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July 14th, 2005

As always, for more frequent updates and all the latest art, be sure to stop by Linn's livejournal.

¤ Four new Good Omens pieces.
¤ One new Harry Potter piece.
¤ Four new miscellaneous pieces.

March 07th, 2005

¤ Harry/Neville: Harry Potter gallery.
¤ The Caves: ElfQuest gallery.
¤ Different Kind of Halo: Good Omens gallery.
¤ Snaketail & Birdwing: Good Omens gallery.
¤ The Them: Good Omens gallery.
¤ Blonde: Misc. gallery.

January 18th, 2005

¤ Remus/Sirius: Harry Potter gallery.
¤ Little Ghost: Harry Potter gallery.
¤ Bellatrix: Harry Potter gallery.
¤ Skull & Serpent: Harry Potter gallery.

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