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This shelf stocks the best slash I've managed to find featuring Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Please note that the stories here are not sorted alphabetically, but rather as per the date I add them. This is for your convenience--so that every time you visit this page, the newest recs will be listed first. Only NC-17 fics have their ratings mentioned. The very best stories have a in front of them. Of course, 'best' is an entirely subjective judgement, and all the stories here are worth reading.

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'Four Thousand Two Hundred And Sixty' by Kel
THIS IS THE MOST BRILLIANT SIRIUS-FIC I'VE EVER READ. I mean it. Oh, I mean it. Fragmented and shattering and beautiful and utterly, utterly perfect--broken and undeniable and canon. Few writers have the gumption to take on a Sirius in Azkaban, I think--but Kel not only dares to try her hand at it, but Merlin, she succeeds. With flying colors. Sirius' mind is a jagged confusion of memories, imaginings and nightmares--and you, as the reader, find yourself caught in untangling these threads of horror, hope and rage. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Once I'm done biting my fingers to bloody stumps, I'll go back and re-read it.
Quote: "I'd like you to distance yourself from Lupin in the future. With the role you are about to assume, Lupin is an ... unacceptable risk."

'Veil' by Jenny Penny
Has the creepy, echoing quality of the Veil--or at least, what one would imagine of the Veil. Sirius has fallen, and thinks of Moony. Wonderfully fragmented and haunting. The following quote won't make complete sense until you've read the story, but it's a good indication of the story's style.
Quote: But I was saying, before I got. clever boys. Distracted. It's hard to keep a level head here, Moony, and you. you. You got the badge. Because you weren't cruel, don't you see? standard book of spells, grade 5. We had boys' shame, which is to say not much, but it was your nose. not cruel? well. You were always buried in a book, to hide your knowledge, because you didn't have enough knowledge, not the kind we. no, please. I loved you. shut up. I loved you.

'This is How' by Seperis
(Note: Also contains Severus/Remus. Mainly Severus/Remus, in fact.) Ah, the rare creature that is an MWPP-era Severus/Remus story. Severus' voice is gorgeously realized here, and it's remarkable how clearly the Marauders come across through his point of view--so much more truly than one would expect, and yet one can expect this sort of insightfulness from Snape. This makes so much sense when integrated with what we know of canon--and it hurts all the more for that.
It's also incredibly hot. Er. Oh, damn it. I'll just say it out loud. No one does addiction like Severus Snape. Even as a teenager. Even as a Slytherin who should know better.
And we love him for that, don't we?
Quote: Black watches Potter like Lupin's watching Black, and that's a secret that Severus keeps close and smiles over often. There's little that can be hidden when you know what to look for.

'Who Wrote the Book' by Canis M. 
This is one of those stories that makes you want to hunt down the author and make mad love to them. You know what I mean? This is so literary and rounded and gorgeous and HOT, and I loved every itty bitty word of it. Perfect stream-of-consciousness, pulled off with great skill. Sirius comes home to Remus. In more ways than one.
Quote: He snaps the bolt into its slot and draws a long, sated breath of home. Already he thinks of it that way: home, with the smell of two everywhere, the smell of themselves, and in his eyes the desultory half-light of a cloudy London midafternoon. From his shoulders he shimmies the robe, yanks from his collar the slackening tie. He'd thought to be done with ties after Hogwarts, but then there was this business with the publishers. Had to make himself presentable. Less noxious maybe to have spent his own and James' money again, saved himself the indignity of smarming at suits. Wizard or Muggle, suits are all cut the same. Swineheaded arselickers. But he'd got what he wanted out of them, hadn't he? Too right he had. Score: Marauders two thousand, arselickers nil.

