Harry Potter Fanfiction

Harry Potter and all related trademarks are the creation and property of JK Rowling. I make no claim to any rights pertaining to the series or characters; these stories are for amusement only.

Choices - Multi-part. Harry and Draco have to make some of the hardest decisions of their lives - and then they have to live with them. [R][H/D, R/Hr]

Compulsion, Cats & Cunning Plans - Harry resorts to interesting methods to get his way. [PG13][H/D]

Touch - A mood piece for Umbralin. [R][H/D]

Familiarity... - Malfoys. Crack. Silly. [PG]

Glue - Sticky situations. [PG13][H/D]

Broken - People always think of her as the innocent little sister. [NC17, DARK, NCS, INCEST]

Heat Lightning - Summer storms, sweat and skin. Pretty much PWP. [NC17][H/D]

Domestic Bliss - Life with Draco Malfoy presents a unique set of problems for Harry. [R][H/D]

A Space Of Silence - Ficlet playing with perspective and identity. [G][?/?]

A Close Thing - Caught in the act - or are they? [NC17][H/D]

Waiting For Darkness - Draco Malfoy disappeared sometime during April of sixth year. [R][H/D]