malleable. Entirely unsuitable. The fire sputters when Lucius throws the ballet shoes he bought into it, the ones his son will never grow into. The binding ripples at the edges before melting, and the room fills with the smell of burnt leather and glue.
    'Not that he ever pictured any child of his as a performer. Just the high-arched foot pressed into the toe box. Ribbons he could charm to wind up and over the thighs. The answering curve of a spine; the legs held open and flawlessly still.'

'Lunar Caresses' by M.E. Graves
Oh god. I wept when I read this. It is beautiful and utterly heartbreaking, and the words have the gentle, inexorable cadence of melody. Of pain. A must-read.

'Memento' by Mad Maudlin
Damn it. I can't stop reading this pairing. This is a beautiful, sweet little ficlet... So very charming. It's one of the few that has the courage to attempt an established R/D relationship, and manages to pull it off with grace. Lovely. Sweet. It's rather cold where I live, and this one... warmed me right through.

'Aconite' by Tosca
So incredibly beautiful, tearing... an addictive mind-trip of eroticism and angst. Unmissable. (Attention: Now with a sequel, 'Aconite 2'.)

'Cat's Cradle' by Silvia
Now now, don't get squicked. Read it first. It's not what you'd expect. It's brilliant. And it's amazing what pensieves can do... Especially Dumbledore's. *smirk*

'Strange Bedfellows: A Comedy of Assumptions' by Mad Maudlin
A light-hearted, hilarious novella centered around the power of rumor, and the absolutely hysterical consequences of making assumptions... Both Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley have been acting very odd, and Hermione tries to find out why... But in doing so, only more mysteries are generated! Poor Harry tags along in this mad-cap adventure, and tries to be Hermione's faithful accomplice...

'Deep Water' by another rowan
Cigarettes by the shores of the black lake.
(Any more of a summary would spoil it.) 

'Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover' by Mad Maudlin
This is honestly one of the most excellent, FUN works of fanfiction on the Net. It is just an ecstatic, humorous, angsty, delicious, tangy tale... Rollicking in every sense of the word, and kicking off with one of the most scintillating drag shows in history. All I know is that I fell off my chair and nearly had a minor concussion when I saw Draco Malfoy... in leather shorts. Doing the splits. That's right. The story is rich with gloriously original, exotic and sometimes truly charming images. READ IT NOW!!!

'Purity' by Acacia Xavia
Passion and obsession are found in unlikely places as Lucius and Draco are forced to redefine love and loyalty... Truly a strange and subtle take on the workings of incest, and how what is denied by one person can be granted by another... There are are too few L/D fics on FictionAlley, so I jumped out of my chair when I found this one.

'Seven Days in a Sepia Room' by Kay Taylor
Sensuality and heart-ache. Draco discovers a dream within a dream, as a strange boy with dark hair and a prefect's badge invades his bedroom to converse... and seduce. Oh, Merlin.