'Perdoname' by Holographis
Oh, so beautiful and merciless and hurting. I had tears in my eyes by the end of this; and I don't cry very often, so this is a true rarity. Holographis writes the ways of grief subtly, it's muted, bone-deep pain. I almost didn't want to keep reading this story, it hurt me so much--but it was also wise enough, lovely enough, to keep me reading. Harry's grief is written wonderfully, especially in the letter he writes to Sirius--but Harry's grief is very different to Remus', because Remus' was Sirius' lover, and Holographis delineates that difference beautifully. Please, please read this. Even if it hurts.
Quote: It�s hard to pinpoint when life started to move on again, even though Sirius was still gone. Hermione says it was when everything got moved out of Grimmauld Place into the new headquarters. Ron reckons maybe it started when Tonks changed her hair to dark brown, and then lightened it every day until it was almost white. Harry thinks it�s to do with having so much to do that Sirius has to become less important, more of a dull ache than a constant pain.

'Care and Feeding' by Canis M., RATED NC-17
Why, oh why did I read more of Canis' work? When I knew that whatever was left of my brain after reading his/her last story would melt? Hot, lyrical sex, beautifully characterized as always. Canis' S/R makes me swoon. Literally. And literarily.
Quote: Under his palms the dog's form shaded, shifted, roiled like clouds or thunder. That swirled coil of being was impossible to keep in focus, dizzying to look at even in the moonlit dark. The fur in Remus' hands faded almost to vanishing, then reversed and returned and coalesced until it was solid once again. Hair tangled his fingers, still black. The fanged, panting mouth gave way to parted lips, a smile.

'Three Days' by Kest
Three days at 12 Grimmauld Place. Set during OotP. Beautiful and intensely atmospheric. Kest's inclusion of Moody was particularly well done, and deeply in-character.
Quote: Remus glanced around the room, the chessboard set up across the room like a year-old memory, two dust-covered chairs and a rather lumpy couch. A faded rug in the center of the room. "We're not having sex on the drawing room floor," he said.

'In the Morning' by Kest
MWPP-era, when Sirius and the others became Animagi in order to keep Remus company. A wonderful glimpse into Remus' history, and also his 'change'--what he becomes and how he behaves while he's a wolf, and how Padfoot kept him company.
Quote: He was about to turn from the window, to tell him not to worry about it, when he felt a familiar tug through his veins, as if his bones were melting into blood and skin, formed and deformed outside of all natural processes. "Sirius," he said in sudden panic, and then the change was on him.

'A Sword, A Horse, A Shield' by Kest
Some things are better off forgotten. Beautiful and bitter and gritty and just gorgeous.
Quote: Winter had barely begun and already it seemed unending. Remus looked out the window, then at Harry sleeping in the corner. When he spoke, his mouth was tight. "Of course I believed it."

'House' by Kest
Wonderful domestic setting. I wish this was how things worked out. There is so much unsaid here, but you can feel it. It isn't wise to remember what happened in OotP here, or you might break down in tears.
Quote: It certainly wasn't a place one would think to find a werewolf. Sirius checked the number again and knocked.

'Sense and Lunacy' by Your Cruise Director
PERFECTION. Truly. The descriptions here took my breath away, and the structure is startlingly original. This is everything, everything I've ever wanted from a Sirius/Remus story. Minimalism. Sex. Poetry. Yes. (Sirius reflects that in some ways it's easier being a dog.)
Quote: While they were deep in the woods, having outraced the stag and the poor rat, they tumbled into a bed of moss and showed each other the things they could not say as humans.

'Too Long a Sacrifice' by Abaddon
Oh, you WILL cry when you read this. Post-OotP, quiet and yearning. Remus, cleaning, and a house that wants to die.
Quote: The house seemed to be filled with him, Remus thought. The kitchen brought back memories of his occasional and disastrous attempts to cook. Various nooks and crannies signified the frequent times they�d tried (and failed) to remove some of the Black family�s more disturbing relics, to say nothing of his mother�s portrait. There were scratches on the stair-rail from where he�d accidentally bumped it, cleaning. They�d chased each other round the house like children when they first arrived, throwing paint and rubbish at each other in the often interrupted process of fixing it all up, laughing and giggling and just absorbed in being able to not have someone want to kill them. In the process, they�d done more damage than good and just added to their prospective cleaning, but it hadn�t mattered. They had all the time in the world.

