Gundam Wing Fanfiction

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Seeking The Light - Multi-part. Missions, death, angst, blood, yaoi, conspiracies etc. Incomplete. [NC17][1/2 3/4 5/S]

Ghost - Duo withdraws after EW and Heero is confused. [15ARV][1/2]

Becoming - There's more to Heero Yuy than meets the eye. [16ARS, squick?][1/2]

Paper Hearts - Heero learns some things about himself - that he's human, for a start. [NC17][1/2]

Love Letters - The story of Heero Yuy, Gundam Pilot and world saviour, is a mystery... [PG13][1/2]

Meant To Be - Duo's finally acting on long-held desires, but not everything is going according to plan. [R][1/2]

If - Dialogue only - two Gundam pilots have a certain fascination with each other. [NC17][1/2]

Cooling - Love isn't all it�s cracked up to be - sometimes it can be a prison. [R, kink][6/9 9/S]

Charged - Silly electrified!Duo ficlet. [12R][1/2 3/4]

Tomorrow's Children - Ficlet, POV pieces. [PG13][1/2 3/4]

The Wedding - Chibi Wedding Fic! Uh, silly. [G][1/2 3/4]

Stealing Innocence - Threesome girlsmut with no redeeming features such as plot. [NC17][D/H/R]

Chibi Ficlet - Gift ficlet for PlaidDragon. [PG13][1/2]

Fade - Entry for the GWA 2004 Angst Contest. [R][1/2 1/R]

Edges - Underwater things and fluff. [R][1/2]

Smiling - Duo sulks, and Heero thinks. [PG13][1/2]

The Shape Of Things - Duo's managed to lose Heero somehow... [PG][1/2]