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Welcome to switchknife's collection of Harry Potter fanfiction. All the fiction here is organized according to its date of publication, length, pairing or rating. If you have come here looking for switchknife's recommendations, please click here instead.

No legal or moral offence is intended by the fiction contained herein, nor is any profit made. More's the pity. Should anyone wish to sue switchknife, they would be advised to take a look at the author's nearly infinitesimal Gringotts vault. Surely it is unethical to press charges against one so destitute.

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Brave switchknife's livejournal if you're still plagued by Gryffindor curiosity. Other links of interest (that is, places switchknife moderates) are Harry Potter Rareslash, Pornish Pixies, Partisan Green and Veela Incorporated. Doxie-like, switchknife can often be found infesting the darker corners of fandom, and has been known to talk in the third person.

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