'The Man in the Moon' by Thamiris, RATED NC-17
Exactly what the author calls it: a romantic PWP. I've been waiting a long time for smut like this: intimate and knowing and sensual and yes...
Quote: Sirius loves Remus, loves him nightly with the curtains drawn against the moon.    Remus is afraid of the moon, the way it slips under his skin and turns him dangerous, although he won't admit this--but Remus' silences are telling if you know how to listen.   It's all in the slant of his mouth, the arch of his eyebrows, and when the moon comes Remus wears this little furrow, glances up at the sky even at midday, walks with his hands in his pockets even now, with Snape's potion to keep him from turning too dangerous.

'Pilgrim' by Branwyn
Lovely, haunting Sirius/Remus set directly after PoA. Remus' voice--his unspoken grief, his guilt, his regret--is written beautifully. Severus, as he is characterized through Remus' eyes, is as abrasive and conflicted as he should be--but the best of all is Sirius, who appears only at the end, but in such a way that you'll never forget him.
Quote: "Nothing, Severus. Except that thirteen years in Azkaban taught him to move on." Now he is pale. "What did they teach us, would you say?"

'Thing' by Cimorene and Wax Jism
(Also contains Remus/Lily.) A jewel; an absolute jewel. Post-PoA rather than post-OotP, this intermixes Sirius' memories with those of Remus'. This novel charts both past and present in a series of dizzyingly beautiful, intense scenes--Sirius escaping from Azkaban (present), Lily and Remus as students (past); Remus taking Sirius in after Dumbledore's advice (present), and so on and so forth. One might expect such an epic project to falter, to weaken, but it doesn't--a golden thread of longing ties all the pieces together, makes them shine. This is one of the most delicately written and subtle stories in the fandom, and I only wish that the authors would write more for us. I literally went into a cocoon for days as I read and re-read this, and emerged shaken, moved, enlightened and utterly in love. Please, please do not miss this story. Promise me.
Quote: "Maybe you should--" he mumbles, but Remus' dry-grass hair is in his mouth and nose and he loses his words halfway. Remus' fingers feel skeletal and weak around Sirius' arms, and his breath is a warm, damp wash over Sirius' throat.

'When It Alteration Finds' by Victoria P.
(Also contains Severus/Remus.) Love is not love when it alteration finds. Remus as Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor. How much of the future does the Hat change? Victoria changes histories (and futures) effortlessly, and it's spell-binding to watch Remus Lupin endure different kinds of tenderness, different kinds of betrayal. The remarkable thing is that Victoria makes each Sorting so... plausible. Manages to give such utterly convincing reasons for it. (I'm still struggling to choose which I find most convincing of all.) Also: I loved Snape's characterization in this. But you probably knew that.
Quote: He was evil. He was a Dark creature. His parents had told him so often enough. There was a reason the Sorting Hat placed him in Slytherin, and he hated that part of himself over which he had no control.

'Older and Between' by Twinkledru J., RATED NC-17
I'm ecstatic to find a story that finally, finally, doesn't paint Sirius and Remus as the most perfect couple in fanon. Do you think it's all sweet and harmonious after thirteen years of thinking that your lover was a traitor? Of course not. Sirius and Remus have it out. And then they really have it out.
Quote: "Why didn't you tell me?" Remus asks, and his voice is quiet and low and smooth, forced into a quiet low smoothness that Sirius knows quite well to be a sign that Remus is angry and hurting and needs only a little push before hell breaks loose.

'Remedial Potions' by Rage Prufrock
(Also contains Severus/Remus.) MWPP-era and powerfully empathic. One of my favorite takes on Teenaged!Snape. And Remus. And you'll want to hit Black. Of course.
Quote: And it, for some reason, made Severus angry again, feel hot and unsettled. His fingers tightened on the edge of the countertop and he could see nothing but the way that Remus didn't pull away from Sirius at all. How Remus let Sirius press against his side, like packmates seeking warmth.

