Welcome once again to the all-new and improved
Armchair Slash Website!

Update - Jan. 3, 2003: The Christmas Challenge fics and artwork are up!

Update - Dec. 31, 2003: We've been working hard around here, and even though it may not look like it, the site has gone through many many changes. Below is a short list of what's new. Take a look around and see what you find!

  • the fanfiction pages are updated and re-coded; they should be easier to navigate (thank god) and all the challenge fics should be much easier to access.? The fanfiction index is divided currently according to challenge.
  • the Seasonal Challenge fics have been added, as well as miscellaneous additional one-shots posted by our members to the armchair files.
  • the armchair message boards will *hopefully* be up and running again, and updated with all-new, hopefully more user-friendly categories.
  • all art on this site will be categorized according to author and challenge.? You can find them right here.
  • the FAQ for the Armchair mailing list has been uploaded and is available for public consumption here.
  • At long last we have archived information on each individual Armchair author, as well as links to all of their fanfics, here.
  • Aja's site is now in some semblance of navigable order, and also no longer looks like crap.? Amazing.

Coming Soon:

  • The Armchair Slash message and review boards were killed by our previous server's webhost, but we hope to have them up and running again as soon as possible. In addition we hope to make them easier to navigate, more structured, and more user-friendly. Go us.
  • The Armchair Food Challenge, featuring fics from November-December '02
  • A suggestions form where you can recommend changes and improvements, suggest upcoming authors of the month, and more. In fact I could probably go put that up right now. Whoopee.
  • A blogger for updates. Preferably Livejournal script once we can figure out how to run it.