'Untitled' by Rhoddlet, CHARACTER DEATH
I simply fail to review this story adequately whenever I approach it. It's so... incandescent, so incredibly beautiful, and Rhoddlet layers images and memories so effortlessly. The continuous theme of silver lends the entire story a sort of deep, old-but-treasured patina, and throughout this story I felt exactly as though I was handling a delicate and beautifully shaped piece of silverware. The descriptions of Grimmauld Place are atmospheric, dusty and addictive--as is the Sirius/Remus sex, which is painfully intimate and moving. The last line is delivered as quietly as a pebble dropped into a pool, but it will echo with you for hours afterwards.
Quote: Something that Remus has to gently correct Hermione about at one point is that he doesn't really transform when the moon goes round. He's always a werewolf: it's not like he's a human being when the moon is down or shaped like a sliver of nail. No, he's a werewolf all the time -- it means his world is perpetually different.

'Flesh and Substance' by Sushi, RATED NC-17
Isis called this 'straight-boy sex', and I'd have to agree--this is what makes this story so unique, so compelling, so hot and desperate. Just two friends, left alone with each other after so long--neither ready for intimacy with anyone else... Their night together progresses like a series of accidents, each one wonderful and revealing. I could not escape the sheer hotness of this, the little sensual details of cloth and rough and stubble. Mmmm.
Quote: He couldn't stop the tremble running through his limbs. Remus pulled him closer; Sirius' head came to rest under his stubble-pricked chin, his arms grappling for some hold on the life he'd had, legs folding and twisting and tangling with Remus' until he couldn't tell where one of them ended and the other began.

'The More Things Change' by Victoria P., RATED NC-17
Someone very wise (I believe it was Prufrock) asked Victoria for porn, and what we hapless readers ended up getting was not only porn, but emotionally enlightened, bittersweet, warm, comforting sex. The dialogue is wonderful, the lovers are warm, and my heart is lit with a quiet hope. Lovely.
Quote: Remus remembers what this feels like. The soft-hard give of Sirius beneath his hands, supple skin and strong bones and hot flesh aching for his touch. He's dreamed of it for years.

'Mother Knows Best' by Victoria P.
Molly Weasley tries her hand at matchmaking. Wackiness ensues. This is gorgeously funny, and there are so many instances of truth in it that I barely know where to squee. Poor Bill. Poor Fleur. Poor Remus. And, most of all, poor Sirius. I only wish my mother were as enthusiastic about shoving me into the closet as Molly is about homosexualizing her sons. Hee! Quote: "A bigot?" He looks startled for a moment, then comprehension dawns. "Molly, I'm the one who's living in sin with a gay werewolf! I am not a bigot. I just want you to stop arranging Remus's love life."

'Just Breathe' by Setissma, RATED NC-17
(Also contains James/Sirius and Remus/OFC.) If you've ever job-hunted for week after painful week, you'll be able to sympathize with Remus Lupin. An amusing story filled with references to... er... turkey basting, chocolate, whipped cream, day-care, office sex and unresolved (but not for long) sexual tension, this is an absorbing, entertaining read. The Sirius/Remus chemistry is beautiful, as is the angst that edges the softer moments of this piece.
Quote (Remus' POV): By the time he walked in the door it was dark, though it was an artificial sort of dark, and his bag, the only part of him that hadn�t been under the umbrella, was soaked. He shook the water out in the hall, and left the bag in a piled heap in the foyer. He pushed his slightly damp hair back from his eyes, only to realize that Sirius was cooking something that smelled exquisite, and that there was a table for two set up.

'Inhabited By Winter' by Yahtzee
Remus, Sirius and assorted members of the Order are at Grimmauld Place. The characterization is so flawless that I ached with something between adoration and envy--but these things shrank into nothingness when confronted by the sheer, tired, imperfect, perfect beauty of Remus Lupin. Sorry. You might think me mad--you might think me overcome (why, yes...)--but it's practically impossible not to fanboy the Remus that Yahtzee creates. He seems so very much the exhausted, gentle man we met on the train in PoA... and yet he is also so much more, and there is so much history, and my God, the way he is with Sirius is just beautiful. The way Yahtzee writes is lyrical and irresistible, and her descriptions are enough to you to another world. If you don't believe it, read the following quote...
Quote: Another night, another bar, this one far different from the last. Somebody pays attention to Muggle trends and styles here; Remus notes, with distaste, the cool blue-and-silver d�cor, the black tile floor, the shoots of bamboo shoved into sharp-cornered square glass vases. The music that thumps from the enchanted panels on the walls is heavy on beat, low on lyrics. The witches and wizards here wear robes of rich fabrics, tailored closely to their bodies. A few of the witches have sheer mesh panels that fall across their flat bellies or bare backs. Some of the wizards wear the latest fashion, heavy gold torque bracelets that show well beneath artfully pushed-up robe sleeves. Remus' robes are shabby and his wrists bare. He stands out, and not in a good way. This is the general idea.

'A Fearsome Business' by Canis M
So quiet, lovely, deep and comforting. A gorgeous post-GoF novella, in which Sirius is sent to 'lie low at Lupin's'. The characterizations are flawless, with Sirius as the haunted, stubbled ex-convict and Remus as the cautious and paradoxically tender werewolf. The original characters are also lovingly created, especially the young girl who develops an obsession with Remus's black dog, 'Mr Paddy'. I sincerely hope Canis finishes this series soon.
Quote: Wind eddied softly around them. "Come on," said Remus. He dug his fingers into Sirius' back as he rose, drawing Sirius with him. Once they were on their feet, Sirius reached for his hand, and clasped it with a force that felt more like desperation than resolve, but Remus laced their fingers until their palms were pressed together, warm and tight. He raised his other hand to open the cottage door.

'The Fairytale Way' by Zahra
Sirius leaves his prejudiced, prudish folks, and moves in with Remus. It's wonderful to have a home where the heart is, isn't it? Gorgeous as hell, awkwardly affectionate and sexy--this little piece will stay with me for a long time. Quote: It's messy and harsh, and Sirius spares a brief thought for the Lupins down the hall. If they throw him out for debauching their son, he'll try Peter's next. There'll be no debauching there for certain.

'How to Say Goodbye' by Fandom Dramaturg
Lovely little story, subtle and gentle. The dialogue is just perfect--playful with that underlying edge of tenderness, and you just know that this is canon--it has to be, because even if they haven't yet admitted it to each other, Remus and Sirius are in love. (Past-fic.)

'Levity' by Rageprufrock
Such sweet, hot, hurting perfection that it made me want to cry. Sirius discovers the unexpected about Remus, and Remus... discovers something he'd rather not know about Sirius. Will their friendship stand the test?

'Coin Tossers' by Sloane
Hee. I want to read this everyday--it's so FUN, and SEXY, and ohmigod, hilarious. Sloane's summary says it all: 'Remus/Sirius Marauders-era smut. Plot: They are both snarking little bitches. The end!' YES!

'Apogee' by Llamajoy
Just exquisite, a simply written but completely in-character, genuine romance of the young Marauders. There is such youth in this piece, such sparkling innocence and blossoming sexuality, that I was moved almost to tears. Perfection on a silver platter. Take it.

'Negative Stimulus' by Kick Flaw
An absolutely intense, gorgeous exploration of the motivations of pleasure, and the consequences of pain.
Quote: 'God, he wanted me, like a writhing man wants death. To him I was a fine wine--sweet-tasting and warm, killing his brain cells and self-control sip by mortal sip. I was intoxication. Toxic joy.'

'All Souls Day' by phineas
Quote: 'Remus stirs from a thin sleep and opens his eyes to see white sunlight through almost-bare trees. It's cold in the room; he can feel it even through his extra blanket. He rolls over and swings his legs over the side of the bed. Pulls on the robe draped across the single chair in the room. Everything looks exactly as it should. As it always does. He thinks, maybe today.'